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“After much deliberation about the course fees prior to taking the course, I can now truly understand the rationale behind it. The knowledge provided and the tools to support the learning are well worth it.”


“OTA is really doing a fantastic job in improving skills for students and providing really good support through online XLTs and other support materials. I didn't have any kind of knowledge of the trading world, and thanks to OTA, now I’m able to understand this side of the world. I’m hoping to make success as a full time trader with help from the OTA teaching and support staff. Additionally, it will be great help if new student were allowed MasterMind community access for a certain period of time until they improve their skills.”

“A professional learning experience kept alive by interesting real life incidents - engaging. Exceeded my expectation.”

“I do not believe there is anywhere else, other than OTA, that can TECHNICALLY educate and give you all the tools necessary to be profitable doing forex, trading stocks, futures, options, etc.”

“OTA can help you achieve your why. It is a safe, foolproof method of trading in a market full of sharks. Best ROI in terms of education-- better than any degree program can offer.”

“The Core Strategy class is very interesting; great information and easy to understand. I am very happy to be part of OTA. They deliver a professional and conservative approach to trading. Great community.”

“Online Trading Academy provides courses that are practical and from field proven and tested strategies. The learning at OTA directly leads a person to apply one day to day trading. The best part of this course is any novice can learn and master the skills required to be a successful trader. The instructors are fantastic and committed traders, and willing to teach their trade secrets!”

“I have been thinking of learning the trading concept for over a year. Enrolling myself in OTA classes was the best decision I took by far for my development. Great tutors, amazing platform and also the follow up and student care. Don’t waste your time thinking and just do it, as you won’t regret it.”

“Instructors are traders themselves and are very passionate about trading. Very open to discuss trading strategies which have made them so successful. Well planned training program which helps to understand trading and makes learning so easy.”

“The concept of the "Supply & Demand" is brilliant, and the way OTA detailed that into logical steps is even more brilliant. Thank you, OTA, for the life changing concept.”

“OTA is an amazing opportunity for anyone who believes that there is more to life than a 9-to-5 corporate life job. It is 100% worth it.”

“This is the second time I have taken the Core Strategy course and I am very happy that I did. It had been one year since I took it the first time and I feel more confident this time around and I have a renewed enthusiasm for going back to the charts. As always, Cherian has been an amazing instructor, and my education counselor Simon was very helpful in assisting me with bookings for the course. I am so happy to be a member of the OTA community in Dubai.”

“Online Trading Academy has got the best strategy for serious market traders who are serious about taking up trading as a full time career. World class training material and truly professional instructors who are themselves full time traders add lots of value to the training. All doubts are clarified in a professional manner and this is a transformational experience for me.”

“When I enrolled in the Academy I didn't have any idea about trading business. When the class started I started to ask myself why I discover OTA very late. I can proudly say that only in OTA you can be a successful professional trader as long as you follow the rules.”

“The entire faculty is helpful and cooperative, very friendly supportive teaching staff. Our Forex teacher Mr. Cherian is just too good and you can learn just anything related to any asset class, found him very motivating and something to look upon. Online Trading Academy is a fantastic platform with brilliant teaching and quality staff to learn trading.”

“OTA trading strategy is a game changer!”

“This program caused a massive shift in how I view investments and will forever change how I invest. I believe I lost too much time and opportunity by not knowing before about this program.”

“I never believed in trading, for me it always felt like a loss business. After learning the OTA principles, trading became a science that if applied properly will help you make profits at a short time.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the program. Started the course with zero knowledge about trading stocks and forex. The instructor, Mr. Cherian, explained the steps very well with live examples.”

“Online Trading Academy is a True institution which delivers more than promised. Best academic investment I have ever done in my life.”

“The Online Trading Academy is a truly good opportunity to change the path of your life if you make use of all the resources offered and commit to the plan.”

“Majority of individuals are unaware of the financial opportunities available out there and unclear on how one can create an additional source of income and preserve / grow their wealth. OTA will enlighten you and help you realize opportunities you thought were unfathomable just a week prior. If you are interested in enhancing your knowledge and properly managing your finances, you should definitely consider signing up; you will not regret it. Regards, AM”

“Life changing move for me, very good investment for an independent future ahead.”

“OTA learning is truly a smart move to be disciplined traders. ”


“Core Strategy and the support offered to OTA students are astounding. It is recommended to anyone who chooses to have their own business.”

“I truly enjoyed the program. It is not an easy subject, but Cherian took all the time to make it clear.”

“It is great to have experienced instructors who have faced the real market. ”

“Very informative program. Albeit reluctantly, I am now delighted that I signed up for the training. It has not only taught me the trading discipline, the program has prepared me on how to manage / grow my savings. ”

“This is an outstanding research based education which we learnt by applying in the real market. We observed all the six steps of trade plan helping and working in real time. Instructor and Staff are just amazing and help/educate in a very friendly environment. I felt very down on my second day due to quite a detailed analysis, but Instructor helped and assisted by giving long extra hours of support (pre & post classes) which is amazing. I am leaving core strategy class full of energy, and truly believe, 'Why can't I make money with Trading and Why can't I make this as my full time career?'”

“Ya, I really enjoyed the program. Online Trading Academy is really an amazing Academy. It really helps the traders on how to trade in the right way with profit and less loss. It can change the way of trading, which we all traders really don't know. I am so happy to be in academy to learn more and more about trading.”

“When I heard about OTA, I did not have the resources to pay for the program. But my family member who attended the Market Timing encouraged me and I looked for a solution. Guess what? I went for a bank loan because I trusted the education program! I have no regrets whatsoever because what I have obtained from OTA is a life skill.. A skill for life, it cannot be taken away, I can only improve it. The OTA centre in Dubai where I took the training is fantastic. The instructors are always on hand to support the student and it is generally a very supportive community. My student counsellor, Sibi is a good friend now.. I feel great being part of the OTA community and the resources available to students online are all amazing. It you are not in OTA... you are missing big! I travel all the way from Kenya to Dubai to attend the courses and the time I spend in Dubai is the best thing because I get energized and motivated to continue improving my skills. Long live OTA! We meet again in September for the Futures course... Irfan is amazing!”

“This is an amazing platform for those who wants to be independent. Invest in yourself and you will see how fast it will make you financially independent.”

“Great course for anyone considering trading online. Not only easy to understand and replicate but ongoing support from the OTA counselors, instructors and the general OTA community sets OTA apart from the competition. Highly recommended.”

“I had never traded before and was a bit apprehensive about the course. After completing the core strategy course, I was amazed to see how thoughtfully the course is designed. It is so mathematical and accurate that I was completely absorbed into it. The fee structure is on higher side, but you can get back quickly.”

“It's an unforgettable experience and what makes it even better is having 0% knowledge about trading!!!! You will be amazed of how simple is the methods you are using to earn your daily income.”

“Online Trading Academy is a must for anyone interested in online trading. It is an eye opener and provides you with the right knowledge and tools to be successful to make a new life for yourself that generates revenue (income and wealth) with time to spare for the family.”

“Excellent teaching and lab environment conducive for learning and practicing.”

“Outside our otherwise daily work environment.. never thought applying analysis and strategies could be this fun. Excited to begin this new journey into the world of trading using OTA's vast knowledge sharing platform and tools.”

“I would highly recommend the interested traders to join Online Trading Academy. It is worth every single penny you pay to learn trading. The staff in OTA are very professional and supportive. ”

“I am so happy that there is an Online Trading Academy in Dubai! I am completely new to the world of trading, but after having taken the Core Strategy course, I am very excited to start my trading journey alongside many eager students and wonderful instructors. Cherian in an amazing teacher - he was so generous with his time that we all jumped at the opportunity to learn more from him every chance we got. I look forward to learning more from him in the future. Thank you!”

“I gained strong and intense knowledge in a short week's time. Thanks OTA.”

“I educate people into new careers for a living... The education process and hand holding I felt in OTA is unparalleled. Although I am a highly regarded mentor in my field, I think the mentoring opportunity provided here is special...”

“I came with some doubts about OTA's "walk the talk" ability post the Market Timing workshop: this Core Strategy course just crystal-cleared out any doubt in my mind, and in contrary gave lots of hope for future success, and especially a whole life of freedom & fun., Hence and on behalf of my family, a huge Thank You, OTA! A special Thanks to instructor Cherian for all his competence, patience and relentless energy put in getting us all to the next level. Also, a big Thanks to education counselor Sibi, for helping me accelerate attending all classes that I selected, enabling me to start trading at the earliest and realize my dreams.”

“It's amazing the amount of effort that has been put behind this program. The information provided is priceless and enough to set you on your way to become a successful trader. Thank you for your hospitality and the friendly environment. ”

“The study material and the knowledgeable instructors are a clear winner, especially for the novices.”


“My experience with OTA has been amazing. Students are very well supported and provided with plenty of resources. Even the staff and professors are always happy to assist, especially when the material gets a little overwhelming!”

“Online trading is as simple as shopping in the market because the same concepts are being used. However, with the correct timing will make you a professional trader. It will give you financial freedom and you can achieve all dreams and help your family members.”

“Excellent way to learn trading in a professional and friendly way. Experienced guys to teach you the core basics, which can be building blocks to further courses. Practical execution of trades is the key to success. OTA does it in style.”

“I'm normally a skeptic about things looking too good, Online Trading Academy was one of those things. After finalizing Core Strategy however, I'm fully convinced that this works and is the closest you can get to "mechanical" trading leaving emotions a minimal chance to influence your trading and giving you the best possible foundation to start a new career. In addition, the network of support and peers this program offers simply leaves no excuse not to build your new career this way.”

“As a new OTA student, I feel part of this community and my life will be transformed to the best. With only 8 days, I've learned a lot about the market and chart reading.”

“The course is amazing! You really get what you pay for. They make sure you understand everything on the course, supported with resources/tools that you can use to enhance your skills. Instructors are awesome, they are very knowledgeable and have mastery on each topic/course that they teach. I would definitely recommend OTA to my friends and family.”

“Demystifying trading like nobody's business. OTA has given me the confidence to go into markets I always wanted to go into. Above all I feel I'm on my way to achieving my ultimate goals and God willing living the life that I want to live. ”

“I truly enjoyed the program and it helped me a lot. The instructor would teach us one on one in the class until we would fully understand the concept.”

“OTA was honestly a life-changing experience. I'm only 16 so I had never even seen a chart before but I am so glad I got an education from OTA instead of trying to do it myself. The support system here is amazing and everyone goes out of their way to make sure you are happy and that you will be successful. I 100% would recommend this establishment if you ever want to see where trading could take you.”

“OTA has a very professional approach to learning trading. This combined with a backup of online videos and the ability to follow up with experts makes it an attractive proposition as a means to educating oneself abut this topic.”

“I would recommend not to make the same mistake as many of us have done, educate yourself with Online Trading Academy before wasting money anywhere else...”

“OTA is an extremely professional organisation that has covered all bases when it comes to their core strategy, with many resources for students to use.”

“Very powerful and great analysis technique! The program offers very good analytical studies that proves itself by actual execution of trades during the class. The program not only offers the analytical studies but includes all aspects of how to become a successful trader and a business owner (managing your account and risk analysis). Truly one of the best programs I have attended in the duration of my career life.”

“A wise decision made by me to get onto the right track by taking the admission in Online Trading Academy. A great course to learn and great teachers to teach that.”

“The program has been great! I was always interested in trading but I knew that without proper knowledge I would just be like the rest of the traders. The program has given me confidence to excel as a professional trader. Looking forward to learning more.”

“This is a really great opportunity for anyone that is seeking knowledge, wants to understand markets, and with the right attitude and hard work can achieve financial security, and eventually financial freedom. For those of whom are tired of not knowing what their money is doing, OTA is highly recommended.”

“The teaching and learning environment with OTA is Extremely good. It is worth recommending to anyone who desires to take trading education. Staff, Caretakers were very courteous and everything is neat and tidy.”

“The class was really riding on the wave, with demonstration of the teachings in the live market. It was an amazing experience. All the aspects for the class were well planned and arranged including the dinner. Course contents were precise and crisp. Lots of practical demonstration, especially on live markets, boosted the confidence level.”

“I would suggest this is a handsome MBA Finance for yourself.”

“The best thing about the institution is you get an excellent learning environment where you become a life member of it. You get full support of your learning and education with the academy. ”

“OTA teaches you how to trade financial products online in a very clear, structured and hands-on manner. You will be taught the theory as well as practical aspect of online trading.”

“Loving the material and the theory. It is all perfectly sensible and very much looking forward to a future with OTA. I think we'll be close!”

“Knowledge is fundamental for the success in online trading venture. Indeed, it was an eye opener that basic trading skills have to be learnt and developed in addition to relevant discipline in order to do well in this field. The class was very lively and excellent teaching style by the instructor. Good class environment. Receptive workforce and friendly people.”


“I experienced such interesting class with the group as we enjoyed the discussion as well as the detailed explanation by the instructor in the gray area of understanding. I do really appreciate the instructor and OTA for this wonderful and awesome opportunity. All the teaching staff have high level of knowledge & are extremely helpful and make you understand how to trade.”

“Classes were too good conducted by Mr. Irfan Patel; and despite the hectic schedule we were keen to attend as we were learning and enjoying each moment in the class... in fact this knowledge gain will be an asset. Mr. Irfan's way of teaching was too good and was from horses mouth. Long live OTA and salute to their instructor. Ota has crystallized the risk management from my mind and mold us into tremendously mature person as far as online trading is concerned! Kudos to management and their employees at Dubai center.”

“Online Trading Academy is the best. Your odds in trading to favor you will surely increase through the help of this institution.”

“The instructor sharing his experience in applying the core strategy in live trade sessions made this an extremely rewarding experience.”

“I say this is the institute who teach you to trade professionally rather than gambling; and the staff are very cordial.”

“It's been a great time learning from Mr. Bachir. It's been very much informative and exciting week learning through professional people who have practical experience. The environment is very much cooperative and challenging. I do accept the challenge to make a profit amount from the instructor and I'm glad to confirm I had achieved all my targets in the class and I will do the same for my real account as well as to motivate myself.”

“As an amateur trader I had made many losses. During 2008 crash I was bankrupt. I was never able to understand the charts. After joining OTA things were crystal clear. With extremely great instructors in OTA I got the chance to understand the charts in depth. Now I don't need to watch the fundamentals, support, resistances but just the strategy taught by OTA. The best part is that OTA is 24x7 available for us. Weekly 4-5 trading sessions, online retakes, foundation sessions. In whole, OTA is an extensive education platform for trading and the best in this field. I have a self confidence that if I am choosing a level it will work and even if it doesn't work there is OTA behind me to tell me whether I was wrong in my choice, what was the mistake and most important part how to rectify my mistakes. OTA guides us from basics to bring us to the mastery levels. Trust me, investing in education is 1000 times better than losing without understanding. Thanks and Regards.”

“Excellent, informative and educative training that I should have done years back before ever starting trading in the first instance. Now, I feel equipped with necessary tools and techniques for successful trading adventure and in-road to professional trader with confident and reliable community of friends made during the training.”

“OTA provides a very interactive and structured approach to learning the basic skills in trading. It is a community environment and the instructors are all skilled in their knowledge of trading successfully, while at same time having different trading styles.”

“Very powerful tool for traders.”

“Very good infrastructure inside and outside the center. Good classroom arrangement promoting the learning atmosphere.”

“Words will not suffice if I were to describe the amount and quality of training and education materials OTA provides. The trainers are superb. The education material, particularly the online educational videos are amazing. The staff in Dubai is extremely supportive and are there for you whenever you need anything. Sibi, if you read this, you are awesome! Thank you.”

“Very professional education and concepts. Gives you an opportunity to learn how to generate an income.”

“What an amazing way to change a life! Seeing the results and great potential it has day after day is just phenomenal!”


“Thanks to OTA, I feel like I am retiring comfortably.”

“I love the classes and the way of education here in OTA. After we met Irfan and he gave us some of his secret keys in the trade and he simplified it for us, we hope all instructors simplify the data until we absorb it and apply it easy.”

“If you have the burning desire to have a wonderful life then training with OTA is the most important thing for every trader to begin with. The whole family of OTA will help you, guide you, support you to be successful trader.”

“Enrolling in OTA is not an option but a must to all who want to become traders.”

“It is a must for any trader / investor to educate himself in OTA to acquire the edge required and create a business income stream which is profitable and at the same time carried out with least amount of risk.”

“This is real world education leading you to financial independence.”

“If you want to start earning money using your own, self-developed skills, OTA is the right place for you! Invest in yourself: you will Not regret it!”

“I strongly recommend the course to everyone. The staff, teacher, environment, class are great.”

“It's a very informative program. I have learned a lot, practiced a lot and enjoyed my time.”


“The right way to do it.”

“OTA gave an opportunity to learn vast amounts of knowledge from instructors who learned by doing. With the ability to retake the course, you can get various points of view and knowledge points, definitely worth taking.”

“The overall journey was good and fun! The staff was very friendly and we learnt quite a lot.”

“It was very informative and very nice experience with OTA. Everybody was kind and nice here.”

“The staff have been supportive and helpful throughout the entire class teaching period.”

“Great job. I really enjoyed the classes.”

“I love everything about Online Trading Academy and I do not regret a single minute on joining this beautiful community or family if I can say. Still impressed about how the instructors are patient and care for helping us on every question we have. It's like a mother who cares about their children. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Bachir and Chris have a very amazing personality, and saying thanks I think is not enough. As my instructor says, "it's just the beginning," and it's true, Online Trading Academy does take care of us even after this class as they will not leave us alone. Joining XLT is another step which is wonderful and I feel myself lucky to join this wonderful community. These instructors are like ocean of knowledge. Well, there is lot more to say and I do believe words sometimes can't replace what you feel inside yourself. No one has told me to say these things, I'm saying It from the bottom of my heart.”

“I'm Ukrainian and joined the Online Trading Academy in the end of July 2014. I can see now that it's for sure one of THE BEST DECISIONS I MADE IN MY LIFE. The approach of the Academy is entirely personal and everyone here DOES want YOU to SUCCEED. Tuition rates do seem quite high in the beginning, but once I started taking classes and straight away applying it, on demo account at first - I really saw my results improving literally almost every day: and the amounts of money I started to make really showed me what I was paying for. I plan to continuously study, because the world of finance is entirely another planet and there's always something you should know...”

“Online Trading Academy Dubai really goes the extra mile to make you part of a trading community and their support is an integral part of their graduates' success.”

“Since I have been part of Online Trading Academy, it changed the way of thinking about business in me. Jose, he is amazing. I think I could not have better understanding of core strategy than I learnt it from him. I am proud to be his student.”

“I have already registered for forex and XLT .. I trust these guys now, their strategy does work like a charm.”

“Amazing introduction and skill up grade. Never a dull moment. Excellent technique. Builds confidence and teaches how not to act like an amateur to lose money and get discouraged. A must for a serious trader. Builds pride to declare that you are a trader of market instruments.”

“I believe if you are going to be a trader you need to educate yourself, and the right place is Online Trading Academy.”

“I never thought that by doing these classes I would get changed in my life overall. It made me more disciplined, committed to my family and business as never before. Whether I will make money out of trading or not is not the weakness of the classes or instructors, it will all be me who will use the rules or not. I loved the way Don explained everything. The good thing about Online Trading Academy instructors is that they are not jealous of sharing the things they do themselves. best wishes”

“Online Trading Academy center is well maintained and manned by helpful, supportive staff.”

“I am very impressed with Online Trading Academy in Dubai. The impression was formed from the very first day when I attended the half day presentation. Everybody was very welcoming and appeared passionate about what they had to share with the interested parties. I thoroughly enjoyed the Forex course and thought that Bachir is a very capable teacher and demonstrated a keen interest to engage the course participants in what he obviously loves and feels passionate about. His ability to achieve the position as full time trader, thus able to support himself through trading, is motivational to the participants. I value the fact that I can retake the sessions as many times as I need to so that the rules can be reinforced to help me become a better, and eventually a good, trader. The after-sale service available is impressive and I feel supported whilst I am finding my feet as a potential profitable trader. Thanks, Online Trading Academy!”

“Best of the best!!”


“It's a very good experience to learn the Forex in Online Trading Academy. They have given me a big platform to earn money professionally.”

“I can honestly say that from the first advertisement on the radio, to my last class with Bachir, each class and every person I have met has been VERY professional and very friendly. I love coming here, even just for visits and the classes compensated for my horrid days at work and gave me more reasons and drive to trade (to leave my job in the future). I really enjoyed Bachir's strict but friendly approach, Tarek's honest approach and loved Sean's methods to teaching.”

“It is the best way to go to world trade market.”

“It has been an extended fruitful journey and the classes have contributed to fine tuning my trading and giving me a direction in how I should set up my trades without emotion.”

“Couldn't really decide what to review on as have been impressed with it all. I had an awesome instructor in Sean and would love to attend more of his classes, and would strongly recommend to others. It is how he delivers his class with such confidence but in a fun, lively way (even after work and finishing 11pm), plus he backed his knowledge up with a live trade, which there were many doubters in the room but he proved them he knows what he is on about. Also, the counselors were amazing and, although I got Simon who is great, the others have equally made me and my partner welcome and we felt like we've known them for years, as they make you feel very welcome and are a nice friendly bunch. I have since signed up to a course to do Forex trading and can't wait to get started. I would recommend anybody to just attend as it is really great fun and a HUGE learning curve.”

“Online Trading Academy and the instructor, Chaaya Bachir, teaches how to trade correctly. Chaaya Bachir is one of the great instructors who made Forex trading so simple.”

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