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The Value of a Trading Education and Mentor

Presently, for anyone who possesses a strong motivation to become successful in the trading arena, the prospects in achieving this goal, I believe, couldn’t be brighter. In fact, I think there hasn’t been a better time in modern history to learn this how to trade.   Primarily because there are professional traders out there that are willing to give of their time, share their past experiences, teach people how the markets work from the perspective of Wall Street and we now have the technology that facilitates this learning.

Free Trading WorkshopIn the past this wasn’t possible for the majority of people. Largely because trading mentors needed to be compensated handsomely for their time, and logistically it was quite difficult to have more than one person see what they were doing. So in many respects technology has resolved this issue in that it has enabled people to gather in cyberspace all over the world and learn from professionals in the comfort of their homes, provided they have a good broadband connection and a functional computer. Advances in technology have also served to reduce the cost of delivering this type of education, thus making it affordable to many more people.

When I started trading these type things were not available to me. In the early part of my trading journey I learned how to trade essentially by trial and error, but thankfully I did get some help along the way.  This came in the way of mentorship by a veteran trader. If I didn’t have this person to guide me through some very difficult market conditions it would have been a very expensive proposition. I will forever be grateful my trading mentor, as without his guidance I may not be here today teaching at Online Trading Academy.

As an instructor at Online Trading Academy, I provide a mentorship role to many of the students of the Academy. Last Wednesday as an example,  I was in a session with many of our Mastermind students discussing some trades in the ES (S&P E-mini futures contract) that we were setting up for the following day. I was going through the levels of supply and demand that we should take, with stops to protect us from large losses and targets for profit. There were two particular areas that we were focused on: a ten minute demand zone below current price, and a 30 minute supply zone above. The two charts below show the highlighted levels.

Learn to trade like a pro at Online Trading AcademyA trading mentor can keep you from blowing up your trading account

I stressed to students that these were quality, high probability levels that should be considered as viable trades. As we can see in the charts below, the supply zone hit overnight and the demand zone hit early in the morning, so I was able to take the trade at the demand zone.

Learn how to trade from experienced professional tradersOnline Trading Academy teaches traders and investors to make low risk, high probability trades.

In this particular situation they both worked beautifully, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes they don’t work and that’s OK because it’s part of trading. The theme here is that acquiring the proper trading education from industry professionals who have worked on Wall Street and know how consistent money is made by the big banks and institutions can, as you might imagine, shorten the learning curve for people that want to learn to trade. This can’t happen however, if the person doesn’t have not only the right motivation, but also the discipline and commitment to make a successful trading career a reality.  If this sounds like you, then contact one of our centers for more information.

Until next time, I hope everyone has a great week.

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