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Jan 17, 2012 Issue


The Importance of Documenting Your Trades

Ralph looked on feeling anxious and tense as the price action inched toward his stop. He had drawn a supply zone on the ES E-mini 60 minute chart and had placed his stop 2 ticks above the top line of the zone. He told himself, “Oh, crap, it’s going to take me out.” He didn’t Read More »

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Multi-family Properties – How are They Doing and Where are They Going?

Well, last week we looked at the health of the residential real estate market and where it might be headed in 2012. I thought this week we’d take a look at the apartment sector of commercial real estate. First, let me define a few terms I’ll be using throughout this article. Multi-family properties – Classified Read More »

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Are the E-mini S&Ps Trending or Range Bound?

Trading can be as simple or complicated as we wish to make it. With all of the information available to traders today, it is very easy to complicate our trading. I would like to show you a relatively simple way to look at the E-mini S&P (ES) and determine… Read More »

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Bear Put versus Bear Call

A Bear Put and Bear Call are both bearish vertical spreads. The first one is a debit spread, and the latter one is a credit spread. In which case would one make more sense to trade over the other? It depends on the implied volatility (IV). If the IV is high… Read More »

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Simply Support and Resistance – Part 1

If you have never put the term “Technical Trading Strategies” into a Google search, then I suggest you do it now before reading any further in this article. The reason behind this suggestion is that I would like you to see exactly why I preach about keeping trading as simple as possible. If you have Read More »

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It’s Open!

On January 1, 2012, the Finance Ministry of India finally declared that it will open the Indian equity markets up to foreign individuals to trade beginning on January 15, 2012. This announcement comes at a time where the Nifty and Sensex have lost much of their value over the past year and it appears that Read More »

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News Driven

Earnings season is upon us. This week in class, we watched the market’s reaction to the earnings releases of Infosys and HDFC among other companies. While my students and I were eager to trade the impending volatility from the news release, we did not want to put our hard-earned capital in harm’s way. Trading is Read More »