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Survey: What Traders Think About Today’s Economy

What is your opinion of the state of the economy today? Where do you think it’s headed? How have you been affected by the recent economic downturn? We asked these and other important questions to a group of investors and traders in our “2013 Trader and Investor Survey.” Below are some highlights of the fascinating results, but we invite you to download a full copy of the findings here.

To start, 50% of respondents predicted “slow and steady improvement” in the economy and another 13% expected a “strong rebound in the next few years.” Interestingly, this is a significant contrast to consumer confidence indicators during the survey period (January 2013), which were mostly negative.


Can this information help you plan your own trades and get a better idea of the future of the markets? It’s quite possible. Because traders are more knowledgeable than the general public, they could have a more accurate prediction of where we are headed. In addition, their personal opinions might drive their own trading decisions and push asset prices higher or lower. In fact, during the survey period traders were bullish and prices did go up.

The survey also asked traders and investors about their retirement and financial goals. 55% listed “generating more income” as a current financial goal, but only 15% said “having more money for retirement” was their goal. This is interesting because in a different question, 46% said they were not on track to have the funds necessary to live comfortably in retirement. It could be that many traders are taking a short-term view and hoping the long term will take care of itself.


Over 2,300 respondents participated in the project, formally titled the “2013 Trader and Investor Survey.” Additional questions covered topics such as:

  • Views on trading and investing education
  • Concerns about the financial future
  • Financial readiness for retirement

To get more of these fascinating results, download a free copy of the full survey report here.

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