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Top 5 Spring Home Projects to Create a Fresh Space

The starting point of any project for me is always a list. So, here are 5 simple spring home projects that will help you to get the most bang for your buck whether you are renting, selling or even just staying put in your own home.

  1. Deep Cleaning – I suggest you hire a cleaning service. You’ll want them to start by scrubbing the ceilings all the way down to the floor. Even if you’re going to repaint (see below) everything needs to be clean for the paint to adhere correctly. Once we were rehabbing a house where we thought the walls in the living room were yellow, come to find out the walls were cream colored. The walls had turned yellow from 30 years of smoking; with a little TSP and elbow grease the true color was revealed.
  2. Painting – Many experts rate painting the house inside and out right up there with cleaning on the importance scale of projects that add value to a home. Most of the time, the cost of the paint is lower than the value the paint adds to the property. This will even be true if you decide to hire a professional. Hiring a professional can be a good idea since the job will get done more quickly and with less. When looking at colors make sure you stay neutral but not bright white. Light grey is very in right now; I also like a light latte on the walls with white trim. This creates a neutral but almost custom look. Don’t neglect the ceiling, they get dirty and appear darker over time. A freshly painted room will still look dreary if the ceiling is neglected. A freshly painted ceiling will lighten the room and make it look larger as well.
  3. Replacing Carpet and or Flooring– Most experts say that home carpet should be replaced if it’s over a year old, spring is a great time to start this project. Once again, try and stay with something neutral. It will make the room appear larger. You don’t have to spend a lot on the carpet, however, get a tight weave and a good pad. Knowing flooring trends is also important. For example, 5-10 years ago 18 x 18 tiles were very popular, now wood is huge. So, to add a more custom look have a floating wood or lament floor put in the living room; it’s not very expensive.
  4. Landscaping – In landscaping there is a direct trade-off between time and money. Take grass, you get more for your money when you seed than laying sod, but do you have the time for the seed to grow? Just clearing old plants out and adding new flowering plants with fresh topsoil can change the look almost instantly.
  5. Front Door – the purchase of a new hardwood door is often some of the best money spent; this can run you anywhere from $1000.00 and up. A new door upgrades the entire appearance of the entryway. No matter how humble the home, your goal for this project is to create a stately look. If you don’t want to invest in a new door at least paint the door and trim. Also, adding new hardware is much less costly and upgrades the look.

Free WorkshopA few other quick tips:

  • A new doormat and potted plant at the entryway
  • Use mirrors to make small areas appear larger
  • New shower and kitchen curtains
  • Clean stained grout with a bleach pen

Hope these ideas get you started on the right track toward whatever spring might have in store.

Great Fortune,

Diana Hill


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