Tuition Rebates

With Tuition Rebates, your trading education can have an even better price: Free.

Online Trading Academy has created partnerships with a number of leading broker/dealers who are willing to underwrite the cost of your education through reduced commissions on your trades. It’s in their interests to do so since many of our students will become their best customers.

Here’s how it works: upon completion of your class you will receive a rebate certificate whose value is equivalent to the cost of your training. Submit the certificate to your preferred broker/dealer and they will set up an account in which they will return 10-20% of gross commissions as a discount against your trades. For active traders and investors, your eventual cost of education could be $0.

We currently offer this commission discount/rebate through a number of prominent broker/dealers. Some restrictions may apply and some of our broker/dealer partners may only offer tuition rebates on certain types of accounts. Contact your Education Center for a recent list.

Your eventual cost of education could be $0 based upon partner offer. Please consult your local education counselor for more details.

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