Specialty Courses

Specialty Course

You've built a solid foundation of trading knowledge through training and real-life experience. Perhaps you've taken one or more advanced courses to build your expertise in a specific asset class. Now it's time to fine-tune your skills. For some people the challenges are psychological, for others they are more technical.

But we can all use professional guidance to make good trading practices just a little better. That’s what the Specialty Courses series… developed in response to questions and concerns from our students… is all about.

  • Personal Trading Plan

    This intensive course will help you tackle one of the most challenging obstacles faced by new and experienced traders: how to develop a decisive trading plan. 1 day.

  • Mastering the Mental Game

    Learn to break bad habits and escape self-sabotaging behavior through a series of effective, easy-to-use and fast acting tools that will quickly create positive change. 2 days. Also available Live! Online.

  • Technical Analysis Strategies

    Learn the technical tools and behaviors that dominate the market in order to properly time your trades. Focus is on price-based technical analysis. 2 days. Also available Live! Online.

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