Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Student Testimonials

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“Yes, I enjoyed my time learning from this program. Trading academy instructors create a true hearty learning environment.”

“The OTA Core Strategy is invaluable in the trading world. I would highly recommend investing in your future by taking the classes that best suit your current situation and lifestyle.”

“I came into OTA with no knowledge whatsoever and left with a completely new skill. Recommend 100% for anyone that is curious about online trading. The intro class and the 3 day general class is a lot of information that is free to begin with. After that, the rabbit hole of quality information into online trading goes deeper.”


“OTA opened many doors and truly enlightened me to the financial opportunities that I had no idea existed. We are taught from an early age that to be successful and earn a lot of money, we must be good with numbers to a very sophisticated level. OTA has convinced me this is not the case. We are being misled by sources we consider trustworthy. Thank you OTA and Salvatore Giamarese.”

“The entire staff is very welcoming. The instructors, both Mike and Sal, and Tony, their supporting instructor, demonstrated great knowledge, commitment and a sincere willingness to teach. The program has been an enlightening experience.”

“I firmly believe that this Academy is "the place" for beginning your career in trading. Instructors and support team are just phenomenal in going out of their way to help you until it really sinks in your brain. CliK is the best tool I have seen in setting your trades; it just does 50% of the work you do when trading. Looking forward for more education with this Center.”

“Before OTA I had no previous knowledge of trading, have never placed a trade in my life. Now I feel that I am well on my way to a life-changing experience and have found a new family.”

“Never having formally studied securities, I was a little concerned about the class. But, after the first day, my concerns were relieved. The instructor was very informative. Student support was willing to help and assist you step-by-step. OTA is top notch and I would recommend them to anyone interested in trading stocks.”

“This program is really interesting, but what is more interesting are the different types of resources the school provides you. I'm confident that for anything I need in the near future to become a trader, I'll have OTA's support.”

“This is a training for real world application on how to build or manage your financials. Excellent foundation!”

“After 30+ years of investing in stocks and options with little "trading" education but investing the way we are taught by the media and professional financial advisors, I have learned many reasons for my successes and failures, and particularly failures. The Core Strategy class opened up a completely new way to look at investing, with much better focus on leverage, risk management, and how to prosper in up, down, and sideways markets.”

“OTA is not only a game-changer but a life changer!”

“I am a 71 year old economist from South America. To be a student at OTA so far (1 year) has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.”

“I wanted to let you know I’ve always enjoyed PAI XLTs & now it has been a true honor to have Russ Allen as an onsite instructor! The class was fun and I learned so much from both Russ and Sal (Sal has been my core instructor). Thank you for creating such a great environment to learn and for sharing so much knowledge & “tips.” Being a teacher isn’t easy, so I just want to let you know that we all appreciate all of the hard work that you guys always put in. Thank you for the great work you do and the huge impact you make on us (OTA newbies).”

“Everything was very well explained and the gave relatable examples and more to ensure students, ME, understand each application.”

“A must if you want to succeed at Trading.”

“It is very satisfying to know that this school will back you up forever and that you have a professional family behind you to help you trade proficiently.”

“Online Trading Academy is a great way to start learning our own finances and control of your investments. The instructors are amazing and take the time to help you understand your concerns while in class. This is the best investment i have ever made for my future and, thanks to My OTA, has helped me achieve my first steps into my journey to financial freedom!”

“I had been able to trade previously with great success at times, but it was only after doing the Core Strategy Course that I truly realized how much I did not know. There's a method to the madness of the market and you can learn to read it.”

“Very professional environment. I felt extremely welcome and at home. The facilities are very well equipped, clean and organized. The best is the feeling that very soon I'll reach my dream of being financially educated, having total control over my investments and totally independent.”

“Online Trading Academy truly delivers on its commitment to teach you a methodology, a pattern and an approach to trading that should enhance the odds for successful trading. I would recommend to anyone that wants to manage their own portfolio and more.”

“OTA (Hollywood, FL) has provided outstanding guidance and the necessary foundation for my personal goals and objectives in regards to a profitable trading career; becoming a life changing experience for me. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, the institution has superb instructors; they just make it very easy and fun to learn! From time to time they also bring experts from all over world to share their Market insights. I recommend Online Trading Academy to all in a heartbeat. In short, clearly exceptional people bring out exceptional results!”

“I have been a student of OTA for the past 3 years, and every time I finish a program thinking that I am done, there is always an opportunity to go and explore or learn another aspect of the trading world that gives me the tools that I need to be consistent, patient and disciplined to achieve the financial goals that I have. I keep getting better and better and I love it.Thank you!”

“My name is Daniel, I was trading before I found Online Trading Academy. I am so excited that this is a new chapter to my trading career. Would not recommend anyone to trade without going to the Online Trading Academy first. So many mistakes I made that I would have never known if I would have not enrolled. Thank you, Online Trading Academy, there is no price I can place on my future, so the investment I made to paying my tuition was more than worth it.”

“Exceptional class with true professionals that enjoy teaching and care that we succeed in trading. Hands down the best course I've ever taken.”


“The best fundamentals and "know how" approach to trading in all markets. The classes are comfortable and teachers are very informative. I learned a lot throughout the course and the live trading was excellent. Thanks OTA!”

“I have found the class very interesting and it was presented in a clear and professional manner. All questions were addressed timely and assistance was provided as needed. Although this is an area that is completely new to me, everyone showed great respect regardless of your level of knowledge. I would eagerly recommend OTA to anyone trying to prepare for trading.”

“For being someone fairly new to trading, I found this to be an extremely helpful course. I am leaving with a level of confidence and eagerness for more learning. Sal is an amazing instructor. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning how to trade correctly.”

“Cost was high but once you look at everything out there, this is really worth every penny! I shopped around before moving on with OTA and I am so glad that I did go through with this course because I realized that there is so much to learn, and having a mentor plus guidance is the only way to go.”

“OTA has a wonderful and complete program. I totally understand what they are teaching because of their methodology. They also encourage practice, practice, and more practice.”

“OTA has brought me to the level I've always wanted to be at in life. The doors of opportunity that await to be opened in securing financial wealth are now at my fingertips. I'm going to turn the handle now and go inside. See ya there!”

“Online Trading Academy is one educational milestone you "cannot" afford to miss out on. The ability to be educated, trained and mentored to become masters of your financial futures in both wealth and income creation is simply priceless.”

“The Forex Asset class is truly unique and OTA has an excellent curriculum, tools, support and especially all teachers, support staff and education counselors that make the experience a life changing event.”

“This is Leandre and I took this class for the second time, and I'm grateful OTA has lifetime takes to get a better understanding of the information I learned in class. Ready to put the rules in effect, and I'm thankful for all the help I get at the center; truly a family that wants to help you.”

“I was very apprehensive about coming to OTA only because of a few negative, unfounded comments that were on the internet. But after meeting the Staff and attending the 3 day Market Timing class, I knew then I was working with a world class, professional organization in OTA. The Core Strategy course introduced the "rules of the road" and the six steps which will help me properly manage risk and find the right trades. I now have a better understanding, but this is just the beginning and I am looking forward to learning Forex trading and later Futures and Options trading. Thanks, OTA!”

“I cannot say enough about the quality of training I received. I thought it was a little costly in the beginning, but the trainers, the support staff, the material, the ability to access the education in many forms (live, online) without an expiration is truly priceless. My time constraints limited my use of the services but OTA's system really worked for my crazy schedule. I feel I really got my money's worth!!”

“I am an economist from South America and I would like people to know the quality of instructors that OTA has, the greatest in their field. After 1 week in the academy, my experience has been the best in every sense.”

“If you are serious about trading the right way, this is the place to come. Not only do they have the best knowledge and strategy in the way of how to approach a trade, they also help to preserve your capital. The way they teach how to manage risk vs. rewards is just amazing....100 points.!”

“OTA offers a true pathway for success.”

“This is life changing. I have said it before, and I am happy to say it again, there is nothing like this. For the academy to provide such insight into the market behavior and to give the students the knowledge of how to become self employed and self sustaining is incredible. This stuff works, plain and simple. You still have to put in the effort, and you have to accept your losses, but if you work and put in the effort to learn and refine your plan, this is going to change your life for the better.”

“OTA exceeded my expectations. I have to confess, I wasn't sure they could deliver what was promised but took my chances and... No regrets! Sal is a great instructor and takes his time to teach every single step so I can be successful on my own. Thank you, Sal and OTA!”

“All staff, instructors, counselors are very professional and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise, giving you a truly unique and comfortable experience no matter what level or experience the student is. This combo provides a very comfortable and non-intimidating learning atmosphere for a student like myself who started with absolutely no experience or knowledge of markets and assets.”

“Before attending the class, I was skeptical if any information could be worth the amount of money they ask. I was skeptical that this course would be able to teach me a way to understand and use the stock market - a market that is said to be unpredictable - to my advantage and help me walk away with profits. However, after attending the 7-day Core Strategy class, I'm extremely happy to say that this course has exceeded my expectations in every way. I have gained a fundamental understanding of the stock market as well as the act of trading, and feel more than confident to be able to succeed in the future. Additionally, OTA's network provides me with the necessary safety net to fall back into should I have any further questions. And finally, I have the option to take the course again anytime. I highly recommend the Online Trading Academy in every way; I strongly believe that this school has provided me with the opportunity to enter the stock market at low risk.”

“I took the class, I think, in 2009 and just took it over now in 2018 for free; and OTA was happy I came back.”

“It has been a long been while since I have had the experience where a person or institution showed genuine care about a person's well-being after they have received compensation for their product. Job well done.”

“Tools for life!”

“I have taken a number of OTA courses and have found it is the best money I have spent on learning how to make money.”

“My father and I signed up for the course. Before signing up, we were both very hesitant to enroll, not sure if it would be worth our time and money. After the very first day of the class with Chris, we 100% knew that we had made the right decision. Our experience with Online Trading Academy is one that will stay with us for a lifetime. It has provided us with not only the fundamentals that we will need to trade successfully, but also strategies in many other aspects so that we can achieve more success and less risk. OTA has a team of instructors and staff that go above and beyond to make sure that your education is everything you would want. I just recently graduated with an MBA, and I can say that I have never had any professor as dynamic and interactive as Chris. He was able to make the class very hands-on, with real life experience and stories added in.”

“Great program. Excellent Foundations. You just have to do your part and practice. After completing the course, I can't believe some sites or courses pretend to teach or prepare you in just a few tips or hours. You have to practice and it's a great system.”

“This academy is where you need to be if your passion is trading. Not only will you learn a mechanical way to trade, you will also learn to avoid the pitfalls that typically lead to unsuccessful trading losses. The OTA is structured to help every student become successful.”

“For a newcomer to trading, it is absolutely essential that one not only learns the mechanics of trading but that one has access to some hand holding. Learning the theory is not enough. Being able to ask questions and to be corrected where you go wrong when you actually do some trading on the simulated platform in class is where the value of this program lies. The best traders, even when they know what they are doing are bound to make mistakes, and having another person guide them or correct them is of value. Imagine how valuable that is when you do not know what you are doing or if you are doing it for the first time!”

“I started out knowing nothing about the markets and now after just a few months I have become very confident in putting on trades.”

“Online Trading Academy is one of the best investments made in my quest for financial education. The instructors and resources made available are planned for your personal success. Life changing.”


“OTA brings in the guys from the real world who really know how the markets work to teach how to trade the markets, not the shysters and academics selling snake oil and theory.”

“OTA is top notch... I've worked in education for close to twenty years and I've never seen an educational institution as evolving as this school. I love the fact that the school is about assisting and educating individuals and their families. From the intro to the Core Strategies course, I feel that I am receiving more than what I paid for. I am appreciative that OTA cares enough about my progress that they are providing mentors, career coaches and educational support. I didn't receive this much assistance after earning my degrees...so I am very grateful.”

“This program is amazing. I loved the experience and I learned so much. Jody Wong was such a wonderful instructor, very helpful. I loved the environment and also the students in the class as they were sooo helpful.”

“Jody Wong and the staff at OTA are truly amazing and offer a life-changing experience, highly recommend it to anyone serious about stock trading.”

“Scott McCormick was a great instructor, really made a point to make sure you understood all the material and why. My counselor Michael was there to answer any questions I had and to get me right on the path. They have so many resources to look over and continue my education. Super grateful!”

“OTA's fundamentals and strategy for trading in the markets are tried, tested and speak for themselves when you put it to practice in class. Chris Muldoon was my teacher for core strategy and is an amazing and knowledgeable instructor. He truly cares about his students and their progress and does everything possible to make sure everyone is on the same page with the lessons that are being taught, even if it means taking time out of his lunch break and other breaks throughout the day. Love the school, love the teachers, I'm glad I made the decision to join.”

“I am so pleased with my experience here at OTA. Never have I been part of a training system where everyone is willing to help and so eager to see you succeed. Love OTA and plan to continue to learn and grow with this academy. Thank you, Online Trading Academy!”

“Online Trading Academy has had our back at every turn. They are always willing to do anything necessary to provide a lasting professional educational experience. ”

“I took Pro Trader about a year ago. This week I took the new and improved Core Strategy Class. It is so much better and definitely it is very clear that more thought was put into it considering the students' needs. Even the pre-work improved and the reinforcement online classes were extremely helpful to me. Thank you, Jose Ramon and Alex, for emailing me insisting that I take the new core strategy. Our instructor, Tim is an awesome instructor.”

“I am learning so much that my head is smoking. Seriously awesome info”

“Excellent and very helpful people, always there ready to help and share their experiences and knowledge with us. Keep up the great work and commitment to those of us that are learning a new trade. Regarding the cleanliness and the parking, they are very good.”

“I do truly enjoy the environment at the center; the counselors are very attentive, the front desk very courteous and attentive, the student support (Jeanie) was excellent in helping everybody and for me was great; she taught me a few new things with Matrix and couple more things.”

“OTA has a great curriculum and instructors who care and assist with all needs. Student support is fabulous. Always someone available to answer questions. ”

“OTA was sent to me by God. I always wanted to be involved in the markets and did not know where until one day, a very special day, I found OTA. Thank you from my heart to all of the great and amazing team that is dedicated to change peoples' lives. People like you make the world a better place.”

“I love the center! The staff, education counselors, instructors are awesome! They are very friendly, professional, clean classroom, ample parking, updated technology, top-notched! Very nice! Years ago I worked for a pharmaceutical company who issued stock options to its' employees. A couple of years later, a decision was made that changed my life. I had 60 days to learn about stock options and how to exercise them. At the time, there was not much information or qualified courses or instructors to educate someone like me. Much research had to be done, and on the last day I exercised those options at the highest price. In 2007, I lost a lot of money and did not understand why. In addition, I became terrified of the market and refrained from trading until a couple of weeks ago. There was a radio advertisement introducing OTA and how they would teach you how to time the market, and core strategy. This course, core strategy taught by Dan Sugar, opened my mind, and I understood where I went wrong. There is a lot more to learn before I use personal monies to invest; I realize that now. Although I know I cannot learn everything at one time, I am confident that I will do well. OTA allows its students to retake the course and they are there to mentor us because they want us to succeed and refer others to become educated. It is the best investment I have made for my future. To think, this can be the gateway of a prosperous future for my extended family, and myself. What a concept! I've begun to dream again! Thank you so much!”

“This really has taken be by surprise. This entire experience is life changing. Not only has it opened my eyes to the reality of the world markets, but it also is giving me the opportunity to change the course of my future success. The staff are incredibly nice, the core curriculum is easy to follow, and the instructor goes out of his way to ensure that every topic is clearly understood before more information is provided. This is the best first step of the rest of my new life. Anthony JP”

“OTA is the REAL DEAL! Classes are not just theory based. Instructors place trades in front of you and PROVE that the strategy taught in the curriculum is sound!”

“The Pro Trader Course far exceeded my expectations and the Online Trading Academy delivers on the building of the necessary skills and learning of the patented system. I definitely look forward to start trading. Scott McCormick is an excellent instructor; he made a big difference in our ability to learn the material and the speed we learned it at.”

“I am completely new to the world of trading and I was hoping for a class that can take me step by step through the process, and I found that with OTA. I enjoyed the way Scott M. explained every single topic and made it very simple to understand. I like his use of specific relate-able examples to make me get the point. Thank you Scott, you are an awesome teacher.”

“It has always been a pleasure going to the OTA center. The staff and people area always friendly, helpful and instructive. The center always has plenty of parking and the trading labs are very useful in understanding how to trade and use the platforms. I am very pleased with OTA.”

“I was blind - and now I can see! What an eye opener!! This course is a must for anyone who wants to understand how markets really work and how to profit from them.”

“OTA is an excellent training facility. You will know what to do after you have completed your program.”

“I was at a point in my life where I had the time to do something new, I'd always wanted to learn more about day-trading. I looked at a few companies that did this type of training - OTA was a total stand out and now that I've completed much of my training, my sense of their training being the best has been confirmed. The staff have been a delight to interact with and have answered many questions.”

“At first I was very confused but the instructor calmly repeated the material in a systematic way everyday until the "light bulb" went off. By the 3rd day I was finally able to set up zones and enter winning trades. But most importantly, I learned how to limit my risk by analyzing the best places to enter or exit a trade and when to step back and wait.”

“I'm extremely happy with the classes, culture and assistance of OTA after my initial skepticism. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to learn how to manage their own monetary health.”

“I have been trading for many years with no real success; the program is a great start for all aspiring traders if your serious. All the people working to deliver the coarse I found to be of the highest integrity. All the personnel could not be more helpful, courteous, supportive and friendly. The facility is conveniently accessible as is parking and classroom space. Students are congenial and supportive of each other. It feels like family when I'm there and that goes for both campuses.”


“I've been trading forex for nearly 2 years. Study charts, read books, etc. and you cannot get the information OTA teaches anywhere else. Truly a great program for anyone looking to become a professional trader.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and information presented. I only wish I had learned about your academy and the science behind your strategy years ago.”

“Love the program. Be prepared to learn a lot. Stay focused, take notes, get plenty of sleep, keep your head in the class because I can equate this class to this analogy: Let's say you know 20 words in French and maybe 2-3 sentences. You can ask for the fish in a restaurant and where the post office/hotel/bar is located, etc. So you think "I got this" and you take an advanced French class with a Naturalized French speaker. Suddenly you find the teacher is teaching an entire discourse on Einstein's theory of relativity... In French! Suddenly you realize that your "Bon jour" and "S'il vous plait" that you used with such flair in that restaurant last night means absolutely nothing now! You are humbled but you learn a lot. Mainly you learn that you didn't know Sh** and thank heaven there's a place like OTA who stays with you, holds your hand and supports you, till you "get it" so you can eventually (& hopefully) turn around and help others until they "get it". To put it another way, they have not just created a standard class model but have expanded on that concept to create a community whose members enjoy sharing, trading, learning AND teaching with openness, transparency and engagement mixed with empathy for those who didn't understand Einstein's theory, even in English!”

“As my 40 plus years as a hygienist came abruptly to an end, I received a luncheon invitation through the mail to introduce me to this educational opportunity in the area of finance. Having taken care of our personal finances all my life and reading one person's opinion after another, this program of Online Trading is just what I needed at the time. I needed it to learn how to protect, preserve and increase our retirement savings. The instructors are experienced in trading for large institutions and are able to relay the important "odds enhancers" and give you encouragement on a continual basis through online live teaching, recordings and classroom hands on experiences. The people I have met through OTA. all have integrity, knowledge and compassion. I would definitely recommend the Online Trading Academy to family and friends.”

“After extensive research on trading schools, there is nothing that can touch OTA!”

“The Pro Trader class was excellent and the instructor, Mr. Chris Muldoon, was very thorough and explained by breaking down the subject material and explaining everything in easy to understand and follow layman's terms. I highly enjoyed this class and my understanding of market trading is much better today than it was yesterday. I highly recommend the Online Trading Academy and Mr. Chris Muldoon as the instructor. Will most likely take this class again just to continue to re-enforce the knowledge and skills. The Online Trading Academy Center is a very pleasant place to learn in a relaxed setting with very professional and knowledgeable instructors. The OTA staff is very attentive to the student's needs and are always ready to assist and help the students with the learning experience. I have been having a great experience and my understanding of the markets has improved considerably. I highly recommend the Online Trading Academy. I wish I had done this sooner.”

“The program was very thorough. It enabled us to see real trades in real time and that experience was necessary to demonstrate the importance of learning trading the right way.”

“Need to change the name from Online Trading Academy to "Five Star" Trading Academy. Instructors are top notch and always willing to share their experience and expertise.”

“Attending the OTA Academy certainly clarified some of the trading knowledge I had in the past. New lessons learned had increased my learning curve fueling great interest in the trading business and the benefits associated with it. My name is Dan Cruz, Electrical Engineer with GSA Professional branch of the Federal Government.”

“I have to say, at first I was really skeptical about OTA. I thought OTA was designed to take my money, but after taking the Pro Trader 1 and 2 I realized that this program does work.”

“Love Online Trading Academy! I am new to trading and could not feel I am in better hands. Love the method, materials and people! Really can tell the people who work with the academy love what they do and believe in it! Love it and am excited to continue!”

“I congratulate Online Trading Academy for doing good work in the community and the financial world. I did never think about becoming someone who would be interesting in finance. Now thank God for Online Trading Academy; I see a better future in that way.”

“At Online Trading Academy, I came to realize that throughout all my previous years of trading I have been throwing GOOD hard earn money out of the window. In a few days, I learned how to protect my investment capital and become a successful PROFESSIONAL trader.”

“I feel truly blessed to be part of the Online Trading Academy community. I now have access to a vast selection of different experienced teachers that all or most come from the trading floor. The continuous support from friendly staff is also extremely appreciated. Thanks OTA.”

“OTA is by-far, "SECOND to NONE" in trading education for both the novice and the professional trader. My ability to "supplement" my retirement been has just been injected with steroids!”

“Although I am still amazed with how much there really is to learn in this business, I cannot think of a better way to learn this material. I have read books and hired a coach and by far the way that OTA does their education portion of trading is the most superior.”

“This school is great! They are there for you all the way, if you don't understand something they have people that will work with you until you are comfortable! I highly recommend taking a few 1st classes a few times and then do the courses they offer online as well. Very Happy Student!!!”

“This course is the real deal. It really exceeded what I thought I was going to get for my money. It's not a Guru, magic formula, financial medicine show that leaves town with your money after a sensational hype presentation. They use a REAL wall street pro to teach the Pro Trader class, and then they put you on computers and trade REAL live money. The biggest confirmation for me is all the former students that are coming in and becoming INSTRUCTORS! In short, these people literally take away any excuse for you to not be successful.”

“Truly a wonderful surprise. What a wonder that can be learned in a week with proper preparation! Chris was nothing short of amazing, understanding every student's needs and working his best to address them all at the proper time. Personally, I gained knowledge that I can NOW use because of a clear plan and procedure so meticulously spelled out for me.”

“I entered the class as a trader with bad habits and exited as a trader that has replaced those bad habits with a method and system for winning in the markets. I believe that attending the Online Trading Academy classes has been one of the best decisions I have made in my trading career and would recommend the classes to anyone wanting to become a successful trader.”

“When I first walked into the orientation, I had just heard about the academy on the radio. I was very interested in learning the market. I had no idea about the first thing about the market. Once I got through the orientation my brain asked for more. I then attended the 3 day Market Timing course and I was more than intrigued. Now that I have done the Pro Trader course I have no doubt that I will have success in this business.”

“I must admit, I was originally a bit skeptical about signing up at OTA, but weighed my options and decided to enroll because in life there are no rewards without risk. I am glad I chose to become a student at OTA as they have excellent instructors, programs and support.”

“The instructor, Chris Muldoon, presented the information in an easy to understand and thorough way. If you are motivated to want to know how and why the markets function the way they do, and want the ability to capitalize on your new found understanding, Online Trading Academy is the only name to know.”

“This Academy is a" Class Act" learning experience. Other learning institutions that I have gone to do not offer the professional courtesies that Online Trading Academy offers. They offer experienced instructors, nourishing meals, coffee, water and many more. Great value for the money.”

“OTA is the best bang for your buck when it comes to learning all the ins and outs of professional trading.”

“Wow, as a novice trader, I can't believe all the things I was doing wrong. But now I know how to win trades against the "old me".”

“OTA took me from a rookie to a trader in a matter of days. They gave me the foundation to build my trading education and equipped me with a strategy that is sure to produce positive results. I know because I've been practicing already. ”

“I believe this has become the "true" turning point in creating a better financial lifestyle. Having never experienced trading for myself, I feel confident I can now take control of my income/wealth future.”

“OTA "holds your hand" until you are successful.”


“What amazed me with Online Trading Academy, especially the instructors, was the attitude everyone had. Not just a class but an experience. The instructors were down to earth, easy to talk to and generally genuinely excited about what they were teaching. Therefore that excitement spilled out onto us as students. It was a pleasure dealing with the counselors, support staff, administration and teachers. I was half expecting to be greeted by teachers who were on a schedule and you were in their way. But with OTA, this was truly not the case. If they didn't want to be there, I couldn't tell, because their general demeanor was always positive and approachable.”

“This program has given me confidence about my future financial freedom as well as confidence that DESPITE any market meltdowns I'll be able to persevere and succeed!”

“If you want to have the ability to make money and change your quality of life, I strongly recommend that you enroll in the Online Trading Academy. You won't regret it.”

“Online Trading Academy provides a professional environment where anyone with a need and desire to learn the secrets of attaining wealth, can gain knowledge and confidence from a team of expert instructors and counsellors who have a sincere interest in the success of their students.”

“I have never enjoyed school as much as I have this past week. I wish my teachers in the past had been as the ones from the academy.”

“I truly enjoy the whole program, everyone is nice and helpful. The instructors are outstanding. I am very happy with the whole experience.”

“I'm Lee Claytor. Before I came to OTA I didn't even know what bear and bull meant. NOW, after only a month, I feel extremely confident that I will trade daily for profit. I'm 53 and have been looking for a career change. Thanks to OTA I have found it.”

“The instructors at Online Trading Academy are unique as they actually live and succeed in the world of trading. Unlike the world of academia where theories and ideas are taught at an enormous premium, leaving you with knowledge for the sake of knowledge, with little practical use in the real world.”

“I enjoyed learning about stocks, futures, options and forex. The classroom is comfortable and taught in a relaxed atmosphere.”

“I think Online Trading Academy is a great place to learn the proper skills to take control of your wealth.”

“A very well organized curriculum, and applied very well to human behavior. ”

“Online Trading Academy is a large group of professional traders that teach new-comers all about their experiences and pass on their knowledge. It is a wonderful community of folks who are willing to help with anything you need in regards to trading.”

“I'm truly grateful to have found OTA and am enjoying learning that which I thought would never be available to me. (THE BIG SECRET) I'm looking forward to a rewarding financial future without money worries, and to be able to leave a legacy for my two daughters. Now retirement does not frighten me because I'll have the knowledge to be financially productive for the rest of my life. I can travel and make money with my computer from anywhere in the world. That is extremely exciting!!”

“I Love the great trading community or family OTA has made.”


“The OTA Center in FTL is well run, clean and professional.”

“Materials are easy to understand.”

“OTA is the best in the business of educating the public in how to be disciplined as a trader. The instructors and the system they build makes everyone able to succeed at trading.”

“Online Trading Academy is excellent about teaching the basics of trading, which is really all that trading is. I have never been able to find a book or watch a program that explains things quite like OTA does. This was my second time taking the Pro Trader course and I am very glad I did.”

“I feel like OTA has given me the information necessary to become truly profitable in a multitude of financial markets. ”

“This is a very professional and practical approach to formidable topics.”

“Taking advantage of retaking the class makes a huge difference in the ability to resolve doubts and get additional tactics by different instructors. I recommended to everybody.”

“You have to experience it to believe it, so try it”

“I always thought that trading was such a scary thing to do. I know I have a long way too go in my learning but thanks to OTA i feel much more confident. Thank you instructor Bob you were excellent. Also a big thanks to the counselors in the office. Gillian ”

“If you are serious about making money - This is the way to go - The earlier the better”

“I was reluctant that my husband would join this expensive course from Online Trading Academy. After taking the course, I realize how ignorant I have been for the past two years. Online Trading Academy and their instructors have transmitted to me essential technical and pragmatic aspects of trading that will from now on allow me to protect my capital, and develop my capital. I am positive now that I will go into the trading floor at the best moments, and leave in the best time. I have learned to lower risk, take advantage of probability and maximize gains. THANK YOU!!!!”

“What I had read and knew about the trading world prior to taking this class seemed totally overwhelming and impossible to learn. However, the methods Online Trading Academy teaches cut away the clutter of it all and boiled it down to a much simpler system based on probabilities that I could use with confidence to become a good trader.”

“I have learned a great deal about trading, especially as I knew practically nothing about it when I started. I look forward to completing it and being a lot more knowledgeable”


“Instructors and counselors at Online Trading Academy look very professional and have plenty of experience.”

“Every counselor or coach were very helpful. However, I shall mention my coach, David, who was the one always available for me. Whereas by phone until midnight, or in person at school during the week in the morning and afternoon, plus some hours on Saturday and Sunday at school. When I call him, if not available, he returns my call ASAP. If I write to him, he answers back as fast as possible. Good attitude, David. When first I met you, I thought you may not be the best for me. As of today, I feel very comfortable with you and your support. He is the kind of coach we all need.”

“As a beginner trader, I would highly recommend taking the Pro Trader course at Online Trading Academy. The staff and instructors are all very likable and knowledgeable individuals, and the course material is boiled down into an easy to learn system that anyone serious about learning how to trade the markets can comprehend.”

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