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Joe Russo

Joe Russo, OTA Real Estate Instructor
Joe Russo

Joseph Russo has a multi-faceted background that makes him uniquely qualified as an OTA Real Estate instructor. He studied sociology in college, then worked in Italy for several years where his team was responsible for designing the holographic security image on the Euro banknote. His study of human nature and exposure to international commerce helped him understand the key factors driving real estate prices.

Joseph then began working in his family’s real estate company managing multi-family and mixed use/commercial properties, later expanding into residential and apartment buildings. He has owned apartment buildings in Naples, Cape Coral and Marco Island, FL and built and sold luxury single family homes in Naples, FL. Most recently he has been a developer of multi-family rental properties along the west coast of Florida and an Investment Associate at Redwood Realty Advisors.

In his personal life, Joseph enjoys competing at a high level in two very different disciplines, motorcycle racing and body building. He believes that real estate is also a competition, with investors who work hard and negotiate aggressively coming out as winners.