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Real Estate Newsletter – August 2018

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One of the most common hurdles for new investors is funding deals. There’s an old saying in Real Estate: “If the deal’s good, the money will follow.” When I started real estate investing this concept was hard for me to swallow, but it’s true. This month Ron and I both explore a variety of ways to fund deals.


By Ron Fields

In our previous newsletter regarding crowdfunding, we covered the Intrastate Crowdfunding model, and the benefits associated with raising capital and acquiring control or title using this model. Two of the most important benefits to Intrastate Crowdfunding are, the ease of using it as it relates to regulations, and the fact that you may be able to completely bypass using lending institutions as a source for funding your projects. For some, the greatest obstacle to using this method is approaching and asking potential funding candidates to consider participating in your offering. The second obstacle, having the absolute desire and total commitment to make this work.



By Diana Hill

We’ve discussed types of mortgage loans, in part two of this series we’ll focus on real estate loans used for wholesale deals (yes you sometimes must use loans to close a wholesale deal), fix and flips and multi-unit properties financing. We will look at four types of financing…


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