Eddie Min

Creative Director

As Creative Director of Online Trading Academy, Eddie Min is responsible for defining and maintaining the corporate brand. He believes the people most responsible for our success are those closest to the customer experience—especially the instructors, students and staff at the local centers. They have contributed to a brand personality that includes professionalism, breakthrough solutions to solving personal and financial problems, and a pride and loyalty in the community. Mr. Min and his team work to convey these attributes in all corporate communications, from the website to posters in the classroom to advertising to attract new students.

Mr. Min has an international background as the child of Korean parents who was born in Bolivia, raised in Argentina and came to the USA as a child. Because he is experienced with so many cultures he is especially sensitive to the challenges of speaking for a global brand. He graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona where he was initially an architecture major but switched to art to follow a lifelong passion and talent.

After college Mr. Min worked first at a company making action sports products, many of which were licensed from Disney, Marvel and other well-known brands. This experience helped him become fluent in the requirements of protecting an umbrella identity while presenting a unique product. He then moved to a recreational vehicle manufacturer where he learned to present products selling for multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in a way that conveyed exclusivity and quality for money. It was through this job that he met colleagues who would later invite him to the Online Trading Academy team. He was excited by the opportunity to build a brand in a company with exploding growth and “work on risky projects that pay off big.”


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