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Thoughts from Diana

This is the season of graduate. As we approach Thanksgiving and count our blessing, we are aware many are in need. This month I’m sharing with you an article about an organization called Habitat for Humanity. Habitat offers a “hand up” not a “hand out”. I hope you find the organization interesting and maybe it will even inspire you. Habitat also has stores which are great for your Fix and Flip Projects.


Dancing With Hurricane Irma – Part 2

By Joe Short

After the decision -making process laid out in last month’s article, our home was selected and it was decision time; self-insure… or not. I decided to self-insure, purchasing the home in the Keys in April 2012 and subsequently transferring a property I had owned for a few months into my Insurance LLC. All was well until August 30, 2017, five years after I bought the Keys house.


How Home Ownership Can Transform Lives

By Diana Hill

I love real estate and am grateful for what it has done for my life. I was a young girl raised in a rent controlled apartment by a single mom. I had a good childhood and that apartment was in Santa Monica CA, three blocks from the ocean, but we didn’t have a lot of assets. I purchased my first condo while in college and have built a healthy net-worth since, due mostly to Real Estate. At this time of year, when we focus as a country on gratitude, I’d like to share what home ownership has done for many through Habitat for Humanity.


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