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“Dan is a detailed, patient, and enthusiastic instructor offering extensive knowledge and tips ....including much that I did not know about Trendlines! I believe that this Core Strategy course will prove to be greatly beneficial in assisting me to plan and make my trading much more methodical and successful. The new additions from OTA, including the Odd Enhancers Worksheet, the Trader's Worksheet, the Core Strategy Decision Matrix, and the Trade Blueprint, are excellent and valuable assistance that will bring much improvement to my trading.”


“I greatly enjoyed Pro Trader 1 taught by Damontre Owens, who is a brilliant instructor. I am very impressed with the amount of quality educational content that is included in the course, as well as the constant support that is available from OTA. It certainly feels that OTA and their staff are fully invested in the success of their students for the long term. I would say that if for some reason a person does not succeed, it would not be from lack of support and assistance from OTA. The Cincinnati OTA Center is an exceptional facility. It is always very clean and the access and parking is excellent. The OTA staff are always the best!”

“My overall deep, inner impression is very positive towards all the people I have met thus far. Equally important is the realization that this technique of trading has a high probability for me to achieve certain unfinished goals that have been on the back burner for too long.”

“This course opened my eyes and thinking as to how the markets really work and consequently I realized who actually controls the prices, and that is the institutions. The concepts presented make a lot of sense and I'm anxious to complete my formal education in this material and start applying those concepts to my trading activities.”

“Since this was my first online class, I was sort of apprehensive about the experience. I shouldn't have been. My instructor was a co-founder of OTA, Mike Mc Mahon. This course provided a great foundation on my journey toward understanding the markets and how to trade them. I am looking forward to future classes and the expertise in trading I will gain from enrolling in OTA.”

“There is no better educational, professional, technical facility in the country. These people simply care about you and they show it. Their collective knowledge and understanding of their program as it relates to the market is extraordinary. They could charge a whole lot more and people would still get more than their monies worth. OTA, where have you been all of my life!! I love it!!”

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