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A Message from Konstantin Popov, President of Online Trading Academy Ft. Lauderdale

I joined the Online Trading Community after taking the Core Strategy class myself (that’s the one where we let you make live trades with our money). I was so impressed with the experience that I became professionally involved, and now I’m delighted to be a part of bringing this great program to South East Florida.

Our staff includes an instructor who speaks four languages, another with a financial MBA who has worked in compliance and surveillance, and one who successfully completed a $30 million merger. But most impressive, each is an experienced trader who has a gift for imparting knowledge and skill to our students.

Unlike the financial seminars you may have attended, we teach in small classrooms in order to ensure personal attention for each student. Our foundation course, Core Strategy, is the optimal blend of classroom learning sessions and application sessions, where you’ll utilize the skills you’ve learned to make live trades in the market (yes, with our money). Learn a concept… and then put it into action. This practice and repetition enables you to shorten your learning curve without the fear of losses or paying high commissions.

We offer classes focused on Stocks, Foreign Exchange (also known as Forex or FX), Options, Futures/Commodities, Real Estate and Wealth Management—all on-location at our center where you’ll learn in person from experienced traders and interact with other students who are passionate about succeeding in the markets. All the on-location courses come with free retakes, at any of our worldwide centers, for life if you should ever want to refresh your skills; tuition reimbursements and package pricing are available. We also offer online programs with many learning options available.

You can get started for FREE with our half-day class. You’ll learn about the foundational skills and tools we call the “7 Pillars of Effective Trading” and you will walk away with a better understanding of what it takes to achieve your financial goals and dreams. Please come and visit us soon.

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