Larry Jacobson

Senior Director of Instructor Development & Student Services

Dr. Larry Jacobson started at Online Trading Academy as a student in 2009, and became an instructor in 2013. He now holds the additional position of Senior Director of Instructor Development & Student Services.

In addition to a successful career in the entertainment industry, Dr. Jacobson was first introduced to trading in 1995 through an article he read in Bottom Line Personal. In 1998, he became fascinated with Warren Buffett and was inspired to begin trading stocks. As an Instructor, Dr. Jacobson is passionate about imparting to his students the very knowledge and tools that he enjoyed learning throughout his own Online Trading Academy educational experiences.

Dr. Jacobson's additional role as Senior Director of Instructor Development & Student Services is a great fit for him, as Online Trading Academy's passion and dedication toward educating its students to think and trade like professional traders is what inspired Dr. Jacobson to join the company as an Instructor. He says that he also appreciates the way they have created a like-minded community of students and instructors that get to interact with each other, both inside and outside of the classroom.


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