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Whether you are an experienced trader or a complete novice, we will show you how the market really works and help you find a path to achieve your vision of success. We’ll listen to you and work with you to develop a plan to work toward your goals and help you make smarter investment decisions.

Many people who attend our courses use short term trading for income. They want to make extra money from the market. Others are attracted by the opportunity and freedom that comes from trading for themselves. These traders and investors want a stream of income that can’t be outsourced or downsized. Others are more concerned about protecting and growing their long term wealth. They want to avoid the pain of the next inevitable bear market and ensure a retirement of thriving, not just surviving.

At Online Trading Academy Colorado, we teach ordinary people how to use professional tools and professional techniques. By combining hands on learning with our patented rule-based core strategy, we can accelerate your skills. We’re so confident in our methods that you can trade in the stock market with OUR capital while you are taking our Core Strategy course. You can even re-take our courses as many times as you like at no extra charge!

Come join us now. Explore the website further -- Sign up for a free newsletter. Watch educational videos and read our free educational material. View testimonials of our students. Call us or stop in for a visit. Attend our Free Half-Day Class to experience Online Trading Academy’s approach.

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