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Diana Hill & Zani Patasin

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Diana Hill & Zani Patasin

Diana Hill

Diana Hill: Director of OTA Real EstateBorn in California, Diana Hill graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accountancy. Diana learned about real estate investing at 17 while working in a real estate office on the weekends in high school. In college she started investing in real estate and even though she worked as a tax professional after college she always knew that real estate investing was in her blood. Diana has remained in California with her family where she has built a fortune in real estate investments, developed successful businesses and been an active member of her community.

Her preferred approach to real estate is buy and hold with large positive cash flows and immediate equity. Diana has used many different buying, controlling, and exit strategies in her years of investing. She also has experience with fixing and reselling properties for consistent profits. Diana and her husband Randy, a California Real Estate Broker, have created their substantial net worth and income stream by purchasing, holding and selling properties in CA and out of state.

Diana has been a sought after expert and speaker on the subject of Probate Real Estate Investing all over the country since 1980. She has been asked to speak to professional organizations and at the secondary and university levels. Diana authors and is the editor of several newsletters, blogs, and has developed accredited course material for the CA Department of Real Estate.

Diana is an active member of the BBB and NAWBO. Diana has been used as a source for several articles in the Orange County Register, has been quoted in Fortune Magazine, and contributed to many other publications. She has acted as President of many community organizations and chairperson on various committees, foundations and boards. Diana has been presented commendations and awards from various organizations. Her goal is to help others achieve Great Fortune in Real Estate.


Zani Patasin

Zani Patasin: Real Estate InstructorRecruited from the securities industry to work for the nation’s premier homebuilder, Zani has been involved in more than half a billion dollars of new home construction. He was appointed as the youngest Division President of a Fortune 100 company and served as EVP for Atlanta’s largest homeowner. Returning to the securities industry, he applied his knowledge of the financial markets to secure investment grade assets for REITs and high net worth investors.

As a leader of the OTA Real Estate team, Zani believes that everybody deserves their shot at the American Dream and he is committed to helping anyone take that first step through real estate—whether they are new investors or seasoned professionals. He loves to share his passion and his belief that all things are possible through mentorship and hard work.