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Jan 10, 2012 Issue

Specialty Skills

Greed is the Flip Side of Fear

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines greed as simply, ‘… a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed.’ Greed is often referenced as one of the main contributors to trading loss. Greed mangles the mind by distracting the trader from what matters most in the trade, which is quite frankly, to protect Read More »

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What Does the Crystal Ball Reveal for Real Estate in 2012?

I may not have a traditional crystal ball, but I do have access to data and smart economists. We know that our economy isn’t “RECOVERED,” but I do believe it’s moving in the right direction. We know that any developments in the European debt crisis have had and will have effects on the American markets. Read More »

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Why Do You Trade?

I believe that a prime ingredient for success in any endeavor is the right motivation. One question I like to ask new students early on in class is why they want to trade. This question is very important because so many people fail in trading┬ápartly because they lack the drive to persist through the inevitable Read More »

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Keeping Up with Tradition

In all of our OTA courses, regardless of which asset class, we teach the importance of record keeping. For those faithful enough to do this, after several years of trading and recording both winners and losers, you will have a valuable bank of data. Based on that data bank, a trader could make some very Read More »

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New Year, New Attitude?

Ugh, hello traders. Another year, another beat down coming from these darn markets. I can’t believe I’m still trying to trade and make money when everything and everyone is out there trying to take my hard-earned cash. Every time I think I’ve found the next great trading strategy that someone showed me – either on Read More »

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Chop and Slop

A student recently emailed me to ask if I knew of an indicator or tool that could identify high quality trading environments versus choppy, unpredictable ones. Such a trend indicator would be valuable since many traders tend to overtrade when the markets become volatile and choppy. What do I mean by choppy? Well, it would Read More »

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Volume and the Breakout

There have been several previous articles warning traders against jumping into breakout trades since the breakouts often fail, Beware the Breakout. However, many traders still insist on trading them as they are worried about missing opportunities when prices do not happen to retest the broken supply as demand. I do not advise trading breakouts, but Read More »

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