Ryan Cook

Director of Global Territories Division

Ryan Cook is Director of Global Territories Division at Online Trading Academy. Whether the communication is inbound or outbound, Mr. Cook and his team make sure that every student is connected to the education path that is right for their interests, their goals and their experience.

Mr. Cook studied Political Science at the University of Utah and then went into business with his brother. He soon discovered trading, and fell in love. He was attracted by the fact that a safe, consistent approach to the markets would help him achieve his financial goals, from weathering the 2008 recession to building toward a secure retirement.

Mr. Cook came to Online Trading Academy in 2009, where he worked as a student support specialist at the Boston campus. As his knowledge of the curriculum and his trading skills grew, he transitioned into an instructor position and also led several local trading groups. He taught at the Austin campus and then was assigned to the Mumbai campus where he worked to train education counselors as well as trading and teaching the Indian market. This international experience taught him that, while each market is different, the goal of financial success is universal.

On his return to the United States, Mr. Cook helped to launch OTA Worldwide—the virtual campus that provides training “everywhere a center is not." He realized it was especially important to provide a rich, immediate remote learning environment so students would be giving up nothing by learning online as compared to a physical campus.

Mr. Cook is an avid skier who enjoys spending time outdoors with his family. Now based at the Southern California Irvine Campus, he loves the fact that he is close to the beaches as well as the mountains with an endless variety of recreational opportunities.

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