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Real Estate Newsletter – October 2018

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Fall is here! In many parts of the country there is still time to get out and look for property before the weather turns. I’ve featured an article about finding the right location to buy. Gary’s article focuses on putting the property into the OTA Market Place once it’s under contract.

We have also included the class schedule; get registered NOW. You’ll notice we have a new platform for our online classes. It’s easy to use and interact with. If you haven’t gotten a mic yet we highly recommend that you do so soon and join into the conversation.


By Gary Tole

Congratulations! You have succeeded in finding and assessing a property and you have the right to sell, the first of many real estate deals to come! Or maybe you already have several properties that you would like to share to real estate investors for a profit. After all, that’s why we are here, to profit from all that we have learned. As I like to say, ‘We are not professional visitors, we’re here to make money!’



By Diana Hill

We’ve all heard the old saying: Location, Location, Location….. Often what “Location” refers to are the positives of the neighborhood, for example: is it by water, are the streets tree lined, does it offer parks and green space, how are the schools? These are just a few of the criteria that affect property value. You may ask why, as an investor, are these things important to me? Isn’t it just all about the bottom line and the profit? Well, these criteria can have a direct effect on that bottom line.


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Real Estate Foundations with Jason Tom
Atlanta, 10/19/2018 – 10/20/2018

Real Estate Foundations with Gary Tole
Dallas, 10/26/2018 – 10/27/2018

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Real Estate Tax Strategies with Michael Atias
10/3/2018 – 10/4/2018

Commercial Real Estate with Jason Tom
10/5/2018 – 10/8/2018

Real Estate Foundations with Gary Tole
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Wholesaler with Joe Short
10/262018 – 10/29/2018

RECC 4:00PM – 5:30PM (Pacific Time)
10/4/2018:  Design and Your Fix and Flip – Gary Tole
10/11/2018: Building and Developing an Apt Complex – Joe Russo
10/18/2018: Probate Basics – Diana Hill
10/25/2018: Targeted List – Jason TomQuestions can be submitted to help@tradingacademy.com and deals can be uploaded for deal review.

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