Brian Comeau

Director of Online Marketing

Brian Comeau is Director of Online Marketing at OTA. He and his team are responsible for telling the Online Trading Academy story in a way that is compelling while accurately reflecting the student experience.

Mr. Comeau’s own career parallels the growth of the Internet. In college at the University of Arizona, he used email — then restricted to academics and researchers — to keep in touch with his friends at other schools. He received his BA in Communications & Marketing in 1994, the same year the World Wide Web came online. He recalls that he saw the potential the first time he saw a primitive home page — for Yahoo — and realized this would be a world-changing platform of communication.

Mr. Comeau has built a compelling resume through exposure to a broad range of online business models including ecommerce, lead capture, auctions and real estate. He was Director of Product for a leading video advertising platform, Director of SEO and Product Strategy for a football site with 250,000 worldwide followers, and Director of SEO & Social Media at the #1 real estate auction platform selling over 150,000 properties per year among other responsibilities, prior to joining Online Trading Academy.

Mr. Comeau appreciates the power of online media to connect people and persuade, but he believes it is important to communicate a responsible message. He notes that, "today’s young people want to avoid the financial pain their parents experienced during the 2008 recession, while older people are in need of the common-sense financial education we all need but were never taught in school. Introducing these traders and investors to Online Trading Academy helps them work toward their financial dreams while helping us build our business."


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