Keeley Hubbard

VP Admissions

As Vice President of Admissions at Online Trading Academy, Keeley Hubbard strives to make the best possible match between the educational opportunities and prospective students. She looks for candidates who are disciplined, coachable and have the hunger to change both their circumstances and their future. She also trains Education Counselors who help guide the students in their education choices.

Ms. Hubbard grew up surrounded by a family of traders and was exposed at an early age to the opportunities that a trader’s lifestyle can provide. She graduated from Texas Christian University in 2007, and went to work for a Dallas bond trader. Ms. Hubbard has also worked in the golf industry, planning country club events aimed at financially successful individuals.

In 2010, Ms. Hubbard’s family purchased the Online Trading Academy franchise in Austin, which they owned for almost three years. Her father was a self-taught trader and enjoyed teaching others the skills he had learned while providing a collegial atmosphere for students. It was in her work for this family business that Ms. Hubbard discovered her passion for working with students and challenging them to move beyond their comfort zone and reach levels they didn’t think possible. In 2013, she transitioned to her current role where her greatest joy is hearing students' success stories.

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