Eugene Lai

Senior Director of Digital Marketing

Eugene Lai has a dual role at OTA: making students and prospects feel at home when they visit the OTA website or use our other digital assets, and driving enrollments and revenue. The online experience plays in integral part in student success, from a potential student’s first impression to continued education for graduates. Mr. Lai’s goal is to provide a user-friendly environment where users can intuitively access the information and courses they need without the digital interface getting in the way.

Mr. Lai’s digital experience began with undergraduate study in Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine. He balanced his technical training with creative work as a freelance photographer. After graduating he joined Volcom, a lifestyle sportswear brand, where he was responsible for all things digital. The firm focused on grassroots marketing, using unique graphics and action designs to reflect its customers’ passions in an authentic way. Mr. Lai oversaw the website and development of social media and ecommerce features. At the same time, he was working toward his MBA at UCI’S Paul Merage School of Business.

After nine years at Volcom and completion of his MBA, Mr, Lai worked with several startups where he produced apps, launched ecommerce sites and helped his clients reach new customers to achieve aggressive performance goals. Building on this experience he went on to manage digital marketing at PacSun, a youth-focused, California-inspired brand with a national mall presence as well as online sales. There he refined processes that gained new customers and retained existing to support an aggressive 20% year-to-year growth in ecommerce.

Mr. Lai’s combination of creative and technical experience brings a unique perspective to digital marketing that always puts the customer first and focuses on how they think about a brand or service. He believes a good website, app or digital product is one you don’t have to think about because it just works.

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