Ken Torgerson

Director of Learning Experience Design

Ken Torgerson has been teaching and designing learning experiences in the education and technology space since 1996. Now, as Director of Learning Experience Design, he is responsible for facilitating the expansion of Online Trading Academy’s library of online learning products. He is exploring solutions to make rich, immersive educational content available to trading and investing students even when they are not directly interacting with an instructor.

Mr. Torgerson received his BA in Anthropology with a minor in Music from Brigham Young University in 1995. A goal of his degree was to have experience in a foreign country; this led him to teach English in Taiwan for 5 years. He later earned his MA in Adult Education and Training from the University of Phoenix and focused on a career as an educator and architect of learning systems.

He has worked as a trainer, elearning designer and developer, and managed teams of online learning experience builders at companies such as Apple, Pearson, Frontline Education, and Career Step. He has received recognition for outstanding service and innovation in many of these positions as he has focused on moving traditional models of online learning to competency-based systems focused on learner needs.

Residing in the growing area of Utah known as Silicon Slopes, Ken loves to learn about culture and speaks the Hmong language. He is father of three daughters with his wife, Mee.


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