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Rehabbing and/or Staging – Design Trends for 2015

A major shift in design trends happens every 8-10 years. We all can look back and say Avocado Green was the 70’s, soft pastels of blue, green and pink the 80’s, sponge painting and wall murals the 90’s, granite counters and stainless appliances the 2000’s. So, what are today’s trends? What will this decade be known for?

From a structural design perspective we see:

  1. Master Bedrooms suites moving to the ground floor of the home.
  2. Spa type bathrooms for the master suite but without the whirlpool tubs. A big shower and rainwater showerhead are more desirable than the tub.
  3. Guest suites, also known as “in-law” quarters.
  4. Kitchens are still central and open – they serve as an entertainment area as well as a work space.
  5. Over-the-range microwave can be functional but not attractive. Try putting a microwave in a drawer and installing a cool range hood.
  6. No longer are built-in desks necessary or desirable in the kitchen. Things don’t have to be wired or plugged into the wall to work so phones and computers can be anywhere.
  7. Media areas used to be just for the big homes along with a family room and formal living room. Media rooms are now desired over a formal living room.
  8. Bringing the outside in and making them all one with outside living rooms.

From a decorating and staging perspective we see:

  1. Grey is the hottest color for home and fashion right now. A very hot trend is to layer various shades of gray for a modern look. But don’t worry about it being drab, with the grey as your base you can add splashes of color to create warmth and excitement.
  2. Another great trend is metallic. These too can bring a pop of color, elegance and glam to the décor. Be careful to not add too many finishes within a space. A good rule of thumb is to use one or two metallic finishes in a space, but use these two finishes in no more than three to five places within the space. Don’t hesitate to use metallic as one of your base colors, paring it with a neutral palette.
  3. Faux finishes are out and more midcentury modern design elements are in, such as a lot of wood, stone and glass.
  4. Gold is IN. A great place to add gold accents are the fixtures.
  5. Ethnic prints will be a very popular trend in 2015. Also, the use of “hides” – they aren’t just for the floor, however, they are used everywhere from a bed spread and throw pillows to chairs.

Free WorkshopSome of the suggestions I provided in the decorating section had more to do with the staging of a property. I’m often asked if I think it’s valuable (meaning does it increase the bottom line) to stage a property. There is a reason that builders stage homes. Very few buyers have vision. Staging a property can create a clear vision for a perspective purchaser. If the vision is clear and entices the buyer, they will usually respond with a better and higher offer. The buyer can now envision themselves living in the property and now it’s an emotional decision.

In some areas and markets staged properties have sold 5 times faster than un-staged properties. Because many buyers start a search for a home online (nearly 90% according to the National Association of Realtors) it’s imperative that properties pop in the photos.

These simple ideas can help your properties sell for more and faster.

Great Fortune,

Diana Hill

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