Personal Trading Plan

Personal Trading Plan

Personal Trading Plan (1 Day):


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This intensive course will help you tackle one of the most challenging obstacles faced by new and experienced traders: how to develop a decisive trading plan. You'll learn to develop an honest personality profile of yourself and tailor your trading plan to consider your skill level, personality, risk tolerance and other important factors. Finally, you'll learn to develop a consistent trading routine and review process of your trades.

Suggested prerequisites: Any on-location course in stocks, options, futures or Forex.

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What You Will Learn

  • Getting Started

    Learn the basics of trading and how to set a daily routine and stick to it.

  • Your Personal Trading Plan

    Create your personal Mission Statement and Trading Goals based on preferred asset class(es), risk tolerance, trading style and other considerations.

  • Advanced Money Management Strategies

    Learn how to position yourself so you are always able to take advantage of market opportunities while never letting losses overwhelm your gains.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Understand how to properly critique your own performance and adjust your trading plan on an ongoing basis.

What Students Are Saying

“The Personal Trading Plan class was immensely helpful in understanding the many options that are available on the web site. Will be able to us this information to get a head start on the Core Strategy Class”

, July 2018

“The Personal Trade Plan class was well done and provided valuable and relevant information to help me get off to a strong start on my trading journey. It helped answer some questions I had coming into the class, as well as answer some questions I had not yet known to ask.”

, June 2018

“The Trading Plan session is crucial to an effective, successful trading strategy. Self evaluation is stressed, elements of the plan are presented, along with realistic expectations that allow one to develop a manageable and realistic plan.”

, June 2018

“This class helped tie a lot of the information together. A business plan is a must have in any new endeavor, so the Personal Trading Plan makes perfect sense.”

, May 2018

“I thought the message is paramount to the success of anyone that is trying to trade for a living. You have to have the right mindset and willingness to put the time in to learning the process. The emphasis on discipline and following the plan and tweaking the plan is a good lesson to re-visit once every six months in my opinion. Quentin connects with the crowd and has a unique delivery style that keeps you engaged. What better way to learn than from someone who has done it.”

, May 2018

“This was a very informative class. You understand why you need "your plan". When you really think about your plan and the substance of your plan you start to see how it is all connected. OTA leads you through the steps in a way that is personal to you and your success. ”

, April 2018

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