Lessons from the Pros

Sep 16, 2019 Issue

Featured Article 30 year US Treasury Bond chart

Various Ways to Use Bonds

One asset category that is not very well understood is what we refer to in the business as the credit markets. In the futures market, these encompass all debt instruments such as U.S. Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds, and are not limited to derivatives of debt issued by the U.S. treasury. The German debt market… Read More »


Buying Power Required for Options Trades

Options can be used in any one of three distinct modes: As a leveraged speculation on the price of a stock or ETF – making more with less. As protection for a stock/ETF position. As a cash-flow generating device (aggressive or conservative). Each one of these modes works well when used to its best advantage. When trading options… Read More »


Top Ten Mistakes Traders Make When Filing Their Taxes

Look, what’s the point of winning trades if you risk all your profits by filing taxes incorrectly? Winning trades takes skill; protecting your hard-earned profits at tax time just takes know-how. Here are the top 10 mistakes traders make when preparing their tax returns. Pay attention, because making any of these mistakes could lead to thousands… Read More »