Extended Learning Track

The next step in the development of a confident trader.

We asked our students what they needed to apply their skills as a trader after completing their initial classes... and our XLT (Extended Learning Track) was the answer. You’ll have frequent access to great instructors, with a focus on the live market where you’re now trading. Your meeting place is no longer a classroom, but an online learning environment with a shared trading desktop where you’ll follow the market and execute and critique trades in real time.

XLT combines comprehensive training with live in-the-market sessions—so you can learn a topic one day, then apply it in your trades the next day. The class sessions are scheduled around the unique timetable of each asset class so you can combine planning and analysis with real-time action when each market is at its peak. Interact with your instructor during the session with live text and audio, or correspond between classes via email.

XLT gives you the best of live instruction with the convenience and efficiency of the workstation where you trade every day. It's continuing education for traders. You’ll benefit from over 80 hours of class time in each 12-week term (or cycle). (Though the majority of our students sign up for a pass which gives them unlimited access and hours.)

At the pinnacle of trading and investing education, the XLT - All Asset Mastery provides the professional trader/investor with a complete set of tools, resources, and guidance in the live markets they need to compete at the highest level. The all-asset trader has a significant advantage over the single asset class trader or investor.

This robust program brings together everything our graduate students have learned into a complete action plan that is used to trade in the live markets through a number of 2-hour live trading sessions on a weekly basis. Each session consistently identifies the best trading and investing opportunities and executes these trades using the power of true correlation across all asset classes (Equities, Futures, Forex and Options).

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