Personal Trading Plan

Personal Trading Plan

Personal Trading Plan (1 Day):


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This intensive course will help you tackle one of the most challenging obstacles faced by new and experienced traders: how to develop a decisive trading plan. You'll learn to develop an honest personality profile of yourself and tailor your trading plan to consider your skill level, personality, risk tolerance and other important factors. Finally, you'll learn to develop a consistent trading routine and review process of your trades.

Suggested prerequisites: Any on-location course in stocks, options, futures or Forex.

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What You Will Learn

  • Getting Started

    Learn the basics of trading and how to set a daily routine and stick to it.

  • Your Personal Trading Plan

    Create your personal Mission Statement and Trading Goals based on preferred asset class(es), risk tolerance, trading style and other considerations.

  • Advanced Money Management Strategies

    Learn how to position yourself so you are always able to take advantage of market opportunities while never letting losses overwhelm your gains.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Understand how to properly critique your own performance and adjust your trading plan on an ongoing basis.

What Students Are Saying

“Although that was a really long, tough week for me (at work), THIS CLASS was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered! I NEEDED that class, and am so grateful I made it. Quentin Staples did a jam-up job of highlighting all important issues, made very clear points, and kept it REAL...all through class! I now have an even greater understanding of my own plans and future! AWESOME!!!”

, October 2018

“This class provides the insight needed to layout the plan to reach your goals, and provides the steps required to attain those goals.”

, October 2018

“The Trading planner was just what it says... a plan for the individual (YOU). It was a good motivational class to keep you focused and remember your 'WHY'. Quentin answered all of the class questions and stayed after to explain different individual questions. You can tell he is there to HELP.”

, September 2018

“There is much to learn in trading, and this step by step vision to help you see your way through is priceless.”

, September 2018

“The class was very comprehensive. It covered aspects of being a successful trader I hadn't thought of. Very good and gave a lot to think about.”

, September 2018

“You learn a lot of things that you never thought you would actually learn. These are the type of things that are challenging yet rewarding. Courses like this should be taught in schools everywhere! This particular class was just to help you learn how to setup your plan so you know what to do going forward. Very good information and taking the trading personality test was extremely helpful.”

, August 2018

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