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Real Estate Newsletter – October 2019

Thoughts from Diana

This month we have two articles which put a little different spin on real estate investing. Shared housing and Airbnb have really exploded and changed the landscape of rental property and how we look at it. I’m a firm believer in having a plan, and part of any good plan should also be a “Plan B”. So even though I personally don’t look at these models as part of my plan – they do add to options for “Plan B”.

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By Diana Hill

I am not a Millennial (far from it, I’m the last year of the baby boomer generation), but I raised two millennials who in turn married two millennials. They have taught me a thing or two about rental property, I’m still the expert (since my husband and I have owned property for 30 plus years) but they have given me a new perspective. They are focused on the Airbnb/VROB model. My kids are 27 and 29, both just closed on their “first” rental property. Unlike their parents who look for long term renters (I like tenants that stay for 20 years) they are looking for short-term renters.



By Diana Hill

As investors, we often focus on the traditional way of renting property, having a long-term renter. But as we have seen recently, there is a paradigm shift and other options for rental property are emerging. Airbnb is one example, another alternative rental investment option is group homes, including sober living facilities. Opting for one of these strategies for investment property is often more like starting a business than just owning a rental unit.


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