Irvine, CA - Student Testimonials

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“The instructors at OTA are personable and take their time to answer any question one may have. They allow students to think critically with proper guidance and a positive attitude, always.”

“I originally started doing the Core Strategy program because my dad had signed me up. As the days went on, I became a lot more invested in the classes because I began to see the value that these practices could have in my future. Our instructor clearly knew every in and out of the market and he always had either the answer or the resource we could use to find the answers.”


“OTA supports an excellent learning environment. I like the fact that there are always different instructors that share their personal learning experience and share their tips and strategies.”

“OTA provided an excellent learning experience in a comfortable and supportive environment. They made learning the subject matter easy.”

“Online Trading Academy is so much more than just about trading; they teach you how to invest in the most important asset, yourself.”

“Love all the friendly staff and the instructors. Very nice and comfortable environment for learning. Great foods, snacks, tea and coffee all day long.”

“I joined OTA to build wealth and learn about investing. OTA offers an amazing educational system using their supply and demand zones. The program offers value for every student. They care about my education by offering many classes in person and online. The online system allows me to access educational information when it is convenient for me, and as a bonus, they even feed us for every live class session. Thank you for doing what you do.”

“Me and my brother were the youngest of our class, and it was amazing meeting everyone from all walks of life. We are so blessed to have found this academy and have learned so much. Everything from the information to the instructors, the lunches, and the OTA staff was a wonderful experience, and I’m definitely glad I’m part of this academy.”

“OTA is the most comprehensive program I've seen. They continually strive to improve the curriculum and to advance students’ skills and success as traders.”

“I am a retired educator and I value everything that I have learned from the perspective of passing on knowledge and skill that can go through generations and pass the test of time. To me, OTA has done that and continuously does it in a very good learning environment that maximizes absorption and transfer of knowledge.”

“When I started the Core Strategy class, I was unable to use the mouse because of a disability in my hands, and I started to fall behind in the classroom activities. To keep up, I just stopped trying to use the mouse and just listened to the instructor. At the end of the second day, I thought I was going to have to drop out. I approached my education counselor, Chelsie C., and she immediately went into action and ordered a trackball mouse that I was able to work with. Because of my attention to the instructor’s verbal instructions, I was able to catch up in a few hours after the trackball arrived. The OTA staff are very professional and never give up on their students.”

“This class truly reversed my fundamental thinking about finance. What I have learned through the years has been through basic education in finance and what I learned in financial services training. Online Trading Academy is virtually a paradigm shift; a different, more productive and results-driven way of thinking. I intend to use the fundamentals that I have learned this week in the class to chart the future for myself and my family.”

“If one wants to increase their income or protect their assets, this is a way to do it.”

“I went into OTA thinking financial trades were snake oil. However, after applying the concepts I was taught by some fantastic instructors, the future is now much brighter, and I have the tools needed to make money in any market environment.”

“OTA is the greatest school. Unlike any other. It is more of a family.”

“Knowing nothing about how the stock market works, I was introduced to OTA by a friend and went to a three-day workshop to learn more about who they were, what they did, and how they could help me. On my very first day, I found that my ideas about the market (what it was and how it worked) were wrong-- I'm sure the result of watching too many Hollywood movies LOL! By the end of that first day, Darren Kimoto (the instructor) had my full attention. Over the next few days, I learned the basics about Futures, Forex and Options, and how they all worked in relation to the stock market. This alone was an education beyond anything I had ever been exposed to before, including high school and college. And yes, Darren was there to explain how OTA could help me and those in the classroom become successful traders by following their "Core Strategy" and implementing their core philosophies on trading. Nothing surprising here. OTA is a business and I was expecting this "pitch." What caught me by surprise, however, was that beyond the presentation, I came to see that these people (and I'm talking about EVERYONE connected to OTA), cared about my success. I could see it with Darren and the way he passionately shared his information with us. I could see it with Kipton (my counselor), who worked with me to identify personal goals and forge a game plan. And I could even see it with the ladies that served us breakfast and lunch all three days I was there. Not that they cared for me specifically, but they did their job with joy and purpose. This spoke volumes to me about how OTA must surely approach their educational offerings. Having run two very large business enterprises with hundreds of employees, I knew that having a culture of joy and purpose is one taught and created at the top; this doesn't happen by "accident." Having just completed my 7-day Core Strategy session, I am even more convinced of this culture being a purposed and deliberate action on OTA's part toward the students! As for the education itself, I have never participated in a more thorough teaching process than what was offered in my Core Strategy course. OTA has soundly thought out the curriculum content and how it is to be presented. Not just book learning alone, our class was a mix of information and hands-on experience as we sat at computers and learned to identify those buying and selling opportunities in the market in real time. Thank you, Stephen Hanahoe, (my Core Strategy teacher) for laying the proper foundation to pursue my dream of financial independence. You have made a difference in my life and my wife's life! Please feel good about that!! And THANK YOU, Eyal Shahar, for founding this remarkable academy and creating a culture that is welcoming and purposed to make each and every student who chooses to follow this path, a success! God Bless you, from a future successful trader.”

“OTA's Core Strategy program is light-years ahead of what was taught back in 2005. This was my first Core Strategy re-take, and I was impressed with the improvements made in the training material after 18 months. It shows that OTA is serious about refining their education... I especially loved the introduction to Click. This platform will be a game changer!”

“The value is hard to describe... you just have to experience it.”

“This was simply the best money and time I have spent in my adult life. Truly life-changing information! I am excited for the future of my family. Thank you, Steven and OTA.”

“What an amazing program! Online Trading Academy is by far the most professional and thorough educational course I've ever taken.”

“I was incredibly unaware of the stock market/forex/futures/options until coming to OTA. OTA taught me things I have never learned in any other forum. What a wealth of knowledge and financial talent! I highly recommend this program to everyone out there!”

“This is a one of a kind educational experience; high level understanding well-presented, with nuts-and-bolts understanding of how to trade any of the markets. I have been to many professional-level training programs and this is the cream of the crop!”

“I have been looking for a place to teach me financial understanding. Throughout these many years I ran into many institutions that promised to teach something but did not really deliver. I see that I need this knowledge to be better in how I manage the financial situations. I see the destination, but I have no map. Until last year, we were still searching. Knowing I didn't really have any financial future, I continued working with my current employer and being short on cash. We decided to go to the half-day presentation and got interested in trading using Supply & Demand. The 3-day Market Timing was eye-opening when the instructor put the Income-Wealth chart on the screen. That was like a light bulb went on inside my head. I remember saying to myself, “This is it-- this is the place.” And this 7-day training did not disappoint. Let the journey begin because now I have a map and a team of experienced guides.”

“Online Trading Academy's mission is excellence in investment education, and it shows! The instructor for our Core Strategy course took the time to ensure that students understood the concepts and he provided practical examples and exercises to cement the ideas into our heads. In addition, it provided a great overview of how different financial sectors and currencies affect each other. The CliK program, even in beta, is really easy to use and is on a different level than other trading platforms. OTA also provides resources online that are available even after the class is finished. We look forward to using the XLT sessions to continue our education. Probably the most important point that I learned was the psychological aspect of investing. Don't be afraid to have losing trades and to take many trades with controlled risk instead of relying on a big trade.”

“It took me a year, 10 emails from my counselor and about 10 follow up phone calls for me to finally attend the OTA 3 day class. By the second day of that class I knew I would be a life-long student of OTA. I've been in the financial industry for about five years and thought I knew a little something about the markets. Boy was I wrong. I've learned more in the last month about the markets and trading than I've learned in the past five years of working in the financial services industry. My goal is to be a full time trader now and honestly, I haven't been this excited in a long time. Thank you to OTA for the amazing follow up and education. A++ company so far.”

“The key detail that makes OTA stand out from the other methods to learn trading is how they create an environment for you to practice what is being learned with virtually no risk to you. It helps to build confidence in the skills you are developing and allows you to fix any problems you encounter.”

“Online Trading Academy is truly a world-class company providing world-class financial education! Thank you OTA family!”

“OTA is an outstanding education institution. They are dedicated to ensuring that I become a successful trader. Moreover, OTA offers repeat class privileges. I am confident that I am with the most robust company for learning trading on the planet.”

“Incredible insight to the markets and how they work on a level I never understood before. I know now that my decision to come to OTA is going to provide my next career path.”

“I learned so much from this program, to the point that I felt like I had already been trading for years! There is so much to learn when trading, and OTA gets the job done.”

“Becoming a part of the Mastermind OTA family has truly been fantastic! Whether you intend on becoming a trader, or you would just like more information on taking control and/or managing your financial future, this class is for everyone and every age group! Managing your financial future is truly a life skill that is not typically taught in the classroom! I look forward to taking several other classes in the future!”

“I really enjoy OTA. I've been wanting to have another income and make it my FT job. So far, OTA has given me the means to do so. The instructors are excellent with different backgrounds, each with different experience.”

“Online Trading Academy has a very specific way of teaching their students to be successful. The academy is for all people of all ages because the instructors change the pace of the class to help get all students in tune with the lesson for the day and the end goal of the class being provided. The best part of the academy is that all of the instructors care deeply about all students and want to help everybody inside and even outside of the classroom. I cannot wait to enroll in more classes and meet more instructors.”

“I truly enjoyed the training I received at OTA. I think it is one of the best, very comprehensive, lots of knowledge was obtained, it taught me how not to make bad trades and how to be aware of everything that is going on in the market, all the latest technology in the market place.”

“Having worked in financial services; I've learned so much more in OTA about the proper tools that will lead me to financial independence than I have in my past financial services career.”

“Classes at OTA are always full of information and the instructors are willing to share their knowledge and experiences. I feel lucky to have invested in a company that truly is the BEST at what they do. I think I scored well on the trade for myself. Thank you OTA!”

“Having been in the mutual fund and annuity business for years. I am amazed how much I did not and still do not know. Most definitely, I have been misinformed for years. Cannot wait to for the next day to start to learn more.”

“The instructors are always very knowledgeable and come with so much passion. They are also Traders, so I value their experience and the practical information that they share. They can listen to you and know right where you are.”

“I believe this class is highly assisting to those who have a high knowledge in the trade, and is structured enough to give novices a high education in the subject. The instructors and teaching assistants all have superb knowledge and are able to help in nearly any given situation. The classes themselves are very detailed, with many different parts and steps, which, with a normal lecture, would overload the class. However, the strategically placed breaks allow full absorption of the information before moving onto the next step. In fact, many people in this class have begun to use the appropriate nickname "Online Eating Academy." Overall, I have had a very enriching experience and will not be forgetting it anytime soon. The instructors were always available for individuals who wanted clarification, and all the necessary information was given consistently, leaving very little, if any, room for misinterpreting. I have heard from others that the curriculum has vastly improved, as well as the software used. If what they're saying is any indication, then the world of trading is beginning to evolve into something even more vast, with more and more people beginning to step into the world. I await the time when more and more younger people such as myself step into this world with a genuine interest. If there are ever more people who come that are still attending college or high school, then I implore you to tell them to listen to John O'Donnell talk about capitalism during their free time. That short lesson was very enlightening and enjoyable. Thank you, Online Trading Academy, for a meaningful week. Continue to do what you are doing, and many people will benefit from it.”

“Clear, progressive instruction accomplished by hands-on practice helps one develop a skill set that can be relied upon and refined for the rest of one's life.”

“I am on a journey that has a defined destination. The steps are clear, and for anyone determined enough to realize true self-fulfillment in this world of financial responsibility, the dedicated effort is more than worthwhile. `”

“My goal in being in OTA was to be able to see if trading would be a viable option for a second source of income for me. Having NO experience in trading, every step was made clear and easy to understand. I was able to catch onto concepts quickly. Also, when I needed correcting, it was made clear on why my thought process was not correct and I was given steps on how to go about it the right way on the next trade. As I proceed with Futures, I am able to see what steps I need to take within Core Strategy to fully absorb the basic concepts (such as viewing the XLT videos, reviewing the actual class either in the re-take or viewing the recorded classes, etc.). I am looking forward to seeing how I grow as a trader. ”

“I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to trade in any Markets, because it is authentic to the nature of the markets and replicable by anyone. I'm an engineer and traded equities on the side for more than 10 years before taking the program. I've learned that I knew nothing about how the markets operate on the first day. After my CORE program, I have so much more confidence in my trading because I know exactly what I am doing and the outcome of my trades. Just take the orientation classes and you will know what I'm saying here. I wish that I would've acquired this knowledge when I started trading, I would be much more happy and probably retired well off.”

“I didn't know what to expect. The concept and teaching are eye opening and opens a world of financial gains and freedom. I have just started but the support and counsel I have already received has convinced me that OTA is a gift everyone should give themselves. I can't wait to continue and go all the way. Thank you.”

“Online Trading Academy is a great learning facility for learning to be a productive and consistent, winning trader.”

“One of the best decisions of my life. I wish I had done it 10 years ago; very helpful and knowledgeable staff.”

“Ota is the best investment I could have done for myself and my financial future. The overall value of the program is priceless. Luis”

“Extremely satisfied with over all OTA experience. Very grateful and thankful to all the smart, knowledgeable, professional and very friendly staff of the Irvine OTA . Especially would like to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to Stephen Hanahoe and Jeremiah Chronister. Two brilliant coaches I had a privilege to be a student of. Thank you very-very much everyone.”

“I have taken trading classes at college and another trading educating company. I love Online Trading Academy because the teaching keeps improving both in-class and online. The instructors are always awesome. The staff is helpful, and friendly, and everyone makes you feel at home. The instruction was just-in-time perfect, the enthusiasm was infectious, and the learning environment was ideal (very positive). ”

“Online Trading Academy is not only a great place to learn to trade a myriad of asset classes, it is a premier training organization period. I've never experienced the degree of support before and after a learning experience. They go out of their way to ensure that students "get it." My impression is that they feel they're successful only when students are successful.”

“I can't say enough about the quality of instructors and staff at the OTA Irvine center. They are some of the friendliest and most helpful people you can possibly work with. Besides OTA having the best trading education on the planet, the Irvine center makes it more accessible with proper training and support. The education is phenomenal and the small classroom setting with one on one support is key to professional growth. They really care about students and are there for every step in their journey to achieve financial success in their trading.”

“The atmosphere is unlike anything I've experienced in any learning environment. It's positive. It's passionate. It's priceless.”

“OTA's education and training is great. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. OTA's overall commitment to success of the student leaves the only factor of success in my hands. They teach practice, patience and personal accountability to lead you down the road to success.”

“I have taken multiple asset courses at Online Trading Academy and the reason why I continue to come again and again is simple, INTEGRITY. The company as a whole is outstanding and I am always supported with anything that I may be challenged with. They listen to my needs and they deliver on their promises. Everything else is up to me!”

“I went through the Core Strategy class with my wife and every day we went home feeling excited and ready to come back to class the next day and build on what we have learned. We see the tremendous opportunity that OTA has given us.”

“I am a product of their lifetime policy. I had originally joined OTA about 9 years ago, but as life happens, I did not have the time or energy at the time to fully engage in what OTA was teaching. This time around I was more available with my time and mindset. The core strategy is the foundation of everything they teach at OTA, and Stephen made sure that each student understood exactly how to go through the steps of analyzing charts and understanding the proper placements of supply and demand zones and how to set up our trades accordingly. I was very impressed with the instructor's insistence on each student understanding the basics in order to have a better foundation when we would go take the asset classes (futures, forex, options, etc.).”

“Completely enjoyed the instructions given in this class. Loved the focus on attendees understanding and realizing "it can be done". Focus was more on people than money. Failure was not an option, only a stepping stone to success. You have to do the work.”

“If you really want to learn how to trade, I highly recommend Online Trading Academy. They're very professional and the best Trading Schools out there.”

“For someone that has never dipped my toes into the trading markets, but really interested in them, I feel like I came out of this Core Strategy program a lot more informed about the trading markets. To me, the trading markets were a whole new world with a different language and OTA opened my eyes and helped me at least understand the very basics of it. The market world is not so strange and scary to me now, and I can now dip my toes into it without fear. OTA is with you every step of the way, and the support that they offer and give you is another reason why I would definitely recommend OTA to family and friends.”

“I heard the ad on the radio, said I will check it out to see if it is true, took the free class, still not convinced and took the three day timing class. Logan, our teacher convinced me with his honesty and true past experiences and where he is at now by using the trading skills. I took core strategy course and now I am ready to master my skills and manage my risk on my own. The best part of this deal is that I will still get positive reinforcement and help from OTA staff for life. Love it.”

“I am a new student to Online Trading Academy but I will have to say that they will give you the tools online, in person, in the classroom, on the phone. The people you see in class are just like you, wanting to learn and have a better life with their families and with themselves (you are your own boss). Here is the only thing that the Online Trading Academy cannot do for you; and that is to force you to learn the rules of trading. You have to do that for yourself!”

“OTA is a great way to help create income. The instructors are very knowledgeable and help make the experience both informative and fun!”

“Out of all the education and research I had for trading, OTA ranks the highest. Now, I'm thinking outside the box with a new agenda for success. ”

“I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and setting which enhances the learning environment. I especially appreciate the personal testimony of the employees who are encouraging to the students.”

“I wish I had gotten involved years ago. This is an incredible financial education...Opened my eyes to the effectiveness and potential of intentional investing...rather than merely speculating.”

“I was nervous to learn trading. I have never considered it or had the funds to trade. Fear, also, has been a factor. Stephen Hanahoe, Arthur, and Todd have been a phenomenal team to bring me through the pain of the first days and sliding into home plate on day 7 for graduation. I was encouraged to push through the most frustrating segments and guided through understanding and implementing the rules. All of the hands-on work we did made learning the information possible. I am even comfortable with the knowledge that I have a lot more to learn. Thank you! Having the two additional traders in the classroom during our sessions was truly the diamond experience - different temperaments, different styles, different abilities to help students breakthrough for clear understanding. This was invaluable! It has been refreshing to feel the OTA culture of family and now be a member. I have new skills and will proudly work my new career - "Risk Manager"! Thank you, OTA, for all the resources. I will be practicing my skills and know OTA is ONLY a phone call away - or email - if I have any trouble.”

“I loved being on campus in spite of the commute. Very informative and entertaining. It felt like coming home. A BIG BRIGHT LIGHT BULB came on by the end of the week!!!!!! The commitment to my success was evident at every turn. What an amazing confidence builder with Steven Hanahoe, Arthur Evans, and Shawn. The concept of having trading partners fills a huge need for me.”

“With over 45 years in the insurance and financial planning field, I am grateful for the new skills to achieve individual goals to protect my wealth from the next downturn.”

“I went to the first two days on location, the next two days online, then got sick and took the remainder of the class on demand. Each venue had its perks but, most importantly, I MISSED NOTHING! I plan to go back before my next class and review everything on demand, so I don't slip through the cracks. Thank you for all the different ways to learn!”

“Friendly and knowledgeable staff, ready to help you succeed in your endeavor to learn a new skill. A lot of valuable information very well organized and presented.”

“I have enjoyed my education here. I took a month off my paid education program to go through with this life skill that no one will ever take away. This education is a way to prosper in life financially, which will lead to multiple different successes for me. I would highly recommend at least checking it out and making your own decision!”

“I like the multiple resources for a lifetime of learning, with improvements in what is offered along the way, such as Clik.”

“This class helped me to understand what drives the financial markets in this country, and gave me options to protect and grow my resources, where I had no idea of how to do that before.”

“The promises and claims made before signing up have been met. I have a lot of trust in OTA's ability to deliver!”


“I wouldn't know why anyone would choose a different source of learning trading when you have the best of the best successful traders (instructors) teaching you the correct way to trade. There is so much structure in this school to where it shapes your priorities for rules to follow. Giving you the highest probability in winning your trades and maximizing the least amount you would lose. Any other trading education would be like going to Vegas...”

“I am so thankful that I came across OTA, my first class with OTA was in 2012 but I did not move forward with trading. After 7 years of hiatus I began to retake all the classes and I can see the tremendous improvements that have been implemented. All the instructors are superb and so knowledgeable. Thank you, OTA, for providing me with the background and fundamentals. I know that with hard work I will be able to become a successful trader.”

“I am glad that I enrolled in Online Trading Academy. I learned so much about the financial market in a very short time. I look forward to learning much more about trading different assets in the market. The instructors here are AWESOME....!”

“I have enjoyed the program greatly. I feel very confident with the wealth of knowledge that is here to absorb. It's amazing how everyone is so willing to help and make sure of your success. I like the fact that everyone is willing to share and converse with you. Thank you.”

“I am so fortunate to have found OTA! It transformed my life and became a fast track, almost a shortcut, to my goals. Thanks OTA.”

“OTA is one of the best investments I've made. It's been educational in various aspects of life, not just trading. Learning a skill that generates income is definitely the goal, but when you apply it as something you're able to leave as a legacy to your children or loved ones, it opens up a whole new meaning to what OTA is offering their students. Their content, philosophy, and approach should be something that's taught in Junior High Schools.”

“Be ready for your brain to swell and your eyes to cross. It's amazing to watch yourself at the beginning of the class and then at the end, to see how far you've come. Make sure you do the recommended material.”

“OTA is a great place for nonprofessional traders to come learn. The teachers are experienced. The staff and students are friendly and very supportive. This place has a family atmosphere.”

“With the experience I have had in this class, I feel so motivated and excited to move on to the next step. It does take time and commitment, but I feel I have gained valuable knowledge thus far, along with the assurance that the best decision I could have made was to come to this school.”

“I have been trading for years, but only made headway once I attended OTA.”

“The instructors have an amazing way of making the confusing world of trading in the markets clear and simple to the students. I feel confident that I will be successful in my forex trading because I have a strong education and constant support from OTA behind me.”

“It is so refreshing to be able to ask questions and get complete answers without feeling insecure. A very safe learning environment with an excellent instructor.”

“I used to trade for MONEX 20 years ago & it was nothing like this well thought out system to control risk & reward; this is amazing.”

“We have tried other services that teach how to trade, but they were pitiful compared to OTA. Here at the Academy, numerous tools are provided for you to become a successful trader...”

“As always, the program is intense and also informative, encouraging and really a great organization. My success depends on my effort because they absolutely stand behind their students and want the students to succeed. At first I was really hesitant to sign up, costs of course, but really wanted to do it! And a great decision.”

“OTA has been so helpful in knowing how to manage my wealth and daily income by learning to trade the right way.”

“If you are interested in learning more about trading and investing, this school is the place to be. The teachers are very informative. They are happy to answer questions and explain anything you have a lack of understanding in. All the staff are helpful and the food is great. Definitely worth the money. Don't sign up if you're not serious about taking time to study. Once you sign up, I would recommend using all the resources on their website, before starting your classes. It will give you a head start in understanding what is taught in class.”

“The quality of the education I receive at OTA is one that can truly allow me to make changes to my lifestyle and lead a life where I can take control of my financial destiny and properly prepare my children to do that for themselves at an early age. The instructors and staff care and passion comes through everything they do!”

“OTA is a pace setter in everything trading. First class education, first class classroom and facility. First class teachers. Excellent retake programs. Did I mention they also feed you? Keep up the good work, OTA.”

“I have been in the professional business world all my life. I have been educated about how to build and manage budgets for companies... but... knowing what to do with one's own money is not taught in any school. Thanks to OTA, I not only have gotten a great education about what to do but also HOW to do it. What I admire and appreciate most is that the instructions are given by real world professional traders who have a gift for imparting their knowledge. These instructors are supported by a host of other team members at OTA that make the process engaging, informative and fun. I am grateful about finding them all; they are Great people and I have received a wonderful education and am inspired.”

“I already had experience trading, but thanks to this school I've been comparing my way and OTA's way; now I'm more comfortable entering on trades.”

“This was an incredible life changing opportunity to study the trading market. I learned more than I could have ever imagined and it was done in a flawless, fun, and organized manner. Would definitely recommend it.”

“I have always wanted to better understand the complex structures of the different asset groups but never had the time to sit down with a stack of books to accomplish this. This course certainly helped me accomplish this goal and put me on firm footing for better managing my own financial assets. Our instructor, Sean Reed, did an incredible job. I was a complete novice, and he always took the time to give me the explanation and support that I needed. Don't listen to skeptics or be held back by fear. If you are willing to put forth the time and effort, OTA can change how you manages your finances.”

“Having the education in OTA has given me the confidence in trading and about the market. I am very motivated to use what I've learned in my classes. My trading journey has been exciting, not only that I learn a lot about the market, but also that I made a lot of great friends who share the same interest as me; the OTA community is awesome!”

“Online Trading Academy has pointed me in the right direction to a better future. Their classes and instructors are top notch. The best thing about OTA is the Learning/Trading community. You always know that help is just an email, text or phone call away. The training never stops and is always available if you are willing to take it.”

“After a successful corporate career I was looking to reinvent myself post retirement. OTA has and continues to provide me with new skills that develop my ability to generate income from anywhere I have an internet connection. Their focus on continued learning and skill development is "best in class". I am truly excited about career 2.0.”

“At OTA you get an education from instructors who truly like what they are doing and want to share their thoughts with you to help make you a better trader.”

“Have recommended this program to my grandchildren as an addition to their business degree.”

“OTA has equipped me a "DREAM COME TRUE" of hope in my life. From the orientation with Mr. Eric Burleigh to Core Strategy 1 with Mr. Hanahoe is already a very educational and enriching experience to accomplish all the dreams and goals in life ,for me and my family in the Philippines , in the next months and years to come. OTA has turned my worries to "SECURITY". Their program nailed the strategies how to become a successful investor/trader; it is a real school!! Not a chat room!! It is a program that will help you equip and enhance investment and trading skills. I love the risk management skills too. with OTA the support is everywhere, from instructors, counselors and EVEN the students. I can't wait for my futures and options classes. Thank you OTA - Lolita Ramos Brown”

“The core strategy class has presented me a clear vision on how I will work on my portfolio. The skills learned on the class is very helpful along with the homework and recorded sessions. The instructor is very experienced and knowledgeable on the subject and provided examples which is comprehensible.”

“Not knowing what to expect, the actual process of learning the additional information in setting up and creating the trade focused on futures, along with the follow up on it, was great. The extra info on fine tuning for reducing risk, creating stronger trade possibilities was not only encouraging but exciting. Really looking forward to getting started with simulated trading to prove that I have absorbed what I have been taught. I haven't stopped; I will be attending live classes in a week in Irvine. Repetition is a tool I intend to use at OTA.”

“I feel that your background or vocation you have in life does not matter. If you are enrolled and have the desire to be successful, OTA has the teaching tools and resources to assist you in achieving your goals, it's up to you how well you do and your ability to stay disciplined.”

“Options opens up so many different roads for trading with minimizing your risks. It is an amazing tool to keep in your tool belt to trade successfully. I highly recommend everyone take the options class!”

“I am new at OTA, but the education and support are exponential. I believe I am in the best place to become a successful trader. OTA provides the BEST roadmap to success!! ”

“OTA is a five star trading school with top notch instructors. I like the fact that the instructors have to be profitable in their trades as a qualification to teach.”

“Online Trading Academy does a wonderful job in actively engaging with the students and making sure that everyone is well taken care of, both in class and in the eating lounge. The curriculum is made fairly easy enough so that anyone can learn how to trade along with the supervision and guidance of great teachers to help with the whole experience. ”

“This program is highly effective at engaging us as students because of its pace and content. The curriculum has many layers that makes the sessions easy to process and retain. I feel confident going forward! ”

“Taking this class will truly change your life. There will be nothing that will stop you as a person from gaining your goals that you set for yourself. The Academy has given you everything you need to be successful from hereon out. It's up to you to apply your discipline and true focus from here on out in your life. Thank you, OTA FAMILY.”

“I took this class thinking I was pretty good with trading stocks and just needed to learn more. I learned I was just lucky and everything I thought I knew was incorrect. It is amazing how much information and resources are available to make good trades. Anyone trading should learn the rules so they can maximize their trading experience. I am hooked. I will take full advantage of every class and resource so I will Master trading.”

“The whole curriculum and learning experience is nothing but exceptional. As a person without any background in trading, OTA created a curriculum that equipped me with trading techniques and broke it down to a step by step systematic process to achieve high profits with low risk at an accelerated speed.”

“I have never been so excited in my life for an income opportunity and profession as I have been since I joined OTA. I am truly dedicated, and the more information I take in, the more I learn. I cannot take in enough information from OTA through either the classroom or the online opportunities as there is so much information with more and more continuously coming daily.”

“Learning about Trading from the wide range of Instructors that you have on staff is a tool that cannot be replicated anywhere; they all are a benefit to learn from and bring the total package of refined Trading Education!”

“The Academy offers the in-depth training that was lacking in my past attempts to learn to trade the markets. I highly recommend the Academy to anyone who has a desire to trade like the professionals.”

“Thank you for providing us with as many resources as possible to obtain our goals. I appreciate the repetition and videos to help open our eyes to the world of trading. Thanks for reminding us of our goals as it can be discouraging to learn a new skill, but having us remember our "Whys" really helped.”

“I continue to be blown away by Online Trading Academy! I came in to focus on my Trade Plan and I not only did I get the support to complete this very important aspect of my trading, but I also got a lot of knowledge and valuable information for my growth as a professional trader. I was in the healthcare field and I just never imagined such a drastic career chance and being successful at it. I love this education and I am so grateful for level of support that I continue to receive, even years after taking my initial courses.”

“Really great information from some phenomenal instructors. The strategies taught with chart analysis and managing the mental game are invaluable to be a successful professional trader. Truly life-changing.”

“OTA has helped me open my eyes about the possibility of really making a living trading the financial markets. The introduction to this opportunity was clear, informing and very well presented from day one. The level of professionalism and support both in person and online is second to none. OTA does not abandon their students after their courses, it provides lifetime support. ”

“This is a great program for your overall personal financial well being. All of the information and tools available make it easy for you to manage your financial future whether or not you decide to trade in any asset class or just to have your eyes open to what is going on in your current investments. OTA staff goes out of their way to help you through the process.”

“Really a very good educational experience. A fun class to be in while developing my future skills to utilize for wealth and happiness. Instructors are so extremely well knowledgeable of everything and anything we students could think of to ask. I'm thankful for this opportunity and will pass it on to whomever I can in the future. YEEEEEAAAAA!!!”

“I feel empowered after this core strategy retake. I am very grateful to OTA, its professionals and support staff and resources for delivering what they always offered, and the good will, patience and care with which they treat all students. At present, I am actually standing in the threshold of becoming who I really am, a self-sufficient person, free to live doing what I love and sharing all with the people I Iove the most.”

“OTA is a student's school. All the people (instructors, counselors, staff) at OTA care about the students and put the students' needs first at all times. All the instructors I've had are very professional and have taught me well. I feel like I'll be ready in no time to get into the Market.”

“Core Strategies is an intense study of the OTA approach to trading and is like nothing I've encountered in other (many other) courses. The realities of the market now make perfect sense and I am confidently looking forward to applying the concepts and skills of Core to other asset classes. The instructors and staff here are top notch without exception and they treat each student as a valuable member of the community! Best investment I've made for my future!”

“The instructors of OTA are very knowledgeable with real life trading experience beyond expectation. Not only are they very experienced at their profession but also very capable of transferring their knowledge to the OTA students.”

“I am really appreciating the OTA community and experience. I am a newbie to Online Trading and the caliber of teachers and students exceeds my expectations. Now to put what I'm learning into successful trades! ”

“We truly enjoyed the program. We were able to place trades for the first time in our life!!! Thank you, Chris Manson! Attending OTA has given us the skills we needed to place strong zones on our chart of life! Thank you for creating this platform!”

“I, William Willis, a licensed electrical contractor of 30 years, find online trading to be outstanding!!!!! I look forward to my many courses as the learning curve increases. All the people here at OTA are truly masters at what they do. I feel lucky to have found Online Trading Academy.”

“My name is Doris Corral, with happy tears in my eyes! I want to thank you for healing my broken heart! I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Last year, I was fired from my job for taking care of my father that had an emergency, open heart surgery; our family went thru a lot. As a single mother, I would work so much I missed out on my children. l love my children for not giving up on me. My son, to help me with his sister, missed out on college because of my stressful job. Now I am grateful OTA opened their arms to make it easier on us, and I'm sharing this lifetime gift with my son now. We will forever love you, OTA! xoxo”

“I have already referred a friend who will be taking the half day class tomorrow. Learning to trade, to me, is an invaluable skill to have. This new updated core strategy gets an A++.”

“The basics are invaluable to achieve my goals as a trader. The expertise of the instructor was presented in a relaxed but detailed manner that allowed for an enhanced vision given the practice and determination of the student. If we do what he did, we can be as skilled as he is. It was a positive reinforcement for success using OTA principles.”


“OTA has set me FREE. I am planning on trading full time within the next year and could not have done it without OTA. I have daily teachings available online and can go to physical classroom anytime space is available, can't find any other trading platform like it. Every instructor has been able to enhance my trading and take me to the next level.”

“OTA opened my eyes to new opportunities, the academy is very well run, the staff are very professional and nice and the instructors are very knowledgeable! ”

“O.T.A. Core Strategy is exceeding my expectation in every way. The material, the Core Concepts, the instructors and all the staff promote a feel of an "investment family" through and through.”

“The balance of all the necessary components from technical to psychological along with a genuine desire to teach are all present at OTA. Anything less than what is offered is not a model for success. Believe me I've tried it on my own with only the internet. The collective community is needed to succeed.”

“Online Trading Academy has allowed me to look on life differently. It has opened many opportunities for me and now I can manage risk accordingly. It is something I can teach my children so that they can also have an extra cash flow.”

“After reviewing several of the top day-trading education websites and actually experimenting with one that I thought was rated the best among of the pack, Online Trading Academy is leaps and bounds above all out there. It is the Harvard level of day-trading education compared to the rest. This is due to the real live classes with very experienced teachers and most importantly seasoned traders with proven track record. Kudos to OTA for a job well done in terms of education quality & customer support.”

“To all future students, Come and join us at OTA to prove how the programs works like what I did.”

“OTA is the Harvard of Trade Schools because of continue courses' improvement, keeping all printed & videos current, student support among councilors, instructors & students. The most successful person is the one that learns, applies & seeks help to keep moving forward. The add bonus is once your tuition is paid for a course, it is lifetime in class live & online retakes, all course's videos access & new books as they are updated every few years. Try returning to your college for lifetime free retakes & books. On going education is one of the major hallmarks for success. The others are being with like minded people & applying what has been instructed. Education in action is the path to financial freedom & improved lifestyle for your family & you. You are the master of their & your future; write it out, plan it and do it! ”

“Our family have been OTA members from the beginning twenty years ago. From time time have studied self directed investing from other providers. OTA has always been the best! - Jon Hutcheson”

“My name is Kevin Te, and I recently took the Core Strategy class at Online Trading Academy. My dad was the one who suggested it to me, and he wanted to take the class too. I had no idea about the ways you could play the market to get great profit margin with low risk, and I would have never realized that those ways could be quite simple. It took me a little while at first to understand the basics of setting the curve, finding the zones and trend, finding formations, and etc. But after that, everything clicked with me. Daniel Sugar is an outstanding instructor, and he made the material clear and very easy to understand, as well as fun and interesting at the same time. This class opened my eyes to new things, and I am very excited to get started trading soon. I might even take the class again to review, and am considering taking a Forex or Futures class in the near future.”

“I absolutely love the class and the professor Dan Sugar. He has been great, taught us so much these past 5 days. I can see the supply and demand clearly now, and let's not forget the TREND LINE, which I LOVE. The food here is amazing, and the help I have received from every single person that works here is the best. I would like to thank my counselor as well for guiding me every step of the way. Thank you so much, OTA. I'M SOOOO EXCITED TO START THIS JOURNEY!”

“Online Trading Academy has afforded me to look at today and the future in a whole different light. I will be able to control my own financial situations with confidence with the knowledge taught here at this academy. My only regret is that I wish I had heard about it earlier in life. I would recommend this program to everyone. The education, the enthusiasm, the staff are top notch. This program is awesome.”

“It is never too late to get started. The OTA program starts at the beginning and prepares you to become a trader that will make profitable trades. Follow the rules, don't get too greedy, and have patience. It takes practice, but there are lots of classmates that have been doing the program for years and continue to grow. They are an encouragement to the validity of the program.”

“I've been a student for ten years- OTA is truly tops... They've consistently improved curriculum, have always honored what they've promised the students. I can't thank you enough.”

“I have attended and reviewed many business opportunities and programs over the last few years. I've been searching for the right program that offers a professional learning environment and/or business opportunity that teaches you the skills needed to become financially independent and to really help you understand how to self manage your wealth and income. I am so happy that I found OTA and invested in my future, it was well worth it! I will never put my life in the hands of another again. The most professional organization with the most helpful and cheerful people always willing to help. They teach you all the skills you need and stay with you every step of the way. Thanks, OTA!”

“If you want to be successful at a difficult thing, surround yourself with talented professionals who want nothing more than to see you succeed. That is what you will find at Online Trading Academy.”

“I have been extremely excited about the future ever since I started attending classes at the Online Trading Academy. The staff is very nice and helpful, and they really make you feel like we are family. They create an environment of togetherness among the students which creates a bond that will last past our education. I've already recommended OTA to two of my neighbors and can't wait to talk to my family about this wonderful opportunity. I only wish I could of done this sooner. Thank you, OTA.”

“I have always been very interested in the financial markets but hesitant to jump in due to lack of education. University life, high tuition and 9-5s have never attracted me so I left this intriguing field on the back burner. I always assumed pursuing trading on a novice level would only include vague broker advice, luck or big money doing their best to keep me from succeeding' and I am not one to gamble my hard earned money. However, since signing up for OTA I have been a sponge for helpful technical and big picture financial/trading advice! I am so optimistic about my new career and thankful for OTA for putting me on the right track. I am so thankful to my adviser, Erik Leoni, for taking the time to match me with ForEx - it is the most exciting market and perfect fit for me. I am so thankful to Kelly Boycks for helping me understand big picture trading fundamentals and making me so optimistic about my future career. I am especially thankful to David Warner for making this even more fun and simplistic than I ever imagined (and I had high expectations)! I did not think too much about the community idea until I took these courses, and now I am so thankful OTA gives me access to wonderful educational advisers, instructors, trade support and technical support - as well as new friends to start this journey with. I look forward to many years of growing as a trader and making money with everyone here! Googling "beginning to trade" and clicking Online Trading Academy, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I recommend it highly! Thanks a bunch!”

“Your program really has helped keep things simple, more organized and left me feeling not nearly as overwhelmed as learning to trade on my own or other methods I've looked into. Thank you. ”

“I am very impressed with OTA staff and organization. I have learned in the first week the foundation of trading that I can aspire to master with all the available resources here at OTA. I am confident that I have found the right community of mentors to help me become a successful trader. The Irvine center is clean, modern and quiet. I loved sitting in class by the window surrounded by green trees and blue sky throughout the week. All the staff were friendly and engaging. The food was great and always enough. Parking was easy. I love the art work and the interior design throughout the center.”

“I am truly happy with my decision to go forward with the Online Trading Academy program. It's always scary when you see a late-night infomercial and you decide to make that call, but I feel like it was absolutely the right decision. My experience has been all positive, from the instructors to the staff, everyone has been very knowledgeable and helpful and genuinely want to see you succeed. I have learned so much and look forward to continuing to learn and make lots of money in the process!”

“I appreciate the sincerity of the staff in supporting the students in the learning process and its policy of accommodating students who wants to take the course over & over again till they absorb the concept of the particular course they are taking.”

“Having my first ahaa! moment after the class finished as I looked into the Six Step Course Strategy Chart--which I printed out as suggested, before the class started--and being able to grasp the Core Strategy "at a glance"... to see and understand how each step and its components flowed orderly and coherently into the next one. Wow! It seemed unbelievable how all the new concepts and information fitted perfectly into a completed puzzle. I came to appreciate how that chart became as a "paint by numbers" guide into managed risk trading. I feel empowered and look forward, with great expectation, to work toward my "green on the screen" and step into live trading. Thanks guys, Truly.”

“I enjoyed the whole experience. Fantastic staff, very caring and willing to help no matter the problem. Now it's time to go to work.”

“Online Trading is an exceptional learning experience. The online curriculum is a perfect compliment to the classroom instruction. All the learning tools are easy to use and strategically placed. ”

“A comprehensive course in how to address the stock market with understanding and courage....Craig Weil was great as a teacher/mentor. What a supportive place...everyone is concerned about MY success. The aura of the entire organization is supportive, including laughter, but also with many pats on the back and other types of encouragement.”

“Online Trading Academy is a high quality program that actually teaches you how to stand on your own two feet to make money. As classes develop, you are allowed lifetime retakes--amazing, who does that? In addition, they have a very personal and caring environment to ensure that you are good with the teaching, that you are learning and that you know they are there to help in any way they can--as long as you follow the trading rules!!!”

“OTA is a great place to start on the road to your freedom and success! Everyone here is very helpful and always ready to answer your questions with a smile. During the process of learning the instructors are all very knowledgeable with many years of experience and are very accessible. The amount of information that you can have access to is incredible but not overwhelming. This is a place that my 15 year old daughter is already planning on attending to enrich her future. There is no other place like OTA!!”

“For the amount of times that I've attended the classes at the center, I've been amazed how clean the facility has always been, no problems finding parking and the personnel are always friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed the class, the instructor provided many samples and gave explanations of the topic he was talking about. Class participation was very involved.”

“Everything at the Irvine center has been top-notch and the people here are outstanding. Our instructor, Tom Reed, was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to take the class with. In the Pro Trader class, I have learned a systematic approach to trading in the markets that gives me confidence I will be able to trade profitably and minimize risk.”

“My thanks goes to the people who have thought this curriculum through. It's very obvious that they have considered the student completely. There isn't a single thing that I am not going to use from this class in my everyday life now. This was my most sound financial decision, ever. No joke. Everyone was always warm and welcoming. The fact that our education coaches (at least mine that I remember) came around to visit and see how we were doing, almost daily, was encouraging. That showed a level of care about what we were doing for our lives that no other educational company does. Amazing.”

“Taking the Core Strategy course with Online Trading Academy has allowed me to understand and plan trades better than I would have without it. Going through each trade with the step by step plan allows me to evaluate and control what I want to do every time. The staff and instructors are professional and courteous. The meals at the center were nutritional and plenty of variety. The equipment and course materials are user friendly and complete.”

“The Online Trading Academy has shown me a path to replace my employment income with income that I can generate by trading. There is no other school that does this. They sell nothing at all except a great education for traders.”

“My name is Greg and I have a B.S. in geology. I only say that because I have attended multiple colleges and universities throughout my education. I have had great and mediocre instructors/ professors who taught from average to excellent curricula. I am so impressed with the quality of the education my wife and I have received from OTA. The organization of materials is up there with the best of text books. The instructors are knowledgeable, inspirational and good humored. The web portal is outstanding with fantastic resources. Nothing is perfect. However, it is clear that OTA realizes that and it seems to be open to changes and ideas from students and staff members alike. I only wish that all educational experiences could be this good and motivating.”

“If you want to learn to trade like the Pro's, OTA is the place. It is the real deal. Their program is the key to your success. OTA is committed to your success.”

“OTA, I consider is the Holy Grail when it comes to learning how to trade. All the tools and tips about trading are there for you to learn & apply. Everything is great about the center. Place is nice and clean with very friendly & helpful staff. What's great is they feed you there with very good food and you can take out too.”

“OTA is the Harvard school of trading, investing & financial matters. The campus, staff & instructors reflect the highest quality of investing education. Proactive Investor is highly recommended for get a great foundation for long term investing, short term income & learning to protect one's capital from market crashes.”

“I always knew that financial freedom was attainable, but it wasn't until I found OTA and experienced their program that it became a reality for me. I now know it is attainable for ME. The way the classes are managed, the education and information taught, and the deep knowledge of and engagement of the instructors really makes this OTA a unique place in the world of education, business, personal development, and financial independence. I am so proud to be part of this school. If only I found this school before college!! My family and I thank you, Online Trading Academy. You've changed my life - I am a Trader and I am FREE.”

“The instructor made the idea of achieving a working level of knowledge attainable so that we can apply what we've learned to the real world. The positive overall atmosphere in the center from the instructors and staff filters down to the students. I have noticed with each additional class I take, and especially with other students who retake, students are also very generous with their knowledge and time when other newer students need help. OTA has a positive and great learning environment.”

“I came to OTA with no knowledge of trading. OTA has opened the door to a world I had only dreamed of. I am excited to apply all I have learned and will continue to learn. OTA has literally changed my life. THANK YOU OTA!!”

“What I have realized with OTA, is they are truly concerned about student success! There is a lot of information given out and strategies to learn, but the repetition and practice in the classroom and the willingness to answer all of our questions thoroughly help lead to a greater understanding! Plus, with the continuing education, the XLTs, Hour with the Pros, and class retakes, you know that they are very concerned that you will become a consistently profitable trader.”

“I am excited about the training and method as it unfolds. Makes sense and I feel secure I can trade with OTA support as long as needed before picking my own trades. I've done my due diligence before signing on with OTA-there is no $99 class, book or webinar that could teach me how to trade successfully and manage my own IRA as well as make money trading. Full immersion is the only way to go! Super impressed with the cleanliness of the center with all the traffic and classes held. Healthy food choices, coffee or tea and meals make it easy to stay centered. Everyone is friendly and Andrew Dominguez and Erika have been amazingly supportive.”

“My wife and I have just completed the first part of the ProTrader course at the Irvine Online Trading Academy and I have only the highest regard for the organization and everyone involved that we have worked with to this point. Roger Best was our instructor for the ProTrader course and he just built upon the wonderful experience that we had through our Market Timing Course. He is an amazing instructor that took a subject that is completely new to us and was able to give us the confidence to feel comfortable to start trading on our own soon. The Academy also makes us feel extremely comfortable moving forward with all of the support at the center and especially with the XLT program. We are extremely happy with the course so far and very excited about our trading future.”

“The classes at OTA are priceless! They are helping me to become a Forex Trader with confidence and amazing ability to create the retirement of my dreams.”


“This class, PAI is probably the best class available for anyone that is wanting to protect their wealth. Money very well spent. The Center, as always, has been top notch. They are here to help and are friendly. Been coming here for years and would recommend this center to anyone looking to advance themselves. Gary Rozak is awesome as a teacher with straightforward information and ensures that you understand.”

“The program was very informative and educational. The instructor is great and patient with all the students. The learning environment is great bar none. I wish I had stumbled across this program years ago. ”

“Definitely a life changing experience. This program is a game changer, a skill that everyone should acquire.”

“OTA has blown past my expectations for learning the art of Trading. I now have the confidence and, more importantly, the DISCIPLINE to start trading my plan with a Demo account leading eventually to the real deal.”

“The ability to learn from world class traders should be enough motivation for anyone to come on in. However, what truly makes this program valuable is that you get it for life. Not many places have all of their resources available to you 24/7, be it online or in person. The online trading academy is of incomparable value.”

“I feel extremely fortunate to have found Online Trading Academy. There are so many trading class choices available online or held at a temporary location like a local hotel ball room, but I am very confident I found the best program available. The passion and training of each instructor, so far Darren Kimoto and Roger Best, represents the dedication the school has in choosing and training the proper instructor for each class. Both instructors really don't need this job for financial gain, they are so passionate about the successful teachings of supply and demand they learned at OTA that it is their calling to teach and educate us so we can master this unique trading skill. I have really enjoyed the life stories of how each instructor, or their students, came to OTA and how incredible this life changing decision was for them. It feels reassuring with so many success examples that with hard work, dedication and willingness to learn, that I too can learn how to be a successful full time trader. And with the OTA staff and community always there for me, I have no doubt in my mind, I will be the next success story.”

“This is trading broken down to its component parts. The concepts are not easy, but the teachers are great and very experienced and successful. They go as deep as you want to go and are invested in your success.”

“OTA is not just an environment to learn infinite information, it is a new world and beginning of a new life.”

“Online Trading Academy has enough content to keep me studying my curriculum every day, all day every day (including nights and weekends) even though I registered at minimum entry level cost plan. The staff is friendly, encouraging, and willing to lend a hand in accountability.”

“My experience in Pro-Trader has deepened my understanding of Core Strategy and therefore grasping the basics of this winning strategy. It is my third review and as I have had no real previous acquaintance or instruction in trading prior to joining OTA this has truly been a rewarding process. I feel so very encouraged and confident that I will master the tools and be able to approach my trading with discipline and ever deepening understanding of the forces that influence the market. I feel that I am successfully learning the strategies for trading. Yeah, to the instructors, especially my two time instructor, Kelly Boycks who is knowledgeable and informative. Yeah, to the support staff who are also ever present, SUPPORTIVE and encouraging. I have never met a nicer group of people. Hi Erika. Hi Krisie. Hi Teo. Hi Mark, Crystal, Kimberely. Hi John, one of the great philosophers of trading.”

“I am entering into a vision that is entirely new to me, and I appreciate the patience and encouragement that OTA instructors and personnel have portrayed. The positive energy in the company is contagious. I have truly enjoyed embarking on this journey.”

“Online Trading Academy is providing me with information that only a handful of people know about. This knowledge will be essential for my success as a trader. I'm really enjoying the class. I'm learning many things about the market I never knew before. I have a great feeling I'll do well with my trading. The center (Irvine) is well situated and very clean. The staff is friendly and very helpful. There is a feeling of a fun atmosphere and professionalism at the same time. The material is detailed and informative. I especially like the hands-on way of learning by using the computer and the appropriate programs.”

“I am continually amazed and impressed with the outstanding level of knowledge and the presentation skill of the OTA instructors. With each additional class I believe that my knowledge base is expanding and core strategies are being reinforced and refined. Finally, the mysteries of how to make money in the market are being unlocked and the clouds around Wall Street are clearing. All the personnel from our Education Counselor to instructors to support personnel have always been extremely helpful and friendly. They always take a personal interest in the student.”

“Absolutely excellent program. It was my 2nd re-take course. It gave me additional information which got missing during last few years. Already I am regularly trading, this program surely helped me to pin-point actions in right direction.”

“I loved every staff member's quick willingness to help you along. I feel very confident that deciding to join OTA was the best decision I could make at the start of my trading career. I look forward to learning more through OTA as time goes on. Mastermind Community here I come!”

“For over a decade, I've been searching for the secret sauce for successful trading. I used to think it was more and more technical indicators and I finally got so overwhelmed by all the different indicators. Online Trading Academy finally simplified the secret sauce with one principle that I now love and appreciate. Finally, trading became simple, like a beautiful work of art or design element. I was finally able to get rid of most of the technical indicators and simplify my trading style with a few odds enhancers that make my trading so much cleaner and less stressful. It is a life-changing tidying up of my trading style. Thank you so much!”

“I came to OTA not knowing anything about trading and now I feel much better educated and prepared to be a successful trader. I gained a great deal from the insights in class and Scot's own personal experience. The Center is very nice and well organized. The employees are super friendly and helpful. The catering was good and the available snacks & drinks were excellent. The parking was great and the hours, good. Great instructor and a very positive experience. I can't imagine how poor my trading would be without this training.”

“I am only 16 years old and have learned so much regarding stocks, finance & decision making within seven days. OTA will be my future and the program is amazing, even for a teenager like me! ”

“This is the best stock trading company, anywhere. These guys (OTA) are worldwide and all their teachers have stock trading experience. Even though the cost seems high, but if you look at it closer, it is really affordable and a GREAT DEAL.... Just think, what does a college degree cost these days?”

“OTA has the best intuitive training on the financial market. I have tried other services and OTA was above them all. There method is simple, logical, and highly effective. Their staff is of the highest caliber.”

“Two things sold me on OTA. Good people and a systematic, logic based approach to trading. They have an amazing group of professionals who are not just experts in their fields but great teachers as well. In the past trading never appealed to me. I saw it as a complicated form of gambling. They taught me what it means to trade smart and trade like a professional. It appeals to me, I'm excited.”

“Online Trading Academy has brought to light a game I didn't even know was being played. Better yet, they taught me that game. The Irvine facility could not have been better. My professional instructor could not have been better. The food was good, even for a vegetarian.”

“It's a very complete program, well worth the time and effort.”

“OTA is an incredible learning center. The way they teach the basics with repetition and clarity is top-notch. I would highly recommend OTA for anyone who is seriously interested in investing in the market.”

“Instructors and staff make themselves readily available to provide whatever assistance one could need.”

“I, Noah Batty, had absolutely no experience or knowledge of trading in any medium: stocks, forex, futures, options, the latter three I didn't even know existed. But, after taking these classes, I have complete confidence I understand and can benefit by trading these assets for a more comfortable living for me and my family. ”

“Pro Trader and the instructor were the perfect learning combination to launch me towards successful, profitable trading. The instructor provided the perfect balance of theory and practical instruction with experienced war stories, and by practicing actual trades. The last day's trading session gave me the confidence I need to start trading and meeting and exceeding my daily income goals. This course exceeded all my expectations by a huge margin.”

“Really... Really... Good. You can't get better with this stuff. It's REAL, and these instructors are REAL instructors. They have been there; they did all the dirty work; and they make it nicer for me. Thank you.”

“With every course and with each instructor at OTA I feel sure that I am continuing to learn on multiple levels. ”

“Jeff, Erika, John, Eric and Larry all support and place importance on the theme of "community;" and the education is unmatched by any university. A must have course for all those wishing to increase their trading success.”

“If you are eager or desperately in need to know how to invest wisely and make and protect your money with limited resources, this is the best imaginable choice!”

“OTA is one of very few educational institutions that is truly very supportive of its students, in seeing to it that they truly benefit from the knowledge that OTA has to offer.”


“I have been trading for a while without the discipline demanded by OTA. I feel so much better prepared to do it right and utilize the system and new knowledge to control my future.”

“The best education money can buy. You acquire enough knowledge in just a few courses to apply in real life scenarios.”

“This is only my second real class, and I am very impressed with the consistency among instructors, along with their differences, their honesty on what we're facing as new students, as well as their confidence that we will be successful if we stay the OTA suggested learning course...and remember to follow the rules.”

“Give yourself permission to succeed. OTA is available to guide you.”

“Love my OTA education. Thanks for all the help getting my investing needs met through all the courses offered.”

“Online Trading Academy has taught me how to spot and capitalize on market trends with a proven, successful formula. Amateur hour is over for me.”

“I am amazed with the level of unlimited support and friendly staff.”

“It is amazing to watch instructors make money in real time on the market. So many "experts" talk about how to trade/invest in the public. Nobody else is brave enough to show how he or she trades in real time.”

“Online Trading Academy has afforded me the opportunity to bless my friends and family with irreplaceable knowledge about trading. This is a world of information that I never knew existed. I only heard about stocks, but never knew anything about Futures and Forex; this has been an enlightening experience that I would not change for the world. I plan to become a Mastermind Student. I would gladly pay again. My grandmother always told me that she could give me a fish, but its best that she teaches me to fish. OTA has taught me to trade.”

“The school system is awesome! OTA has accommodating, polite, and wonderful staff and faculty. The ready-made books/guidelines are easy to follow and the printing is world class! It has clean and wonderful rooms, an ambiance that you don't like to leave. Sumptuous food is served and students can drink cold water, hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate anytime they want. This academy is A+++!”

“A worthwhile overview of what it takes to seriously look at trading or investing in the world's financial instruments. Excellent at dispelling myths and giving a consistent approach that can be measured and reproduced.”

“Each experience here at the academy has been very informative and a great experience! I have enjoyed learning from such an amazing staff, and look forward to my continuing education here and investing in real time environment for significant profits.”

“I like the personal touch all the teachers, counselors and staff really do have with you. They do want to see you succeed. I was overwhelmed and on the verge of total shutdown, but the staff here at OTA had my back and is willing to make sure I succeeded and take the next steps of my journey.”

“The encouragement from the coaching staff is incredible. I enjoy the high energy levels of instruction from the class and how they interact with the students. I also am glad to know that my advisors are always there for me and willing to help! It is refreshing to know that such a kind and friendly team have your best interest in mind.”

“WOW! A Great experience. It was worth the time spent. I'm looking forward to the next step and the future and hope that it brings.”

“The insight given is helpful. I now have more knowledge about the equities market in five days than I have accumulated in 54 years. ”

“The Online Trading Academy is truly a first-class institution! The headquarters building and each of the classrooms, snack room, offices, restrooms, reception room, broadcasting studio, student desks, comfy chairs, computer equipment... are superb! The trainers and coaches are obviously very knowledgeable and experienced! They not only deliver valuable, pertinent information, but they obviously care about their students' grasp and application of the material and tools for successful, exciting online trading!”

“OTA equips you with a lifelong skill. Awesome.”

“Trading Academy is a highly professional outfit. I feel I have gotten excellent value for my money. I have the experience that the instructors really want me to succeed, and I feel that they give the best of themselves to support the student body. I look forward to a long relationship with Trading Academy.”

“OTA has given me a clear understanding of why I failed as a trader in the past. I did not have a trading plan, a risk management plan nor a correct understanding of how the markets work. I now have an objective way to trade that will eliminate the emotional reactions that have caused so many of my past trades to fail.”

“Thank you to Mark and the entire OTA staff in going the extra mile in providing the tools necessary to support my trading success.”

“I am thankful for the trading model OTA has shared with me. I know that with consistent discipline and following the parameters OTA has taught me, this is just the beginning of a great endeavor.”

“Trading with a plan and risk management is making trading fun and not stressful. This is well worth my time and money. ”

“I thoroughly enjoy the classes and the level of knowledge the instructors have. I keep coming back to update my knowledge and skills, to upgrade my performance.”

“Got all that I expected and more. Unlike most groups selling information and promising results, this is the one time that I got what I wanted and more.”

“I am really fortunate to have come across the academy prior to starting a trading business. I cannot imagine the time and money that it would have cost me if I were to miss this opportunity.”

“Before attending the program at Online Trading Academy, I knew absolutely nothing about trading. But after taking several classes, I feel my understanding and skills have improved tremendously. Everyone has been very supportive and I feel that I am on the right path.”

“The facility, faculty and administration are a true reflection of the professionalism that is imbedded in the Online Trading Academy's focus on quality instruction and student support.”

“OTA is worth the cost for the lifetime trading education.”

“This is the "real enchilada." After researching so many websites and other 1/2 brained stock market/financial market schools, I'm over the top that I know I'm in the correct place for the rest of my life.”

“The course is awesome and so is the support from everyone at OTA.”

“If you really want to understand market dynamics, take control of your hard-earned money, and think like a market maker, then OTA is the school for you.”

“I did enjoy the week at OTA. I enjoyed having Don as an instructor and I enjoyed the time I spent at OTA. Looking back, I don't know where else I could find a more complete introduction to futures trading without having to spend an enormous amount of time searching for instructional books and online resources, studying them and then trying to sort out a course of action from there. OTA provides the most direct path to informed and active trading that I have found. The Irvine facility is 1st class all the way. I'm always happy to be there.”

“Every time I walk through the door of OTA I am enriched”


“If you even think about trading then please have a strong strategy or you will be helping the institutions get rich. OTA gives you that strong strategy.”

“I love OTA's staff. They are very helpful.”

“I say that for anyone who wishes to learn how to trade futures or stocks, the best way to start is with OTA. With OTA you start off with good habits. Like a golf swing, if you don't learn it correctly from the beginning you will have a hard time breaking bad habits.”

“There is such an abundance of misdirection in the market in the way of books, news casts, etc. that it was an incredible benefit to find OTA to brush away the confusion.”

“I'm over 80 years old and OTA made learning fun again.”

“OTA and its staff of instructors prepared me very well for trading education with the extensions courses after the live class. Practice makes perfect, and after the live classes I had a much better idea of how to proceed with the online education at my home.”

“As anything in life, if you apply yourself you can do it and trading should be no exception. I am ready to meet that challenge no matter how hard the learning curve and grind away. Between Jose, Derek,and Scott, so far I am very pleased and feel I have made a very good choice. Thanks.”

“I cannot say enough good about the quality of instruction and all staff. I have been a professor at a community college and, beyond a doubt, THIS is a quality institution of "higher learning."”

“Trading education might be costly, but a lifetime education to make smart money and have money work for you is priceless. Like any higher education, used properly it makes a Return on Investment. Online Trading Academy is far better, for the amount invested in your future the Return on Investment will be beyond your wildest dream. The best example to family, your children and friends is your success, and encouragement to them is to learn to make their own fortune and keep it going for generations.”

“Every time I come back to the new building it gets better and better. You guys are doing a great job!!”

“Online Trading Academy is, in my opinion, a world class organization. Everything I have experienced and seen since my coworker pointed me to the school has been well above excellent. This is the best decision I made in my life because I now have a way to retire and leave my Engineering job, which I could not do before. Thank you, Online Trading Academy, for doing things the excellent way.”

“For those people serious about becoming traders, you'll have to spend serious money and this is the place because not only will you receive an education, but the door is opened to numerous unimaginable opportunities.”

“Online Trading Academy has made a big impact in my life. I am anxious to go out and continue this program in my own trading. Because I changed how I was doing business I actually started making money at home before the week long class ended.”

“Online Trading Academy is a must have ally for anyone who wants to get out of the rat race or a dead end job. The methods and practices can power a life change! Kudos to your new facility! Everything about it is simply top notch, except that there is no wine bar for after class!! The staff is equally top notch. Online Trading Academy continues to be an organization that I want to stay aligned with going forward.”

“I would like to thank Online Trading Academy and Matt Gildea for opening my mind and showing me the systematic and right way to trade and make profits. Matt is a very wonderful instructor who shares with us lots of important information, practical knowledge and experience. I have really learnt a lot and can't wait to practice and apply it to my trading in the near future. It may have changed the future of my life and my family to a better one. Once again, thank you very much.”

“I liked how we also had people around us that could help, as well as the supporting group at Online Trading Academy.”

“Online Trading Academy is one of the best, I appreciate your care and services.”

“If you don't get where you are going, you will end up somewhere else; this education is the best way to get where you want to go with your trading career.”

“I feel silly choosing 5 for everything since I'm afraid whoever is reviewing this survey will think I didn't take it seriously, or perhaps I don't have enough experience with Online Trading Academy to properly evaluate a class...but you would be wrong. This was a proper eval. The material and the instructor are just that good. All 5's. The implementation is up to me, but you've given me the tools I need.”

“This experience gave me a lot of confidence to go back to trading again. The course material is no doubt the best.”

“Everything is positive about the subject matter. The course designs and the instructors are not only knowledgeable, but experienced and "know their stuff."”

“Online Trading Academy is a first class operation! The money and time spent are the best value in this business!”

“As a repeat student, I benefited from instruction from a different instructor as this allowed me to learn different points of view from the instructor's trading style.”

“Love Online Trading Academy, finally I am getting the education that I truly believe will lead to a successful trading career with realistic expectations.”

“There is no better training site. I have spent time and money on most of them.”

“Online Trading Academy intense teaching well worth the time and money.”

“This (Professional Trader) class is something that I wish I would have had years ago--I think it's something every person interested in their finances and the workings of the world monetary system should know about to make better choices in their lives.”

“I have found Online Trading Academy trading classes to be a fair value and the best organized trading course I have ever attended. Highly recommend Online Trading Academy if you are learning or want to improve your trading skills.”

“I'm very impressed with the level and scope of the education.”

“Before the class I was on a losing streak and had lost much of my confidence. By taking the class, my in class trading was greatly improved and my confidence soared. I made great in class trades that I haven't yet done in my personal live account, but look forward to doing it in the future.”


“I have been a student of the Markets for many years but the information learned during this class was invaluable. The strategies, techniques and the application of Supply & Demand were real eye openers. ”

“Thanks for all the good food and friendly environment.”

“Relaxed atmosphere-outstanding instructor.”

“I have been looking for a school like Online Trading Academy for the past year. I am very excited about taking all the course studies because I am more than positive that this is going to help me manage my future to its full extent. Thank You, Online Trading Academy.”

“I learn best in a classroom environment than just reading a book or attending a webinar. Online Trading Academy provides an excellent classroom environment, I would gladly come back for more learning as my schedule will permit.”

“Online Trading Academy is the best. I am becoming a very confident person in my trading endeavor.”

“Online Trading Academy is so supportive. I always feel like I am welcome here. They don't just sell you a class and then let you flounder on your own.”

“Love you guys!”

“Believe in Online Trading Academy education, changes people's life for the better.”

“Another great instructor teaching a well designed course.”

“I like the culture of caring at Online Trading Academy.”

“The level of instructor expertise and experience really lends credibility to the whole program. They tryuly know what they are talking about.”

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