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Being an American trader and instructor for an American-based company raises some valid questions in the foreign lands I visit. I am often asked, “Why should I learn how to trade my Indian (or substitute Singapore, London, Canadian, Dubai, Hong Kong, etc.) markets from you? Wouldn’t I be better off learning from a local instructor?”

Trading FearsThere are two reasons why that is not necessarily the best way to learn how to trade your local market. The truth is that it is not necessary to have extensive experience in trading a local market to know how that market trades. As long as a person has experience in trading, that experience can be transferred into any market worldwide. One of the things you have to remember is that we are not actually trading companies such as Apple, Tata Motors, Vodaphone, Genting, or Monsanto. We are actually trading people’s perceptions of these companies. It doesn’t matter if a company has beaten their earnings estimates; if the overall sentiment is bearish, no one will buy the stock and the prices will collapse. Many times when a company has a positive earnings release the market rewarded them with a large price drop.

The motivating factors for most investors and traders are fear and greed. Those factors do not change when you cross borders. The only difference in trading the Nifty, Sensex, NASDAQ, LSE, TSX, or SGX is the symbols you use. We are still trading the same sectors and above all, investor/trader sentiment. Doesn’t a MACD work the same on charts of all stocks on all of these exchanges in the same way? Of course it does. Technical analysis measures people’s emotions and reactions to things they think they know about securities. This is the same worldwide.

Online Trading Academy is committed to your trading success. Therefore, we do train our instructors in the foreign markets in which they will be teaching. Before we teach our first class, we have already been trading that market live with real money, not demo, for some time, and are familiar with how the markets trade from first-hand experience. I have personally traded CFD’s in the UK, Shares in Singapore, and Scrips in Bombay. Look to our instructors’ appearances on CNBC and other media outlets and you will find that we are not confined to answering questions on US Markets alone.

The second reason why Online Trading Academy holds an advantage over many other educational experiences is that our instructors are trained in adult education. Let’s face it, being a great trader means that you are a great trader. It doesn’t mean that you can effectively communicate your trading skills to others. At Online Trading Academy, we select instructors who are excellent traders as well as adept instructors. In our classes, you get someone who is not only able to trade, but can teach you how to trade for yourself. There is a large back office team at Online Trading Academy that supports our frontline instructors. It is unfortunate that many students do not get to see them or recognize their hard work in making your classroom experience the best it can be. Rest assured you would not get the superior learning experience you receive without them.

So now you are aware of why Online Trading Academy’s US and International classrooms offer you the best opportunity for learning how to trade any market the right way. I hope to see you in a class sometime soon. Stop by one of our 35 Worldwide offices and speak with an Education Counselor to get your training started.

Brandon Wendell

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