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It's Not About the News, It's About the Clues!

As with many things in life, sometimes it’s wiser to keep your emotions in check and think about things logically. As Larry Jacobson exemplifies, certain news reporting may lead novice traders towards making the wrong kinds of decisions – which gives smart OTA traders the opportunity to pounce!

“When it comes to trading, it’s very important to always remember that “It’s not about the news, it’s about the clues”. Too many people rely on the news to help them make emotional decisions in the markets. The problem is, the news is often manipulated and intended to mis-direct novices (retail) traders and investors. As a result, by simply waiting until after the novice traders’ emotional response to the initial news announcements, professionals can strategically react to the novice’s emotional reaction (e.g. the clues).” Want to find out more about Larry? Click here!