Mastermind Community

Mastermind Community:

Prerequisite: Completion of at least three XLT Courses.

$15,000 for the first year; and $5,000 per year for each year thereafter; OR $25,000 for the first year and access to this community for life*.

In every field there’s an elite level where accomplished individuals achieve recognition… and the special fellowship of the few who are like them. For traders, that elite level is called the Mastermind Community at Online Trading Academy.

Membership in the Mastermind Community is by itself, a goal to strive for, but it is far from the only benefit of reaching this elite level. Members receive daily Supply and Demand Zones covering the top major markets, to help them anticipate market turns with a high level of accuracy. Members are also provided with powerful services such as the Market Screener designed to scan hundreds of markets identifying high quality trading and investing opportunities while allowing Members to optimize their precious time.

Your Mastermind Community membership is also your pass into the elite XLT - All Asset Mastery program. You are among peers who are truly at the top of their game. Unlike the typical XLT which focuses on just one XLT class, the XLT - All Asset Mastery tracks market moves across equities, futures, Forex and options, bringing you the world's best trading opportunities wherever we find them. Special privileges into the Mastermind Community also include student private small group trading rooms, a Mastermind daily market outlook, and access to exclusive trade picks from other Mastermind members and top level instructors.

Membership in the Mastermind Community delivers benefits worth many times your investment including:

  • XLT - All Asset Mastery

    All Asset Mastery is the ultimate XLT... 100% devoted to live trading in all asset classes, so you’re ready to seize opportunities no matter where they are found. Entrance to this class is only available to experienced traders like you who have completed at least 3 qualifying XLTs... No time is wasted on fluff or newbie questions, just true trading opportunities.

  • OTA Picks for each underlying XLT

    Unlimited access to OTA Picks for all XLTs in your portfolio as well as automatic renewal!

  • Daily Supply & Demand Zones

    35 powerful markets... 6 zones per market... updated daily with a comprehensive market overview.

  • Market Screener

    The Market Screener is a service designed to scan hundreds of markets to identify trading and investing opportunities in a just-in-time fashion where current price is approaching fresh Supply and Demand Zones with specific market conditions (referred to a Setups) offering high probability, low risk and high reward market opportunities.

  • Mastermind Community Clubhouse

    The "Clubhouse" is a calendar of various online sessions driven completely by the requests of Mastermind Members.

  • Mastermind Trade Rooms

    Unlimited access throughout the 7-hour trading day (North American Markets) complete with voice, text chat and the ability to share applications.

  • Private Trade Rooms

    One of the key success factors for anyone looking to reach the highest level of expertise in their field is to associate with a small group of tight-knit, like-minded associates... a Mastermind Group

  • Mastermind Teambuilding

    Online Trading Academy facilitates team-building sessions to assist those members who have yet to find their desired Mastermind Team.

  • Mastermind Level Share-My-Trade

    Priority access as well as the ability to post your own trades.

  • Office Hours with Top Instructors

    Get priority access for direct exchanges and chat sessions with top Online Trading Academy instructors.

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* Online Trading Academy reserves the right in its sole discretion to change Instructors at any time. If the student purchases and pays in full for the Access option, after successful completion of the initial 1 year program, student may continue to access and participate in this community as long as it is offered, as posted on the Online Trading Academy website at the full discretion of Online Trading Academy.
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