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Jason Tom

Jason Tom, OTA Real Estate Instructor
Jason Tom

Jason Tom served as a senior investment advisor with a leading commercial real estate firm for over 10+ years, specializing in sale and leasing of multifamily, retail and mixed-use property in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. As an OTA Real Estate instructor, he shares this valuable real-world experience with students following the multifamily and commercial tracks.

Jason previously worked as a business consultant, IT professional and successful owner of his own business. This diverse background, blending industry and market knowledge, helps him advise students seeking wealth through real estate investing. He values OTA Real Estate for its commitment to education and supporting students as they put together their deals.

Jason likes to say that OTA Real Estate is “education for life. We’re not going anywhere. Show me another institution that lets you retake an economics course and doesn’t charge you. But that’s what we do with our lifetime retakes of on-location courses.”