Class Retakes

The Online Trading Academy Retake Privilege: Retake any course, for free!

Online Trading Academy courses pack a lifetime of learning into a multi-day course. So it’s natural to wonder if you will “get it” all the first time, and if the enthusiasm of the classroom learning will leave you with any gaps in your trading knowledge. And in fact, our research shows that even excellent students often grasp no more than 85% of the material the first time they take a course.

That’s why we encourage students in our on-location and Live! Online courses to retake any course, for free. This privilege can be exercised for an unlimited number of retakes. Please note that free retakes are limited to most paid, on-location courses and Live! Online courses only; XLT courses eare designed for repeatable access.

In effect, the Online Trading Academy retake privilege allows you to continue your education risk free—with the knowledge we will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to support your trading education.

To enroll in courses, you must first take a FREE Introductory Class.

*Online Trading Academy grants each student the privilege to repeat any class identical to that which the student has previously completed as long as that class is then being offered and during normally scheduled class hours on a space available basis. The class being repeated by the student must have been paid for in full. Online Trading Academy reserves the right to define “space available” and to substitute instructors at any time. For Extended Learning Track (“XLT”) retakes, the student must have purchased the Repeatable Retake option and paid for it in full.
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