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XLT - All Asset Mastery

All Asset Mastery is the ultimate XLT... 100% devoted to live trading in all asset classes, so you’re ready to seize opportunities no matter where they are found. Entrance to this class is only available to experienced traders like you who have completed at least 3 qualifying XLTs... No time is wasted on fluff or newbie questions, just true trading opportunities.

  • 12 Sessions every 4 weeks
  • All sessions are live trading
  • Covering all asset classes
  • Smaller group of proficient traders
  • Trade with professionals
  • More quality trading opportunities
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OTA Picks for each underlying XLT

OTA Picks...all asset classes now available!

OTA Picks is where top expert trading instructors share their own trading strategies—specific projected trades including entry, targets, and stop values along with the strategy behind the trade. Each Pro Pick is followed with log entries from the expert until the trade is closed. OTA Picks are available for Equities, Futures, Forex and Options. As a member of the Mastermind Community you'll get unlimited, FREE access to the OTA Picks for all XLTs in your portfolio as well as automatic renewal for as long as you are a member of the Mastermind Community!

Why members use it:

  • High quality educational trade examples help them learn the skill of identifying supply and demand zones
  • Trade management is clearly spelled out removing trade subjectivity
  • Educational trade ideas for both Short Term Income and Long Term Wealth accounts
  • Updates are captured in each trade log as trades hit their entry and exit criteria

Daily Supply & Demand Zones

Mastermind Supply and Demand

35 powerful markets... 6 zones per market... updated daily!

Every day, banks and institutions have buy and sell orders waiting to be filled in every market. The Supply and Demand Zones "Grid" is specifically designed to identify the price location of these orders with a high degree of accuracy in order to identify turning points. The current markets contained in “The Grid” are the significant world markets that are commonly traded by banks and institutions. Each market in the grid lists 3 zones of supply (red) above current price and 3 zones of demand (green) below current price providing opportunities for both short term income and long term wealth that apply our education in real market conditions.

Mastermind Market Overview

Why members use it:

  • Consistent identification of supply and demand in key markets
  • Demonstrates daily opportunity in potentially new markets to trade through market diversity
  • Confirmation that they are applying their education properly
  • Reduces time spent identifying zones and trading opportunities
  • Trains the eye to select highest quality zones through repetition

Market Screener

Mastermind Market Screener

The Market Screener is a service designed to scan hundreds of markets to identify trading and investing opportunities in a just-in-time fashion where current price is approaching fresh Supply and Demand Zones with specific market conditions (referred to as Setups) offering high probability, low risk and high reward market opportunities.

The goal of the Market Screener is to minimize the amount of time and effort Mastermind Members must spend to identify both short term income trading opportunities as well as long term wealth investing opportunities. No more long hours staring at the computer screen. No more de-bugging programming code. The Market Screener offers market symbols meeting specific setups, JUST IN TIME.

Mastermind Market Screener

Why members use it:

  • Saves time by scanning multiple markets
  • Offers both income and wealth opportunities
  • Expands the "tradable universe" for Mastermind Members in market they have not been tracking
  • Reinforces the setups taught in our curriculum.

Mastermind Community Clubhouse

Mastermind Community Clubhouse

The "Clubhouse" is a calendar of various online sessions driven completely by the requests of Mastermind Members. These 30 minute sessions focus on topics the members wish to learn about. Sessions are conducted by Online Trading Academy instructors as well as Mastermind Members themselves. The power of "Community" is on full display when members are learning from members and sharing new thoughts and ideas.

Why members use it:

  • It's fun to learn something new from new people and instructors
  • Instructors get the chance to dive into more personal topics that show their personal style
  • Students are encouraged to take control of the microphone and lead the session with their ideas

Mastermind Trade Rooms

Mastermind Trade Rooms

The Mastermind Community Members requested the same level of access and functionality given to our Virtual Classroom Instructors, in order to meet with other members of the community for learning and trading together. The power and creativity of the community is always greater than the individual and our members recognize this and take advantage of it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Members can pre-arrange to meet other members in the Trade Room or simply show up and see what's happening. Additionally, members are given the ability to create trade rooms within the main Trade Room (breakout rooms) for focused conversation and interaction.

Why members use it:

  • 24 hour access to conversation with other like-minded traders
  • Diversity of thought allowing for expansion of the members' knowledge base
  • Chance to get real-time feedback on trade and investment setups from other members
  • The chance to meet new people from all over the world that are aligned in thought and goals

Private Trade Rooms

Mastermind Private Trade Rooms

One of the key success factors for anyone looking to reach the highest level of expertise in their field is to associate with a small group of tight-knit, like-minded associates... a Mastermind Group. To paraphrase the timeless book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill states the necessity of a Mastermind group as one of his keys to success. In that chapter he states that the human mind when linked with other minds through the use of a Mastermind group can allow access to brain power that is simply not possible by one alone.

Members of Online Trading Academy’s Mastermind Community are provided with the Private Trade rooms with strict access rules, where they along with their personally selected Mastermind team members can encourage each other, share trading ideas, as well as pursue and execute trading opportunities together. Private Trade Rooms use the same powerful virtual classroom technology used to conduct XLT Sessions.

Why members use it:

  • Improve Results through the power of "team"
  • Focused interaction with expert-peer who you can turn to for accountability, creativity and encouragement
  • Flexibility. A small group can quickly come together on a short notice and active upon dynamic market moves

Mastermind Level Share-My-Trade

Mastermind Level Share My Trade

One of the most powerful tools for any professional is to see the actions taken by their successful peers as a guide to follow. The Mastermind level Share My Trade feature gives our Mastermind Community students access into the minds and trades of other Mastermind students. These trades span Futures, Forex, Stocks and Options and have the effect of "OTA Picks on Steroids," allowing a Mastermind Community Member to follow the actions of other members. Following your favorite members allows you to receive an alert whenever they post a trade, allowing you to take action if that trade fits your trade plan. Posting your trades allows you to gather feedback from an educated community with similar training and goals.

Why members use it:

  • The ability to learn from the trades of others, both good and bad
  • The feedback provided from sharing your trades with other Mastermind Community members
  • A way of seeing the markets through the eyes of peers and measuring your personal growth
  • Trade ideas from the most powerful global network of traders in the world

Mastermind Teambuilding

Mastermind Teambuilding

Private Trading Rooms are used by Mastermind Teams, each made up of a small number of members. Many times teams are formed from students who have built a relationship from taking classes together at their local center or online. Online Trading Academy facilitates team-building sessions to assist those members who have yet to find their desired Mastermind Team.

Why members use it:

  • Community Awareness. The Online Trading Academy Support Team knows the universe of Mastermind Teams that exist in the Community and provide members seeking to be a part of a team.
  • Accurate Placement. Through the team-building process, members are matched with a like-minded Mastermind Team based on many common trader criteria including but not limited to: preferred asset class, trading goals, time commitment, and more...
  • Expedites the process. Knowing both the universe of existing Mastermind Teams as well as the criteria of the individual member seeking a team, the Support Team can quickly match the two for a great fit, or quickly bring the like-minded members together seeking to form a new Mastermind Team, all with minimal effort.

Office Hours with Top Instructors

Get priority access for direct exchanges and chat sessions with top OTA instructors. Need additional information about a trend you’ve identified in the market? Want a second opinion on a setup? During office hours, you are the first student in line! Value? Priceless. 1 hour group session offered once every 2 weeks.

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