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Have you ever read a book on trading or investing? If you have read more than one of them, you will notice that they usually regurgitate the same old technical analysis. Most books and academics themselves follow the traditional route for technical analysis. The problem is that if that traditional method worked so well, you could be expected to read those books and make a lot of money.

One of the common trading tools that is suggested in most trading books is the moving average. But have you ever read a book that says to buy below an upward sloping moving average? No they say you buy above an upward sloping average and sell below a downward sloping average. Look at the opportunities you would miss by doing that.

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When you enter the trend late, you increase your risk in the position as well as reduce the potential profits. This is counter to what we want to accomplish.

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So we know there is more to being successful in trading than just reading a book. You need to discover how the professionals trade and how institutions make their decisions. By understanding and mimicking what the truly successful traders do, you have a better chance for success yourself.

That is what we do at Online Trading Academy. We teach how the institutional traders think and make entry and exit choices. We have traders with experience teaching the courses. Most importantly, we are dedicated to building your skills that can make you a consistently profitable trader in any market.

Brandon Wendell

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