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Keep It Simple

There are various ways that people attempt to trade the markets. Sam explores an approach to trading that may be something you are already very good at: properly buying and selling anything. Read More »


Footprints of the Big Boys

Institutional traders are big winners on a consistent basis. Brandon explains that trading is simply a game of identifying the order placement locations of the institutional traders. Read More »


As The Crow Flies

In many aspects of life, the simplest approach tends to be the most efficient. Sam discusses how this concept can be applied to achieve consistent, low-risk profits in FX trading. Read More »


A Long Put vs. Vertical Put Spread

In his article this week Josip compares a long put versus a vertical put spread. He explains how traders can know which is the correct choice based on various situations. Read More »


You Can Keep Having Fun, But You Have to Leave Here

Futures markets are contracts being bought and sold that will all eventually expire. This week Don discusses rollover dates and the many ways traders can chart commodity futures prices. Read More »

Real Estate

The International Market Wants US Real Estate

There has been a boom in the purchase of real estate in the USA by the international market. Diana reviews the two major aspects that are attracting buyers and increasing sales considerably. Read More »

Specialty Skills

Trading from Your Highest and Best “Orientation”

What are you telling yourself as you prepare to trade? Dr. Woody explores how you can identify your orientation by becoming more aware of your internal issues and resources. Read More »

India Markets

Oscillator Patterns

When traders use oscillators for trading decisions, they often use them incorrectly. Brandon discusses the importance of timing entries and exits based on supply and demand levels. Read More »

August 14, 2012