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Thanksgiving is truly my favorite holiday – it’s not about stuff (besides food and football). It’s about everyone in this country celebrating together – about gratitude – plain and simple. That is the spirit of the holiday.

free real estate investing workshopI like to write articles around this time of year that focus on something greater than ourselves. Below is a links to an article I wrote about Habitat for Humanity, their story and mission.

Many of us take for granted what a roof over our heads really means.

Here are excerpts from a letter sent and published by Habitat that demonstrate the impact the program has on its homeowners:

“In this time of thanksgiving, I wanted to write a letter to Habitat.

Fifteen years ago, in October 1999, we dedicated our habitat home.  At the time, I was a single mother with three small children, ages3, 7 and 10.  There is no way anyone could have foreseen the many wonderful things that this home has brought to us.  Not only did it provide a stable, affordable, lovely place for my children to grow, but below are some of the things that are also direct results of having this home.

  • We joined a local church whose music director got my son singing. He and his best buddy from church sang with the Cincinnati Boy Choir for a couple of years. This led to them being chosen to sing (and live) with the Vienna Boy Choir. Yes, my son and his friend were on national TV because they were only the second and third persons from the U.S. to ever join the famous choir school. As a result he is bilingual, speaking both German and English. He further went on to complete a degree from DePauw University. He had a double major in German and music, with a minor in theater production…
  • … I was able to return to school. I finished my Bachelor of Arts in music in May 2011. This would never have happened had I not had my home. I was able to go part time, then full time to study.
  • Next year, my 76-year-old mother is selling her home and moving in. Yes, the little Habitat House that could give everyone at any stage of life a place to call home. She is not able to care for her home alone anymore, so we’ll do a little rearranging and here comes Granny Mary! What a blessing to have a home to share.

I could go on and on about the many blessings we’ve enjoyed because of the home that Habitat built. At my dedication, one of the regular volunteers gave me a needlepoint which I still have hanging on the wall. It so fitly expresses how I feel about my little blue house:

Home is
Where you can be silent and still be heard…
Where you can ask and find out who you are…
Where people laugh with you about yourself…
Where sorrows are divided and joys multiplied…
Where we share and we love and we grow.

To all the volunteers, Habitat board members and donors: Keep building, keep believing. Keep giving people a hand up in life. Thank you!” Jenny S., Habitat Home Beneficiary.

We here at OTA are about Transforming Lives and so is Habitat for Humanity.


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