Whole LOTA Love

Katy Yearton

I'm originally from Joplin, Missouri where I met my husband. At the end of 2012, I moved to Overland Park, Kansas to be together as we were dating long distance at the time. I needed a job and was having a difficult time getting hired due to the lack of a college degree. A staffing company set me up with an interview at Online Trading Academy. Not knowing what was to be expected, I happily obliged.

Chris Crum the campus owner, was wonderful. Within 10 minutes, we hit it off and both decided it was a good fit. “You start Monday,” said Chris. “I'm going on vacation." Being a chameleon, I quickly adapted to my surroundings which meant I had to become very organized…. I was hired as the Center Administrator and responsible for many things like booking flights, ordering food, scheduling classes and answering the phone.

At the time, I didn't know anything about what we taught at the Academy. I was intrigued by the markets, seeing students make progress and hearing about their stories, but I didn't know a stock from a rock. I felt a little silly working at a company that taught people how to trade for themselves without knowing anything about trading or investing myself. Chris Crum was awesome. He suggested I take the 7 day Professional Trader Course to learn about what we did. Back then we didn’t have the Market Timing Orientation, so I jumped in feet first without any prior knowledge, except that bulls, bears and ticks played a part somehow. Intimidation on day one of class was an understatement. Being 24 years old, I was the youngest in the class and the only female. I am happy to say, the less you know, the easier it is to absorb the right knowledge, and I proved that by winning the trading contest that week!

Darek Zelek was my class instructor. I remember a light bulb went off when I realized that trading and investing is a skill set that can be developed as a lifelong journey. No matter your age, gender, sex, work history, college history etc. the markets don’t care. I thought to myself, “Why doesn't everyone learn to trade and invest for themselves?" I got an overwhelming feeling I had to share this with the World. I immediately got obsessed with learning as much as possible and took every class OTA had to offer.

One day, I approached Chris and asked to be on the education side of the business rather than the operations side. It took about 6 months to find the perfect replacement, so in the meantime I did both roles before hiring an even better Center Administrator than me, Courtney Fritts.  I thoroughly enjoy and value my position as an Education Counselor. I feel like I play a part in helping people make better financial decisions for their future. I always say, "No one cares more about your money than you." Helping empower individuals to understand that they can develop more control of their financial future is very rewarding. I especially enjoy seeing the younger generation of men and women get started now and not try to play catch up like the majority of our students do at an older age.

In January of 2018, I was asked by Chris to start presenting the three-hour introductory preview. To this day, I still continue to trade for myself, be an education counselor and present the preview. I find that I connect more with my students from the front of the room presenting and my confidence has improved drastically since I started teaching the previews. I am pleased to say that I have impacted many lives around me including my father and husband who now trade.  I know that I made the right decision changing roles from operations to education. I knew that if I could become successful with limited capital, limited knowledge, determination, coaching and discipline, that others who possess those qualities has the possibility to as well!

I also have a side purpose  that I am very passionate about called Mission: Makeup. My mission is to empower women to have confidence in themselves as much as the makeup and skin care they put on their face. Mission: Makeup has a makeup superhero named Agent K. I created Agent K’s Makeup Missionaries as a way to get others involved too. It’s fun to dress up as Agent K and be the super hero on a makeup mission to help women in need. We enjoy volunteering for non-profit organizations like Dress for Success. Many women struggle to get jobs after coming out of abusive relationships, homelessness or incarceration.  Dress for Success helps women find appropriate attire for job interviews along with ongoing support as they transition into the workforce. I enjoy doing makeup and hair for women for their interviews and help coach them on proper interview etiquette.  Organizations like these are always accepting donations for women’s work attire as they suit each woman prior to the interview and when they get placed, sending them home with 5-7 outfits for their new career.

If you are a lady like me and over shop, instead of returning clothes, I challenge you to donate them to a similar organization that can help put a woman in need back on the fast track to her success.