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Ron Fields

Ron Fields, OTA Real Estate Instructor
Ron Fields

Ron Fields began investing in real estate when he got out of the service in 1971, and never looked back. Over the years, he has built a comfortable lifestyle for himself and his wife, helped his children secure their financial stability and is now helping create a strong financial base for his two grandchildren. As an instructor for OTA Real Estate, he shares this wealth of experience through Fix & Flip and other real estate classes.

Ron initially worked as a Realtor, then added a commercial certification and began doing his own development projects. Thus, he has knowledge of all aspects of the real estate industry. In the early 2000’s, concerned about a real estate bubble, he enrolled at Online Trading Academy and eventually reached the elite Mastermind level. His understanding of supply and demand helps him find not only the right properties, but the right time to buy or sell.

Ron looks at real estate as a vehicle to help investors achieve their financial dreams, and believes the real estate industry will continue to offer enormous opportunities. He looks forward to helping his students prosper through their education.