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Joe Short

Joe Short, OTA Real Estate Instructor
Joe Short

Joe Short made his first real estate investment in 1976, and has been hooked ever since. While employed as an electrical engineer in the 80’s, he worked part time as a real estate entrepreneur and learned that finding real estate deals was the key to profit. He soon left the corporate world to pursue real estate investment and acquisition full-time.

As an OTA Real Estate instructor, Joe teaches his students that finding deals is a process that anyone can learn. He likes to share the technique he calls “Back Door Acquisition” which has the potential to earn returns substantially exceeding market norms.

Both in his teaching and his personal life, he aims to kill the “Stress Monster” without losing his drive. He helps his students remove anxiety and pressure as primary motivators, identify all their positive and beneficial experiences, and figure out how they achieved those successes so they can do them again.