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We are honored this month to have Zani Patasin write a great article about The Changing Face of American Housing Part 1. One of the most important things we can do as investors is identify trends at the beginning, so we can ride the wave up and get out at the peek (or close to it). We feel that there is still “some” opportunity in the rental housing market. I’ve selected an article that looks at the viability of purchasing Condo’s as Rental Properties. Make sure to check out the classes scheduled for this month to get your investing moving



By Zani Patasin

Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch or Little House on the Prairie, depicted the essence of the American Dream. It was a dream to own your own home, your own slice of Heaven, if you will. Through the suburban expansion of the post war housing boom to the ticking time bomb known as subprime lending, buying your own home was the right of passage to adulthood.



By Diana Hill

The most important thing, if you are going to purchase a condominium as a rental, is to be sure it can be rented out both for long term and as a vacation rental. Don’t take this for granted. In fact, even before you make an offer, ask to see a copy of the CCR’s that govern the complex. I know it sounds crazy, but the HOA (Home Owners Association – the governing body of the condominium project) has the right to limit how an owner uses their property.


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