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Real Estate Newsletter – July 2019

Thoughts from Diana

This summer over a 100 million Americans are expected to travel… O Boy (glad I now travel in the off-season ha-ha). I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I can’t but help looking at real estate. It seems that no matter what town or city I visit (from London to Park City, Ut) there is always an office like the one depicted here which grabs my attention.

Store front with pictures in the window
As investor, how do we know where to invest and what kinds of cash flows we can expect from the area? Zani’s article will provide a little insight into some current top markets. The article I’ve chosen to share is more of a due diligence checklist for buying outside your back yard.

Enjoy your Summer wherever it may take you and learn a little about the RE markets you are in – you never know where you might find the “right” deal.

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By Zani Patasin

Since the dawn of time we have all been taught that Real Estate is all about location, location, location. Respectfully, no it’s not. While location may be an important consideration, on an institutional level investing is all about the numbers, the numbers, the numbers.



By Diana Hill

I often hear the following scenario when novice investors get into the market. “I found a house for a great price online in Small Town, USA, so excited. I’m going to buy it and turn it into a rental. Then wait for the market to come back and CASH IN.” Good idea Mr. /Ms. Novice Investor, but do you understand the market in Small Town, USA? Do you know how to be a landlord? Have you visited Small Town, USA? Do you have a team in Small Town, USA?


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