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Starting this month we are asking real estate instructors to contribute to this newsletter. Our OTA real estate Instructors are professionals with decades of experience from all different regions of the country, who have used a variety of strategies though out their careers. We know that you our students will benefit greatly from this diversity of articles. If there is a topic you would like us to cover please email us at help@otarealestate.com.

Real Estate Investors – Are you using a licensed agent? Here’s why you should!
By Gary Tole

In your quest to become a successful real estate investor you’ve taken the very best first step and completed your education at the OTA Real Estate Academy. Whether studying Wholesale, Fix & Flip, Rental or Commercial Investing, now you’re ready to roll and make your next, or possibly your first, purchase. However, there’s something wrong… something is missing. What could it be? Oh! You haven’t found anything to buy.


So Many Mortgage Loans, So Little Time – Part 1
By Diana Hill

One of the top things about investing in real estate is the use of leverage. Leverage comes in many different shapes and sizes. In this article, we will explore the different kinds of mortgage loans that are available for real estate purchases.


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8/10/2017 – Topic: Working with Contractors
8/17/2017 – Topic: How to Most Effectively Work with a Real Estate Professional
8/24/2017 – Topic: The Math of Rental and Commercial
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