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Real Estate Newsletter – September 2019

Thoughts from Diana

Happy almost fall – this is my favorite season of the year between school starting and FOOTBALL, life is good. It started as a kid being excited about going back to school and then having children who were students, I was Ecstatic they were going back to school – it’s a fresh start. Even to this day, I reset my goals in September, with a quarter of the year to go I still have time to achieve what I set out to in January. I challenge you to also look at September as a fresh start on the year – where are you on the road to achieving your goals this year???

Ron and I have teamed together to really focus on how people are living, and shifts we see in housing – such as multi-generation households, household formation, and the ever-popular topic of how Millennials are living.

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By Ron Fields

Multigenerational Homes (MH) are defined as a household with two or more adult generations residing under the same roof. This could be, for example, a grown adult still residing with their parents or an adult who has moved in with their elderly parents to provide living assistance and care. This is not a new trend or occurrence; however, the trend is increasing.



By Diana Hill

When talking about real estate, whether it’s commercial property, rental property or residential, we don’t always think of it from a demographic perspective. Demographics and housing trends are exceptionally important. They help us identify what the current market is doing and help us project the future market trends. Helping investors stay ahead of the cycle.


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