Boston, MA - Student Testimonials

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“OTA's educational system, instruction and learning materials provide a thorough and solid basis for online trading, exceeding the other programs I have tried before.”

“OTA Professional Options Trading is a program that challenges students. Instructor Russ Allen is great and truly committed to seeing students succeed. His class demonstrated not just the mechanics of the trade, but also how to manage risk and reward effectively. OTA continues to invest in its curriculum and tools that really provide a trader with a competitive advantage in the real world.”

“OTA is one of the top trading schools that someone who wants to become a professional trader should consider.”

“At Online Trading Academy, the tutors are very professional and helpful. I enjoyed my time as a first time Forex student. I am looking forward to taking more asset classes.”


“It has been some time since I felt this amount of hope and expectation of improvement for the future for myself and my family; not particularly financially, but more in terms of quality of life.”

“This is an exciting, intense learning experience. Be very ready to learn some amazing concepts and new terminology.”

“Spencer was awesome and very knowledgeable. The entire staff is very helpful and really want you to be the best trader you can be.”

“I truly enjoyed my introduction into the Core Strategy course. The Core Strategy curriculum has provided me that first brick to building that solid foundation that is required in becoming a solid player into the trading world.”

“This program requires you to spend time and effort, but the results are everything they claim.”

“OTA is gives you everything you need to succeed at taking charge of your own financial future.”

“The new CliK platform takes the OTA trading methodology to another level of success!”

“OTA, overall, is a super source for education in trading all kinds of assets. OTA staff is very cordial and helpful when students struggle with the huge amount of knowledge and how to use it.”

“I took ProActive Investor so I could learn different ideas to possibly safeguard my retirement plan. I was taught that plus a whole lot more. Thanks.”

“OTA is a community of traders that has proven successful through its continual growth and constant educational opportunities for self development.”

“The class was very informative and it was very easy to catch on to the topics being discussed.”

“As someone who was reluctant to get involved with this program, I am truly impressed with the quality instruction and approach to understanding the complex world of trading. The step by step lessons show how you can be successful by using their constantly refined tools and supported practice. I now look forward to being a long-term participant in this community.”

“I started trading 1 year prior to finding out about OTA. I was tired of losing money and I decided to get more knowledge. That was when I came across OTA. I decided to take the class from them in April 2019. Just watching the videos from recorded classes, even before I went in the Natick location to take the core strategy classes, I saw a change in my way of trading.”

“I am very impressed with the "Next Steps". Many courses are good, but very few follow that with the resources and steps to continue learning and keep you motivated and on target! There is an excellent document provided at the end of the class that gives you an action plan to continue your learning, with links to many excellent resources and tools. The continued online learning that follows up each course is extensive.”

“I recommend anyone interested in learning how to trade for themselves come visit Online Trading Academy and learn about what the center can offer. The center is a community of great teaching professionals and friendly students who are there to make every day a great learning experience.”

“Online Trading Academy gave me a new perspective in life, and it's changing the way I think about my financial future. Freedom is even closer to my hands now.”

“Excellent experience! Enjoyed the process, I learned a great deal. The instructor made it easy to learn and was extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in unlocking the mysteries of trading!”

“OTA takes away the curse of "if you have a hunch. bet a bunch" with their attention to the details of setting up a trading plan. ”

“Working on your future takes time, and the best part of OTA is you can keep reviewing until you are satisfied that you have the process down, and that makes you a better trader.”

“My experience at OTA has been outstanding. I have been a part of this great community of like-minded individuals for a year now. I am grateful to be learning from some of the most brilliant minds and strategists in the industry. My skills have exponentially advanced by simply following all the steps and utilizing the vast resources offered by Online Trading Academy. Christopher Walsh, M.S.”

“I'm grateful to have learned from instructors that are actual traders. I'm excited that I can continue with my education for life as I become a better trader. joyce Kamau ”

“All staffs are very kind and a pleasure to work with. Facility is very neat, providing everything so students can just focus on the course. Fantastic!”

“If you're truly interested in working with the markets, Online Trading Academy is the way to go. Not only do they feed you but you receive the tools and knowledge that is needed to play with the big boys in the markets.”

“You will definitely retain a ton of useful information to better your future! Best opportunity you can invest in for yourself and you are guaranteed to take something out of the OTA for life!”

“Extremely educational and eye-opening. I was introduced to a whole new world of how and what investing in securities is all about. This is a whole lot more than I was expecting. It will take a while for me to grasp the entire concept. The fact that I can always come back for refresher training without paying; plus all the continuous support both online and direct is like a dream come true. All I can say is THANK YOU Online Trading Academy!!!”

“Every time I take a class at OTA I am provided with the most seasoned instructors that give it to you straight, giving me the greatest possibility of success!”

“Hands down one of the best career choices I've ever made. For anyone that is either afraid or skeptical of the financial markets, they truly need to just give these folks an honest approach and just listen. It will change your life. Don't listen to the static, tune in to the right station, that's OTA!!”


“OTA offers a truly extensive trading experience. Boston OTA has well equipped classrooms, computer lab and lounging area. The staff is excellent and provides highly experienced instructors to teach all assets of trading to include options, futures, forex, equities, and wealth preservation.”

“OTA Boston - Great staff along with incredible instructors! They never disappoint. ”

“I'm glad to know about OTA and, since I signed up with them and completed my Core Strategy classless, my perspective about income and wealth creation, financial and risk management have tremendously improved.”

“When I first started the class I was so concerned to not understanding the concept of the trading world. I was so amazed at how easy they made it for better understanding. I would say that it was a good decision to sign and take the course. I can now say that I can have a better future for me and my family, and that I can openly say because of what I've learn today here at OTA.”

“OTA is a source of practically applicable learning that for me will serve as the foundation and principles guiding me in all that pertains to investment and management. My stay here has been a win win.”

“I would say this - OTA is like entering an English class to learn the language. OTA is Great Education! Lots of useful information! Highly Respected / Experienced Traders to learn from. Also, a great place to make some trading friends!”

“I loved everything about the program from the knowledgeable experienced instructors, to the supporting welcoming staff, to finally the other OTA students I have been meeting along my journey. I am a retake student with absolutely no knowledge or experience on trading, this is my second time taking core strategy and I couldn't feel more blessed to see the improvement on their end, and how much they care about you learning the material. I tell everyone, please don't get discouraged and keep trying. Like all the good things in life, it requires hard work.”

“Online Trading Academy is in a category of their own. There is not another teaching environment for investing and learning how to grow both short term income and long term wealth, that combines a disciplined strategy and processed approach. In addition to the impressive curriculum, students have access to exceptional instructors, resources, and a support system to ensure success of all students.”

“OTA has made a difference in my life. Staff are knowledgeable, professional, and genuinely sincere with wanting to help you advance with your trading skills. So much information provided in a short amount of time. Tools and resources to last a lifetime.”

“All the staff, communication, formatting, and overall experience has been wonderful. This is real valuable information, I can't wait to apply it all! ”

“I am so fortunate to have found this academy. I took the three-day Market Timing class with John Larsen and learned so much that I immediately signed up for Core Strategy 1 & 2. I completed the seven-day Core Strategy led by Tim Pesut and I am blown away at what I have learned. Tim is an expert trader and educator with a fantastic teaching style. I feel so confident that I will continue my education at OTA and become a successful trader. The support staff I have interacted with are courteous, knowledgeable, and patient. I especially want to thank my counselor, John Moran, my coordinator, Spencer and finally, Donna in operations for their diligence and exuding passion in what they do for us students. This decision has changed my life.”

“Beyond being friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, OTA takes very good care of its members by ensuring they have access to additional training and personal help, if necessary. It does not present a class and then forget about you. There is always someone you can talk to, to receive further guidance.”

“OTA offers an opportunity to pursue income and wealth on my terms with concrete strategies and resources. ”

“Whether an experienced or new trader, OTA provides the best learning environment by seasoned traders who are wonderful teachers. Their patience and availability make the OTA courses fun to take and provide the basis for increasing your earning power from trading. OTA is a family!”

“Excellent experience! Steve Moses was simply great! He made the Options Class so interesting and easy to understand. Online Trading Academy is obviously the place to be if you are looking to become a serious professional trader!”

“It's hard to imagine anyone at any stage of life and with any amount of money who could not benefit from learning about different asset classes and how to trade them for income and wealth. It's possible to do this without OTA of course, but I'm convinced the chances of becoming successful are infinitely higher for someone enrolling at OTA.”

“The Program is very extensive and thorough. Seeing a trade come through is like magic on the screen. The instructors provide a very good layered approach to achieving high probability trades and it is taught very well.”

“Yes, of course. OTA is a highly recommended school on trading experience and I've been amazed with the level of professionalism and serious approach the school takes on its educational purposes.”

“Online Trading Academy carries EVERYBODY through. OTA is based on their students' success. OTA will NEVER quit on ANY student. OTA shows EVERYBODY --what NOT to do!!!!!!!!! They prove this every day!!!”

“The overall experience was very pleasing. I learned a lot from the instructor (Jerry Baldwin) and my classmates. The atmosphere cultivates collaboration and the instructor is a subject matter expert who engages all of the students to keep everyone involved. The facility is a professional setting that is well maintained, and the support staff is outstanding (Donna and Spencer). Thank you for the great experience.”

“OTA provides an outstanding rules based conceptual framework for trading; impressive resources to keep you on track, and a community of peers, coaches and instructors to lean on for support.”

“Online trading has got a lot to consider; determining curves, zones, time frames, trends, etc. Having that special insight in how markets work has been a great revelation for me, and I can't believe this is just the beginning for me. Thank you so much to the trainers, support staff, the counselors, oooo the food. What can I say....?”

“Enjoyed very much the class setting. It was very informative, eye opening... All the staff at OTA are top notch very professional, very positive environment. Thank you, OTA.”

“Very informative and eye opening class. A lot to take in during the 7 day session. Instructor, Steve Misic, was fabulous. I like the tools OTA provides online to reinforce the knowledge. Looking forward to learning and getting profitable in the long run.”

“The crucial value of OTA is the strategy that is both lucrative and easy to understand.”

“The Core Strategy Course established a detailed blueprint to minimize risk, and a much better understanding that you cannot force a trade to work. Discipline, patience and practice are the keys to learning, prior to actually placing live trades and putting your capital on the line. A shift in perspective occurred during the class that a down trending market is not a bad thing, instead it is indeed an opportunity that should be capitalized upon. Thank you, Steve, for a great experience.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Core Strategy class here at OTA. I feel I have a much better understanding of the material because of Steve Bobbitt's mentoring. All the staff are great and all of my educational needs were clearly very important to them. I felt very welcome each day. The atmosphere is very warm and inviting. I know that I can reach out to OTA with any future needs or concerns. I look forward to my next classes with much excitement and enthusiasm. Thanks OTA!”

“OTA courses are well thought out, lots of online and print support, and a very supportive staff.”

“I came into OTA not knowing anything about trading. Between the resources available, incredible and capable instructors and support of my fellow OTAers, I am on my way to a successful investing career.”

“There is so much to learn when trading Forex. It's a whole new world and it takes some time and patience. The OTA method of supply and demand gives you a great foundation to build confidence and knowledge while gaining experience.”


“I enjoyed every second of my time here at the Online Trading Academy center in Natick MA., Every instructor along with every student was extremely friendly and hardworking to make sure I felt comfortable with all of the material and information. I highly recommend enrolling if you have any sort of passion or interest in enhancing your skills as a day trader/risk manager. I must thank the entire staff for being so respectful and patient with me, and its rare you find a learning center that you can consider a family and lifelong member after graduating and that is what the Online Trading Academy is to me now........a family.”

“Happily retired, but now truly excited by a new plan for the future!! The information I was given, the opportunity to (begin) to learn and to apply has been truly life-changing for me! I came to the onsite class every morning truly excited at the prospect of what I was about to learn that day. I could not have asked for a better instructor than Tim -- he was strikingly patient, understanding and thorough, and had a wonderful sense of humor as well. His willingness to share some of his own personal strategies, as well as some mistakes he has made on his path to becoming what he is today was remarkable, and I will look forward to future opportunities to interact with him. EVERYONE in the Natick (MA) site has been incredibly pleasant and helpful -- I can't wait for my next class!”

“This Core Strategy is the place to get your charting questions answered with live examples. You will develop skills to place proper entry and exits. I have been able to demonstrate my understanding, and build confidence to set up trades on my own.”

“Outstanding!!!! I can't say more about how much I have enjoyed this class. I hate all education in general. I usually fall asleep and have a tough time retaining the information. Not so here. I loved every minute and hated when the day ended. I would recommend this and every class that OTA has to instantly bring you to a level to learn what trading is, the core strategy to trade, and then to take you into the trading world for real. It's worth every penny!!!!!”

“OTA is a great experience - stretches your mind in the discussions and you also have the tools to make money after you put in the time to master them.”

“I enjoyed learning about a new experience that I am entering. I not only was exposed to very valuable information, but I also learned more about myself. The various exams and practice sessions helped to calibrate me as to what I must do next to be successful in trading. The learning environment and support received from the staff are outstanding and generated much motivation. Thanks, Online Trading Academy, for this opportunity.”

“So thankful for the opportunity I've taken on here at OTA! It is a challenging journey of further self-discovery and education with the best risk:reward ratio! I do highly recommend OTA for anyone motivated to improve their financial knowledge and trading circumstances. This has been an energetic deeper-dive into the core strategy which has deepened my trading experience significantly. Always a professional treat coming to learn here in Natick, MA campus. Great physical support and amenities. The professional support and caring folks here make my learning process both effective and enjoyable!”

“I always enjoy going to the center for classes. School is clean and food is very good, breaks to stretch are at comfortable times in the day. Staff are very professional, kind and helpful. They go above and beyond what they are required to do.”

“I'm always so comfortable with the Boston center, there is a nice parking lot, the room is very clean, the staff of the center was very, very nice and they care about the student. They answered the students' questions patiently. I really like them.”

“To all who want to be in the trading business, plz take the OTA class, core strategy really works. Loved it, and OTA will be with you every step of the way like a guardian angel.”

“The Online Trading Academy over-delivers with exceptional training, mentoring, service and continuing education. ”

“I have always been self taught and learned basically on my own. The value of learning in a classroom with other like minded people was very helpful and motivating. My experience with all the Stuff at OTA was positive in every way. Everyone here was polite, friendly and available to answer any questions or concerns I had. Plenty of parking and the building was always comfortable and clean.”

“What I appreciate most of all is that OTA will allow you to take the same class as many times as you need to until you are confident enough to fly solo. I am so glad I signed up and feel optimistic about the future. ”

“Everything was A+. The office Staff are exceptional people. They come to us to see if we need help; we don't have to come to them. O, how patient and understanding they are!”

“After first joining up with OTA, personal life did go unexpectedly very wrong and I was not able to do the work and spend the time necessary to be a trader. I lost EVERYTHING and nearly gave up on myself. I came back with nothing but the idea that I wanted to show my youngest son a great place to learn a great skill. What I got instead was encouragement and found hope when I really needed it. I felt like I had support, and indeed I found new inspiration to move forward. Thank you, OTA, for being there to encourage me when I felt all was lost. You saved my life.”

“These courses have Exceeded my expectations. I wish I had known about OTA long time ago. It would have had a big impact on my finance. Thank You so Much.”

“This is a wonderful academy and I am thoroughly enjoying every class here at OTA. The instructors and staff are so nice and incredibly helpful. I'm really looking forward to learning so much more about trading so I can reach my financial and retirement goals!”

“Best environment to learn. Great location, has everything you need and the teachers and staff are awesome.”

“I am happy and excited to be an OTA student! The core strategy technique does work and is a good starting point on how to manage your risk in the market. The guessing game is over when you apply the strategy.”

“OTA is the place to go if you want to learn to trade. Every instructor I've encountered has been nothing short of AWESOME. They all have years of trading experience out in the real world and truly want students to be successful. ”

“I had no idea what I was doing in the trading world. OTA changed that right away within the first few days. I still have a lot of learning to do because this is a skill that must be constantly practiced; but OTA has taught me what I need to know to begin trading and be safe while doing it. Everything was great from the instructors, to the staff, and my classmates. I would recommend this program to anyone!”

“The details of trading options was fantastic. In-depth and clear. The OTA Center in Boston is very modern and well organized with the best of instructors conducting the classes.”

“OTA gives a very well rounded education, preparing the student for any market condition and many ways to get started with a relatively small trading account. There is help available to help us get on track when we lose our focus or direction. There is a lot of work expected of us but if we do it we will succeed amazingly.”

“My first week at OTA was my first step into the world of Investing. My Instructor, Scott Chrisan, Spencer Gorny, John Moran, Dave Kotfila and the rest of the OTA staff were truly pleasant and made sure I understood the basics that put me on the path to a better understanding of the markets and what drives them. Online Trading Academy, I believe, is the place for the novice to start. They have all of the resources needed to become an Investor/Trader in this unpredictable economy.”

“Staff is great, friendly, helpful, professional. Food is excellent - coffee's great. Facility is beautiful, state of the art equipment. This is a great program. As a self employed couple, we had little hope at ever being able to retire. Joining OTA has given us hope for being able to retire some day and pursue our own aspirations ... not to mention this is an exciting way to get there! What more could one ask for?”

“I was lost in the financial world until I joined OTA. The only reason I joined OTA was because of the promise to be able to retake any course as many times as necessary to become successful. You have kept your promise. Thank you!”


“After joining the OTA a few months ago, I was initially not totally convinced that I had done the right thing. After my first week long Pro-trader course, I feel happier that I did do the right thing. It is worth my time and money. Hopefully, by continuing my education at OTA I will get good enough to have a significant second income. Like many, I love trading but will be even happier with a higher success rate with my trades. I like the setup of the center and the class. Very organized in every possible way. Food is wonderful - great variety every day of the week and always enough. There is always three kinds of coffee which never runs out - amazed at how that happens. Very cordial and helpful atmosphere at the center.”

“I have believed for years that I understand the basic fundamentals of investing and have been successful about half of the time. The Pro-Trader class has provided me with the analytical research that my investing activities have been lacking. Core strategy appears to be a simple concept but is in fact a very detailed process in application which requires diligence, patience, and practice. I am happy to be a part of the OTA community and look forward to increasing my knowledge.”

“When you are ready to take control of your own assets, education is essential. Online Trading Academy teaches how the professionals do it. Well worth the time, money and commitment.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the week of classes with Mr. John Rowland. OTA understands how to motivate students, and providing us access to an instructor with John's background clearly demonstrates their commitment to student learning. John gave us insight from his trading career in the pits, and explained that there is a story revealed in our price charts. I was surprised to learn the quality of our OTA resources available on our website as he referred to them during class. It was a challenging week, that went by too quickly.”

“Instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Very easy learning environment. A lot of fun.”

“After working 62 years as a civil engineer I retired June in 2015 and enrolled with OTA to learn how to trade to keep active in my retirement and to gain skills in protecting my personal wealth. Thanks to the skills that I learned I am now actively day trading. I continue to learn from each class that I attend at OTA.”

“I went into this course knowing I'm dyslexic. Stress and being tired makes it worse. I'm best in the morning, and numbers I only reverse seldom, but it happens. After attending, with Scott as my instructor teaching, this system changed my life that week. I found with Scott's help, as he took the extra time when I needed to be sure I had no questions, at the end of the week trading live I found I could do this; just follow the plan it happens. I was very successful. I have more courses to take but I know I will always be able to make any amount of money I want. Thank You O.T.A, Ric Bourn”

“Great instructors that are dedicated to the enrichment of the students! If you want to learn the ins and outs of Trading, the Online Trading Academy is for you!”

“I thought I knew more than I did about trading. Our instructor was very detailed and now I feel so much better at trading. I now have a plan and structure in my trades. Yes, I would recommend OTA to anyone that is serious in getting involved in their own wealth.”

“I did enjoy the class and environment; everyone worked well with each other and had a good time learning the asset class. I would recommend OTA to someone willing to learn about the currency and investment industry. The center is always up to par and standards whether it is scheduling or personal planning, great staff.”

“Online Trading Academy guides my experience and thus final success through its programs and professional staff to answer any questions along the way. The center, in Natick, is a professional environment which is open well before start of class, which allows students the flexibility of arriving at different intervals and feeling welcome to come on in and have breakfast, relax and prepare for the day or hours of class.”

“After completing both the core strategy and futures courses I feel very confident going forward with my trades and becoming a very successful overall trader. Seeing the results I wanted to has given me a tremendous piece of mind knowing my future will be a brighter one thanks to OTA. You're very grateful student.”

“What a great, professional atmosphere! Very supportive environment: commuting in, parking, restrooms and meals are all a pleasure. Every interaction I have had with OTA personnel has been supportive and compassionate! OTA has my every need anticipated and covered. A very comfortable supportive learning environment.”

“The facilities are top-notch. Clean, with plenty of space to relax outside the classroom. The classroom is extremely conducive to learning.”

“Trading is not difficult if you take the time to learn the strategies presented at OTA. If you think you may want to learn to trade and you will be dedicated to the process, then Online Trading Academy is where you should start.”

“The Training I have participated in has vastly improved my ability to read the various chart patterns for high probability trades in various markets.”

“OTA is a life changing experience!”

“A good first step towards success in the financial markets. Very satisfied with the learning experience and looking forward to a lifelong relationship with OTA.”

“It may be a slow road but I honestly believe that with the help of OTA and all the wonderful instructors, I'll make it!!!”

“I was very impressed with the emphasis placed on Money Management and Investment Management. This is extremely important in order to survive to become a successful trader. These factors are much more important than most students realize. This coupled with his excellent presentation in the trading of Forex was very enjoyable as well as educational. I do expect to make money by utilizing the information obtained in this class.”

“A great facility. Always clean, bright and cheery. The staff was always glad to see us and were as helpful as possible. Good food, and good friends. An atmosphere that is conducive for a good learning experience.”

“I have to admit that when I signed up with Online Trading Academy after the 3 day introductory class, I was very enthused, but still a bit tentative. Since then, I've found the quality of the online training materials and support on my OTA and the quality of the instructors and on-site training has been truly exceptional. All of my expectations have been exceeded and I'm certain that the investment I've made in this training will prove to be one of the best investments I've ever made.”

“ALL personnel were extremely friendly, genuinely concerned, and supportive in seeing us succeed. I expect to take advantage of all the center's resources to achieve that success. Thank you!!”

“OTA has everything I could have hoped for in a learning and support environment. I'm glad to be a part of this community and look forward to expanding my knowledge and experience in the future!”

“Don't trade alone, join this outstanding community!”

“My OTA experience is like being in the dark for so long and doing it all wrong in trading, and OTA has unveiled the dark clouds that were around my trading- I am not 100% there yet, but I certainly believe that I can succeed with what OTA has taught me so far. OTA let us know that we can be self dependent and able to manage and control our financial future. I knew nothing about supply and demand before I attended my class, but now I can look at my chart and with 80% accuracy predict where price is at and the direction of the market- this is very empowering. OTA has a lot of support and their pledge to support their student to succeed is priceless, and OTA means business and they are excellent. So, I am glad that I came to OTA and I know my future is bright.”

“The knowledge gained is tremendous; and the proof/justification is in the OTA trading performance and in demonstration of the P/L that can be controlled using stops appropriately. Very friendly, very clean, and the environment is very conducive to learning and interacting with instructors and other students.”

“OTA is committed to ensuring that each student is well versed with the concepts taught and is confident to succeed as a trader.”

“There are many companies that say they are all about the success of their customers. Online Trading Academy has demonstrated its commitment. The instructors take the time to explain the material and concepts so that it can be used and implemented when you are away from the classroom. Best Money I ever spent.”

“Not only is the education top notch...the support OTA provides is excellent!!! ”

“This class was a real eye opener. Great information, and Sean Reed explained everything at a great pace for the entire class. This class teaches a student how to truly diversify their portfolio. The center is always clean and has a great staff!!!!! Always very helpful.”


“Discovering Online Trading Academy is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am a little slow at remembering all the information, but slowly I find myself making progress because your instructors are very patient and understanding. Thank you, Online Trading Academy, for all your help and support. Before OTA I had little hope for my future, but now I see opportunity for me because of you. This company has changed my life forever. Thank you.”

“There is a ton of information needed to truly understand markets and their movements. All OTA instructors and staff have been more than willing to assist me in learning what I need to know to be successful, and I cannot say enough about how valuable their assistance has been. They are all friendly, open to discussion, and available for consultation at later dates.”

“I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. The parking was wonderful. The center was very clean and neat at all times. Also, I thought it very thoughtful of OTA to provide breakfast and lunches which I enjoyed.”

“All aspects of the center are very well organized; the food was great and the classrooms were well supplied. The instructors are knowledgeable and professional.”

“The Natick Center is the perfect learning environment. The modern classroom and equipment made the experience very enjoyable. The facilities were excellent. Above all, Tom Joyce made this learning experience terrific. The knowledge he shared was invaluable and made learning very easy. The support staff certainly made this all possible.”

“The center is easy to find and there is ample parking. The personnel greet you with a big smile every day. The place is immaculate and the food is great.”

“For me, this Future class was a life changing phase. Financial freedom is becoming a reality. I don't call it a dream anymore, I call it a plan. The OTA is a wonderful community of great professionals with outstanding personalities.”

“Center is excellent, well Lit, comfortable chairs, excellent location, etc. The Content Level of the course is unparalleled. It is a high level complete education with deeply knowledgeable and experienced instructors from the industry. It continues to amaze me how much information is transferred to us during each class and each online session. Very Satisfied.”

“This program is excellent. The amount of material that I was able to learn and actually retain was phenomenal. Before taking the course, I had almost no knowledge of how the market actually worked but now I am able to find the levels at which to buy and sell quite accurately. This program definitely has made me a better trader and will definitely be taking more courses that they have to offer in the near future. ”

“The on-Location trading courses enable me to adjust my trading style and hone my TradeStation skills to enable me to be a more proficient trader.”

“From the beginning I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of the entire staff and their approach with a Seal Team mentality of no man left behind, it makes me want to learn more!!!”

“Having just completed Pro-Trader 1, I am confident in the rest of the journey. I am thrilled to have OTA as the guiding light towards a successful trading future. The quality of the education is excellent, as well as the professionalism, knowledge, skills, and desire of the staff to help students succeed.”

“Since joining Online Trading Academy, my knowledge of trading has increased tremendously. I am more confident in looking at charts and determining the right time to enter the markets.”

“New office is awesome. Leaving with great confidence about my trading because the instructor personally trades the method I wanted to learn. Thanks, Irfan. After trading for a while without a trade plan, I left this class with a written, proven plan.”

“OTA provides an excellent and highly responsive platform for stock trading and invaluable insights into the nuances of trading in today's market. Their tools are designed for the individual to be more responsive and better educated about the ways the market works and to anticipate movement. ”

“This course fills in the gaps and completely explains concepts that are glossed over or completely overlooked by other instructional trade companies. Online Trading Academy shows a sincere interest in helping students understand how to better their skills in trading.”

“I appreciated the combination of broad overview of the subject matter plus the attention to details in the critical areas.”

“No doubt about it ... instructors know their subject and convey that content well.”

“I have taken Pro Trader part 1 and 2 at OTA Boston, the option class online and now the future class online. The classes have helped me to become a better trader and financially more secure.”


“OTA provides the base of what anyone who wants to take control of their own financial situation can make decisions upon. Thank you.”

“OTA really goes into market timing and other features which I was looking for some time, but I only found them with OTA.”

“This was a special kind of experience which indeed will provide a practical help in my regular trading process.”

“This helped me overcome the fear of trading. I look forward to adding experience to the new knowledge.”

“If someone is committed to trading the markets and you don't have the experience to do so, this class should be mandatory. The ability to consistently make money is difficult and once you take the class with an instructor of Darek's caliber you will improve you odds of success considerably.”

“The education received attending Online Trading Academy classes is priceless!”

“I have enjoyed taking the courses and have found all of the instructors to be very knowledgeable and very understanding.”

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