Atlanta, GA - Student Testimonials

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“Taylor is a phenomenal teacher who knows, at the right timing to keep the class engage and motivated to push through the challenges. For me, each lesson began slowly, but builds. The totally of the program not only teaches the principles but the practical, psychological and emotional aspects, which are things that one can apply at a later date. Let me not forget about all the resources that is available to a student, but the best part is the community that one can have for the years to come. One more thing - The Staff - from the front to the back , each day they are there to answer the many questions and guide you and assist. Elaine Ubakanma”

“I came into this program with zero trading experience. The overall program is designed to take you through a step by step process to learn how the market works. The three day workshop provides just enough information that you don't get too confused, but leaves you wanting to know more. Now that I have an outline of my trading plan in place, I feel prepared to move forward with the support and guidance provided.”

“In my Core Strategy and Forex class, Edmond Gutknecht and Clifton Miller were excellent teachers. The student support staff, Tim Molden and Bentley were very informative and patient with us students. Everyone including the front desk were very helpful and supportive. The lunches, snacks and drinks every day were a big plus.”

“From the moment I first walked into OTA at the Atlanta campus, everyone made me feel so welcomed and appreciated! All of the coaches, teachers, and staff members are extremely friendly, helpful and seem genuinely excited and interested in helping us become successful! Not only do they keep their doors open until the last student feels that they are done for the day, but they feed us lunch, provide endless snacks and drinks and make sure someone is always available for us if we need help! The classes are very detailed and can be quite intense, but the instructors are so good at breaking everything down to its simplest form; again, there’s always extra people available if you need one on one help. Definitely some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and all under one roof! Certainly, a home away from home for me! Thanks so much OTA of Atlanta! Can’t wait for my next class! Much love!”

“I completely love coming here to learn. The classrooms are extremely comfortable, and the staff is super friendly and helpful. I can honestly say you all have provided absolutely everything I need to just focus on the information. The knowledge and information you all provide is so accurate, I just thank you all for helping me and making this learning experience great.”

“It is taking me longer than most to even get started really. There isn’t the first hint of any frustration with me taking so long, only support and some surprise. Thank you so much for being there for me.”


“Good student support; almost unlimited resources.”

“Online Trading Academy has been very useful in pursing my interests in trading. The classes are educational, the instructors are great, and the support staff is very helpful.”

“Friendly staff, awesome energy, and great classes. I really felt welcome since day one; it makes you come back anytime you need.”

“Being brand new to learning about trading, I feel a sense of caring from the instructor for their students to succeed. It's a good feeling!”

“After taking the course this time, I'm totally understanding the concept of trading and forex to be exact; and how all the classes relate to each other. It’s totally a blessing to be a part of OTA and to have the leisure to sharpen my skills on the asset classes when able. No education known to man gives you the opportunity that OTA gives, and I thank the staff and school wholeheartedly.”

“Wonderful staff. Very helpful. I knew nothing starting out, and within a week I've learned the fundamentals of trading and feel like I have a great start.”

“OTA is very organized and it’s a great learning environment with a friendly atmosphere where students are given opportunities to excel and do well.”

“Greetings everyone. I would like to explain why OTA is worth every dollar. The instructors are at the top of their game. The family atmosphere is second to none. The best part of all: non-stop learning. Thanks, Online Trading Academy, for changing my family and the world, one individual at a time.”

“I'm a Forex student at the Online Trading Academy Atlanta campus. The staff here is extremely nice and helpful. The instructors are nice. They will not hold your hand, but they will give 100% of their skills and push you to be the best.”

“I had a good experience. All the coaches, all the instructors, they are so good on what they're doing. Also, the environment got me speechless. I rather call them my family. They will walk through with you in every single aspect of what we need in the game. Today I just did the Forex class. Can't wait to see you all in the futures class. I love you all. OTA for life.”

“OTA has greatly informed and changed my thinking about trading financial assets, far more than any hotel seminar that I have ever attended.”

“I came into this class with little confidence in my ability to successfully trade in the Forex markets. That has changed after taking this class.”

“The program was very informative and has created the confidence level I need to become a successful trader.”

“I am very grateful to Online Trading Academy for their commitment to my success as a trading professional. This level of commitment is rare indeed!”

“I would recommend OTA to anyone who has the desire to be above average. The teachings, the support staff and the mission are all in alignment with what OTA speaks about. OTA has enlightened me to be able to build capital to start a generational wealth legacy for my family.”

“I think that the level of preparation, knowledge of support staff, class materials, facility, and the overall experience make Online Trading Academy a first-class educational experience.”

“This is exactly the level of education that I was looking for to be able to trade. I knew NOTHING before entering class and this suited my needs perfectly. I'm eagerly awaiting my next course.”

“I have been attending OTA for about 2 years now. The Atlanta campus is a huge asset. Great people, great accommodations, great instructors and they even feed you there.”

“I highly recommend anyone that has an interest in trading attend the Online Trading Academy. The program is outstanding in every regard and professionally conducted in all training sessions. My experience at the Atlanta campus has been and continues to be a very positive experience. I routinely drive three and one half hours one way to participate in training sessions. I don't commit these types of resources lightly. The instructors are top notch and make the complex simple in a manner that all students fully understand concepts and steps to apply knowledge for achieving favorable results in trading. The entire staff is one of the best I have seen and engaged with in over 30 years of dealing with adult learning environments.”

“OTA is a very welcoming and supportive organization. Everyone (coaches, instructors, support staff etc.) wants all students to get the most out of the training and become successful in their use of knowledge learned.”

“Instructor was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and respectful of students. Edmond sent out digital resources after class to give additional support and knowledge. Student support assistants were in class to help when we went online and were very positive and eager to help out. The class setting and amenities such as refreshments and lunch were exceptional. There are recorded resources online to refer to afterward that address each topic. I will become a successful trader using the hours of resources provided. (Please know it is not a quick process to build the knowledge required for success). All in all, the Academy is a very positive and forward-moving experience. The atmosphere created by the support staff, who are all grads who actively trade, encourages you to believe in your own commitment and use your knowledge and tools to be successful.”

“The education offered at OTA is par excellence. There is so much support to ensure the student's success.”

“Online Trading Academy’s program has been exceptional. Teachers are very knowledgeable; the staff is friendly and supportive; a great environment for learning. I highly recommend OTA for your career path for trading. The experience alone has been amazing. Thank you OTA!”

“I enjoyed assembling the charting puzzle and have no fear in taking it on by myself. The team of instructors and support staff coaches really make a huge impact on clarifying and explaining literally hundreds of nuanced concepts. The instructing team is 100%+ committed to help any student “get it” and to decipher the investing/charting and order placing puzzle presented prior to attending the Core Strategy course. Most of us had no clue how it worked, or we were incorrect in our understanding of the puzzle. I am walking out of the course with a solid foundation to take on trading any investment asset in the future.”

“As a new student at Online Trading Academy - Atlanta, I was so amazed with the professionalism, plethora of knowledge, student support, and welcoming attitudes of everyone, including the director, office staff, coaches, instructors, and everyone connected with this campus. Truly, I can say that the environment and atmosphere there were so comfortable and welcoming. For anyone who may be interested in looking at stocks, Forex, Options, Futures, or any other area of the trading world in a manner and learning among the pros, I am certain that you will enjoy the programs here. It was, by far, one of the most enjoyable, enriching experiences of my life. Hats off to OTA Atlanta.”

“My name is Deborah and I have been attending OTA for almost a year. I'm enrolled in Forex and Futures and the education here is on point. The Instructors and support staff are awesome. The resources are endless, all you have to do is use them. They don't pull punches with you; they give you real life teaching about life and learning including the psychology of trading. They don't give you a lot of BS about get rich quick stuff to pull you in. This is a school of true education and how to make the best of your financial future and how to manage your trades and the money you will gain in learning. Also, everyone here is so positive and strong in keeping you in a positive frame of mind. AND, it's for a lifetime. Learn til you drop.”

“I was introduced to Forex about three years ago. I found that trying to learn Forex through YouTube videos and on my own was extremely tough; so tough that I gave up on it. Coming to OTA has changed all of that for me. I still have work to do before I can become a really good trader, but OTA has given me the tools and knowledge that I have been seeking for years.”

“The Atlanta OTA is an excellent clean, friendly and beautifully decorated facility with lots of parking and a wonderful staff.”

“I truly enjoyed the welcoming environment. Everyone here puts you at ease when you become frustrated or defeated about your learning process. You are constantly encouraged to be your best self while learning their system.”

“If you really want to find a true method that you can use to trade the markets, THIS IS IT! This is not a get rich quick, this is an EDUCATION.”

“I'm so happy and grateful that I've had the pleasure of discovering OTA, I believe by Divine appointment. The student support staff is wonderful, the coaches are knowledgeable, caring, and supportive. I travel 4 hours one-way to attend the ATL campus and it has been well worth every trip. I feel like I'm coming home to family as they have created a warm and pleasant environment. The skills that I am l learning are invaluable and will serve me for a lifetime and will allow me the freedom to fulfill my purpose in making an impact in the world.”

“I opted to take advantage of the pre-online classes with Kayla Christine BEFORE taking the campus class with Edmond G. (I didn't want to assault his last name. Ha!). The basic foundations of her class merged beautifully with the fast pace and depth of Edmond's. Without hers, I feel I would have been lost in his. With both, I learned more depth and at a faster pace. Thank you to both instructors! These classes just really built on each other allowing for greater understanding. I still need to review and tighten up in some areas of understanding, but WOW! It was so solid. You come away knowing what you know and knowing what you don't and what you need to tighten up on. Edmond was knowledgeable, personable, and approachable. He shared his personal notes with us as well as his own trading plans and strategies. It was incredible amounts of information at a rocket pace. It is totally attainable. ”

“As a student at Online Trading Academy I have experienced: professionalism, exceptional knowledge of the financial markets, continuous support. The environment is very welcoming and accommodating to students. As long you have a desire to learn and progress, the support is Tremendous.”

“I have always enjoyed the level of support, the knowledge base of the instructors, and the family type attitude of the entire school. This hasn't changed in my 2+years of experiencing the OTA and I believe that this philosophy will not change here.”

“This is best course ever for someone interested in trading assets. It provides a wealth of information. What really was valuable to me is that it changed my entire way of thinking about money and how I view it. Something I will share with my kids and grandkids.”

“At first, I considered tuition for the OTA to be expensive but after the information I learned and lifetime benefits I maintain, I quickly realised the tuition is just a small fee to financial freedom that anyone with the passion of leaning can afford.”

“When I first came to Online Trading Academy I didn't know what it was. My husband asked me to come. By the end of the 3 day Orientation weekend I knew we needed to do this, both of us knew next to NOTHING about our finances when we started. We have been in classes since the fall . All the classes we taken have been great, the teachers are truly knowledgeable & helpful, the support staff is very encouraging. The classrooms have all you need to learn about just need to put in the effort and time to practice, practice, practice! We still have a lot to learn but it is wonderful to be able to come back and retake classes as needed, I learn something new each time I do a retake. I look forward to being a great trader one day!”

“At the beginning I thought that was very difficult, but when I retake the courses I saw everything more clear and I have to say thanks to teachers and the people to be around of us helping with all the questions. I appreciate very much all the help.”

“Everybody in the staff has a very positive attitude.They are all ready to roll up their sleeves to help.”

“OTA is life changing stuff. I like the journey I'm on. Growth is a good thing”

“I think Online Trading Academy is, hands down, one of the best educational experiences available out there. Not only do you have a vast array of well educated instructors but the best part is that those parts of the material where you need additional help, you have the opportunity to review at your own pace later. There are a variety of online retake courses as well as other online assistance resources, one on one support, lifetime in class sessions and more. The bottom line is this, if you want this education it is here for you. The only thing that keeps you from it is you. As long as you are trying, the Online Training Academy is going to be there for you.”

“Excellent instructors who are passionate about students learning the skill of trading.”

“Online Trading Academy can provide you the knowledge and understanding you need to explore your potential to earn income or protect your savings. ”

“OTA is truly the premier trading education program. The instructors and staff want you to succeed and make money, and they go the extra mile to help you. I would recommend OTA to anyone serious about trading.”

“The training is amazing! Best in the world. I am so thankful to have come across this opportunity, it is truly life changing. The staff is friendly, professional, very welcoming. Instructors are very knowledgeable and diverse in their teaching. Great place to be!!”

“To be educated in any field is the right way to purse that field. Hence, to trade in financial markets without this knowledge and education, I would be a dumb novice playing out there and hence have lost money several times blindly. Now I know the right way to trade. Thanks to OTA instructors and staff.”

“I knew before coming that it would require lots of repetitive trades to establish myself as a real trader. This school helps you to realize that work is needed to receive the confirmation that what you are doing is correct or if you need to readjust your attitude, trade tolerance, risk etc. I am enjoying the learning experience.”

“As an older student, I have found the atmosphere enjoyable and the reception admirable. I especially like the upbeat aspect of the entire staff from the front desk to the classrooms, coaches, support staff, and generally all the student. The class is truly awe inspiring and the overall commitment to keeping us positive in our approach to the learning. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family. I already have done so.”

“Online Trading Academy has truly become a family to us. We feel at home from the second we enter the doors until our exit. The personal interactions and community enhance the learning experience and have been monumental in our success. While we are still new to the school, OTA has opened doors for us that provide the opportunity to live free from financial stress and to start a family more confidently. A huge thank you to everyone at OTA for investing in us personally on this new journey.”

“I would highly recommend joining Online Trading Academy to learn the skills for trading. The program is designed for everyone and with practice, you can get great results. ”

“If you commit to learn how to trade. It will afford you the "Ultimate Life Style". Online Trading Academy has various ways to allow you to acquire the skill needed to be successful, from in classroom to learning online, which affords you an opportunity to tweak any short comings you may have in your course of learning. I feel so fortunate to have access to such a fabulous training platform with so many options, including a wonder mix of learning environments around the world. Dexter Brown”

“I require a brick and mortar learning environment and, along with the professionalism and earnest intention of the teachers wanting their students to learn, it makes learning the asset trades much easier. Mistakes will be made and the staffs' patience and understanding creates a very healthy learning environment. It's a serious yet friendly and forgiving place to learn.”

“Sunil Mangwani is an excellent instructor and he is part of a team that wants you to succeed. Overall I am pleased with the Academy and I am anxious for the release of CLIK. What I am also impressed about is the continuous innovations being done to the student experience, training and offerings. They are continuously improving which is a must in business.”

“What is most distinct to me is how OTA Atlanta leaves me feeling. There is a definite family vibe and everyone among the staff and administration is dedicated to being available to you for your success at your pace. The patented methodology is powerful and accessible and there are plenty of resources to assist you with your mastery at the pace of your engagement.”

“Being completely new to the trading experience, I came in to Online Trading Academy with only the concept I had a need in regard to protecting my retirement nest egg. At no time had any consideration ever been given to the fact that my future financial destiny could be secured by the actions I could take. The impact that what I learned, with the coaching of a dedicated staff, will not only impact me directly but all of my family for a lifetime. Randy Whitaker Atlanta, GA”

“From the first day I stepped on Campus almost two months ago to now, I've received only genuineness and warm concern from the entire staff. The family atmosphere is so helpful when learning something completely new. To only feel calm and genuinely cared about by all around you helps in the process so much. The study material, interactive web site and the Campus experience is so Professional, but at the same time it's not intimidating. Many thanks to the Online Trading Academy for such an overall amazing and fun experience. ”

“Came in with a pessimistic mindset wondering if it was another quick money scheme but was totally blown away from the education and support provided by the school and staff. It is well worth the time and effort to be in this school to make a positive change.”

“I had the best learning experience ever, and trust me I have been through many working for a large corporation for 40 years. The whole team was courteous, helpful and friendly. The instructor was unbelievable, knowledgeable and non-boring.”

“I must say that OTA is my new adventure and I almost missed it thinking I couldn't afford it. After sitting in on a class just to see my coach to decline the training, the class changed my mind completely. I had to move forward and it's been the best decision I've made in recent years. I am excited once again and learning so much. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn and apply myself to this most important business.”

“OTA is an amazing academy to take if you want to get started on your trading journey. They make you feel like you're not alone in the trading process. It's a great environment to be a part of.”

“I highly recommend OTA to anyone interested in learning how to make money in the Markets. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but rewarding if one follows the system and puts in the time to learn it.”


“OTA is the place for schooling when looking for a quality trading program that teaches what one needs to know to get consistent and sustainable results. Knowing the nuances of the chart and knowing how the novice thinks is critical to making money in the market. I appreciate OTA's structure, curriculum, and community.”

“OTA has changed my life. I now know without a shadow of a doubt that theirs is system that will allow me to care for my family, past, present, and future. The best thing about the academy is that I'm not alone, there are several instructors. support staff, and students who share my same goals. Thanks”

“Since my first seminar in Birmingham I had highs and lows considering whether I would I be able to grasp this new career and was OTA for real, this week (Futures with Michelle) confirmed for me that I am definitely in the right place, in the right school. Thank you, OTA and everyone at the Atlanta School!!!!”

“Unlike investments where all of your money is at risk, Online Trading Academy provides a proven way for you to decide how much to risk as you benefit from down-trending markets as well as climbing ones. You probably don't have a better plan - look into this one.”

“This has been a phenomenal experience for me and my husband. It has completely changed our dinner conversations. We talk about building wealth and a legacy for our family in real time, not just as a dream or a wish.”

“One of the best decisions I could have ever made was taking a chance on OTA. The program and all of the staff are professional and have exceeded my expectations. The tools gained have enhanced my outlook on life personally and have equipped me financially. Overall, being connected to OTA has changed my life for the better. I thank God every day for the opportunities and possibilities OTA has afforded me.”

“I have indeed enjoyed my time so far with the Academy. The coaches and teachers seem to be genuinely dedicated to assist EVERYONE to understand the text and reach goals.”

“I have been a student at OTA for a short time and I have found so much value in attending OTA. The staff and the students have been very warm and friendly and it truly is a learning environment that if you want to make a change in your life for the better, here is the place to start. My cousin and I have a saying ''You have to have vertical drive and horizontal push" in order to make it in life. OTA education truly will make it so much easier in life.”

“Being a student of the OTA has given me a much better understanding of the financial market and I already see a positive outcome in my trading results. I have been trading the financial market for 14 years and just 6 months into my education as a student of the OTA has made a significant positive difference in my trading skills and I look forward to my continuous educational path with the OTA.”

“The overall program and core strategy has reached all of our expectations. OTA has opened our eyes to an environment that we had no clue even existed. This process will help us for many years down the road.”

“This is a repeat class for me, but the first one since I have been trading options in a live account. The processes taught in Tim's class have enabled me to successfully trade after only 2 months testing the process in simulation. I cannot recommend it highly enough! It is truly invaluable. Thank you so much, OTA and Tim Blotzer!”

“OTA is truly committed to transforming students' lives through the financial markets. Every instructor and student support member is there to help and support you in this journey for life.”

“OTA is totally wonderful. When I'm here I feel like family. The staff welcomes me with big smiles and hugs or hi-fives. It motivates me to know my coach (Sumit) has my best interest in mind, he is totally awesome! I am so blessed to be among such a great innovative team. The lunches and snacks are very tasty. The snacks are always filled and no one is left out for the lunches.”

“Not only am I enjoying the program at Online Trading Academy (OTA), I am impressed by the authenticity, decency, and integrity of the staff from Director to Master Instructors, Coaches, Student Support, and staff. Whomever you speak with, if there is a concern or question, if they don't have the answer they can direct you to the appropriate source. Everyone is genuinely concerned that you are successful in the program.”

“This program has changed my life and understanding of trading any market. My confidence is bursting like fireworks on the Fourth of July! I am so excited about what the future holds for me and my family because of what I am going to be able to do with the with the use of the education I've received from OTA.”

“The Online Trading Academy instructors, staff and support personnel are extremely helpful, supportive and make you feel truly welcome and part of their family of online traders. The best part of the Academy is their honesty about what you, as a student and future online trader, must do to achieve huge success. I am so overwhelmed right now with all that I have learned, but the future support and additional courses I will be taking I know for a fact will help me achieve my online trading goals. I highly suggest everyone to attend the 2 different orientations to experience the respect, love and future you, too, can have.”

“Well-thought out curriculum and information that would undoubtedly form the necessary foundation of great traders for years to come! The delivery of such a vast amount of information to mostly trading novices in carefully and well timed, metered doses with great execution was absolutely remarkable.”

“Having been a student of OTA for over 3 months now, I've discovered that the knowledge gained and experience delivered is consistent with those promised during the initial workshop. The high level of professionalism and support is consistent throughout the staff with genuine care and consideration for your progress and satisfaction. The content and resources found in class and available online are extremely comprehensive and helpful towards your educational development and experience. I'm very pleased with my decision to enroll and become a part of the OTA family. I'm extremely thrilled about the potential my OTA education will provide towards my future goals and the opportunities available to create the life of my dreams. I would highly recommend OTA to anyone truly committed to controlling their finances and future.”

“I started this class after I had already took the online retake. It made it 10 times more understandable. It's amazing the resources you have. There is no way you can't get this if you just utilize the strong support system.”

“The OTA EXPERIENCE...yes, experience, because that is what we're discussing here!!! Just an awesome environment to learn in. They give you the lesson any way you need it with success being the goal. The instructors and supporting staff, I must say, are outstanding!”

“OTA is a realistic and fact based education that allows you to gain priceless knowledge to achieve your goals in the financial market. They are tactful in their teachings and explain the material in ways everyone can understand. And if for some reason you missed something or didn't quite follow, they have well trained/informed coaches and staff that help you with any hurdles holding you up.”

“I am extremely impressed with all aspects of OTA. The staff makes everyone feel like part of the family. So much knowledge gained with the classes, no reason to think I am not going to be successful.”

“This program has completely changed the way I trade! The focus is split between having the solid techniques and background, but also drives home the importance of the mental stability of a trader. From learning all new processes that I didn't know to reinforcing the basics, I feel like I got a well-rounded education in becoming the best trader I can be! Thank you OTA.”

“The commitment of OTA toward the overall financial literacy of the Atlanta market is evident with every class I take. Michelle is the ultimate professional and challenges you to the best "you" you can be.”

“The experience and the learning material that this class teaches you is life changing, and you will not be able to find it anywhere else. The instructors are very knowledgeable on the subject matter and are very helpful.”

“Becoming an OTA student has been a life changing experience. It feels good to be able to look at trading charts and have the ability to make sense of how the market is moving. Learning the OTA strategy has given me a much better understanding of where money making opportunities may be. ”

“This is a great program. The teachers and support staff are very interested in seeing students become successful. I'm happy I decided to further my knowledge and education with this organization.”

“I came in knowing absolutely nothing about finances. I never would have thought I could have learned so much in one week! Now I understand how to look at and evaluate charts and I am learning to read the available information, just like a second language. One week gave me a taste of what I could do in time and I can't wait to practice at home and continue learning! It is a lot of hard work but I believe I have entered into a life-changing opportunity and this is so incredibly exciting!”

“Have you ever taken a course that was so well taught and presented in a way that moved you so unexpectedly that you had an epiphany? I haven't either until I took Quentin's "Professional Forex Trader Class". When the realization hits you that you can follow a simple, trusted, verified, patented and proven system to change things in your life that you hadn't even considered until your instructor points it out to you, you will think about everything differently. I do mean EVERYTHING. Like the saying goes, you don't know that you don't know something until you know what you didn't know. That was this class in a nutshell. Between the two in house classes I've taken at OTA Atlanta, I will have cut at least 5-6 years off my learning curve and saved myself thousands of dollars in bad trades. The odds enhancers and risk management skills you receive are phenomenal and the custom made one of a kind spreadsheets and OTA specific trading tools are something you can't get anywhere else. They put you so far ahead of the curve it becomes mind boggling. I'm exceedingly glad I didn't have years of bad trading habits to break before I came to OTA Atlanta. However, even if you do it's no problem. They can help you with that. Furthermore, you're not only getting the fundamentals of trading Forex, you get to take a deeper look into why you trade. It's not enough to just trade for the sake of trading. WHY do you trade? Are you prepared mentally and emotionally? Have you studied the psychology of traders and do you understand the proper mental mindset required to be a successful trader? OTA Atlanta provides this with your courses to make sure you are as successful as you can possibly be. Also, you can go in for one on one counseling if you are having trouble with something. That's right, there's an actual building with real people who are ready to help you. Crazy right? I could go on and on about the benefits of OTA Atlanta, but the best way learn about them is to experience it for yourself. I'm glad I did. ”

“In the Online Trading Academy classes everyone becomes friends. We develop groups in order to stay in contact and help each other. It is like one big family. It does help that students progress from one class to the next with their cohort. I am taking Forex after completing Core Strategies about a year ago. The students and teachers are all very helpful. I feel like we are in a real family with everyone wanting you to be successful. It was a great experience.”

“Online Trading Academy has an amazing program. The instructors are excellent and have all been through the same training that I am receiving, and have used it to achieve their own goals. The environment is warm and friendly. I feel that everyone I have met in the staff truly care about my personal success. For someone like me who is not tech savvy, the hands-on trading experience with help constantly available is critical. The resources are phenomenal with video recordings so that you can repeat concepts over and over until you master them. Best of all, once you are a member, all of this is available for life. As long as you understand that there is no magic and are willing to work hard, this can be a life changer.”

“Online Trading Academy is methodical in their approach, thorough in their teachings and have instructors with real world experience. I love the friendly atmosphere (the hugs on the way in and out) and the overall excitement of the staff and students who truly want to learn. ”

“It is important to remember with OTA that when you sign up to be a student, you are signing up to take the educational course that will help you build your skill set as a trader. You are NOT signing up to receive some magical answer to how to be successful overnight in trading. OTA gives you many resources - coaches, support staff, educators/education, helpful online tools, tutoring sessions, etc. - but what you choose to do with those resources is up to you; and it is very individualized for your goals and lifestyle. If you are not willing to put in the work to "learn a new language," then this school will not be a good fit. If you are ready, willing, and able to make a change in your own financial future, then OTA may be the place for you!”

“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and patient answering questions. You feel comfortable asking any questions. The material is well taught and practical for use. People here are very friendly and responsive. I had no experience in trading, so it felt like stepping into a new world, but there are so many resources helping learn the ins and outs of trading. I am happy to be here and continue learning more on trading.”

“My experience with OTA has been very pleasant and reassuring. I had doubts about my ability to comprehend this new financial system, and while I still am a long way from becoming a profitable trader, my experience with the staff has assured me that they are truly interested and invested in my education. So I now know, without a doubt, that I will be able to get where I want to go!”

“I completed another wonderful course at Online Trading Academy. I have come to expect excellence and was certainly not disappointed. The options course was full of great information and Paul Orme, the instructor, made it easy to understand. I would highly recommend anyone join OTA to take advantage of the incredible opportunity offered there.”

“The instructors and staff are extremely helpful and passionate about OTA and what trading can do to enhance your life. At the end of the day, their mission is to turn you into a successful trader, and it shows.”

“I appreciated how the information was presented in a "real world" scenario, and the nuances of applying the basic techniques of Core Strategy, and why.”

“I would recommend that anyone who wants to change their situation get involved with Online Trading Academy Atlanta. Just finished my first Forex class, and feel very confident going into Futures. It is nice knowing we have a large community on our side that is here to see us all succeed. Best decision I have made in a long time! Thanks, OTA Atlanta!!!”

“In OTA, everyone seems like family...It is a wonderful community of students and instructors. Everyone is here to help each other succeed; you cannot help but succeed as long as you put your own effort into it as well. It is an exciting and energizing place to be around! ”

“I have a foundation to trade from. A foundation where I can plan not only to win, but also to lose and be OK with it. Planning to lose a little...that I set, not subject to unplanned chance, hope, and feelings. I can call the shots on my future using their system. And if there's something I have missed, I can come back and catch what I missed!! Thank you, OTA!!”

“This is a fantastic program! Even though we just started and I thought the information would be overwhelming (even with my previous limited knowledge) the presentation and communication of that info is digestible. The instructor (Taylor Frame) does a great job of both creating a comfortable enough environment to ask questions and presenting the information in an understandable bite-sized way. There is still a LOT for us to learn, but I am confident in the program to bring me to an understanding of the information. Thank you all!”

“The Core Strategy course is like learning a new language. It is difficult. However, the way it is facilitated is excellent. It is done in a way that allows you to learn at your own pace and there are multiple avenues of support and reinforcement.”

“I was skeptical at first as I am sure everyone else is when they first hear a promotion on the radio. But going through the Core Strategy Class and seeing the amount of help I have received to understand the foundation of trading has exceeded my expectations. The classes are big enough, with the right amount of instructors that will allow you to have one on one sessions. They simplify the trading procedures to the easiest terms to ensure you understand the program. Everyone is different, at their own pace, and they respect that. If you are looking for the right school that has the right amount of help and the right attitude to reach your goals, OTA Atlanta is the place. I do not regret the investment and I am looking forward to the outcome!”

“I got it! In my thinking, understanding Core Strategy is the underpinning to every other aspect of trading. I completed a retake of Core Strategy last week, but had some small gaps. Michelle's instructions on Trend Analysis cleared the cobwebs. There's lots to know about futures and internalizing that will come. I am now comfortable and confident, though, that I will master this trading skillset.”

“This campus is much more than just a school; it's a family and a support system. The instructors believe in their students and do anything and everything to help them achieve their goals. I love being a part of this institution and having such wonderful new friends and family.”

“Online Trading Academy provides a proven, systematic, and obtainable system for successfully trading in the markets regardless of market direction. ”

“The teaching and resources shared during this course have been invaluable. I am always surprised how applicable learning new nuggets of information is to other aspects of my life. I appreciate the time and obvious effort that Taylor Frame spent in being transparent and inspiring as he shared his personal experiences and inspired us to work towards our goals.”

“I am grateful to be in the Online Trading Academy Community. The staff and teachers are inviting, welcoming and are earnestly interested in and concerned about my achievements and success in the program. Many educational formats are provided to assist the student with the knowledge to be a competently skilled and successful trader.”

“I truly enjoyed the program. I was blown away by the welcoming environment and helpful staff that was willing to help you with the learning curve. I appreciate the patience and willingness of the staff that motivated us, with constant repetition of the curriculum at times when we struggled to receive the information. The wealth of knowledge, patience and professionalism of the staff made this experience great. Excited to be a part of the community and feel good in the teachings that I received to start my way on becoming a good trader.”

“The wonderful thing about Online Trading Academy is that you have unlimited retakes of classes, lots of online videos from experts and one on one assistance whenever you need it. ”

“The Options class with Tim Blotzer was great; he is very professional and knowledgeable. It is a confidence booster and a life changer.”

“OTA sets realistic expectations for growth into a profitable trader and then provides the tools, both in class and at your-own-pace follow ups, to capitalize on your financial and time investments.”

“My wife and I were amazed at the inviting atmosphere of the school. The hospitality was second to none and the instructors carried themselves very professionally. The instructors' knowledge was a pleasure to be around as well.”

“This class, like all others before it, has been thought provoking on a level that affects my daily routine in a positive manner. Many of these forward looking thoughts were already known or heard of by me, but it seems almost like fate to have them all coalesce in one place. Also, Mr. Staples was very gracious to let me so rudely arrive 10 minutes late without publicly humiliating me in some way. Everything about the Roswell campus (excluding traffic) is top notch: the staff and their knowledge and demeanor, cleanliness, the carnival atmosphere, the relaxed intensity, and the coffee and snack bar. I truly enjoy every visit to this place. The only bad part about it is how fast the time goes by when I'm there.”


“OTA instructors are seasoned traders themselves. Their teaching is right to the point and always practical. They answered all the questions I needed... The stock options class is particularly interesting to me not only because I need it but also because Tim, the instructor, is fun and is highly experienced.”

“My overall experience was great! Information provided was unparalleled. I left the class with clarity in my trading routine and increased confidence. ”

“It is a huge benefit to have OTA = Atlanta here in my back yard, having access to the best instructors in the nation. Courses are well organized and the support is unmatched.”

“I have been through many educational journeys in my entire life (from college, to Master, and to the Doctoral level) and yet there is no tough educational journey like the one I'm taking at the Online Trading Academy here in Atlanta. I have to learn new things from the beginning. Though it is extremely tough and challenging, the Instructor (Taylor), the Student Support staff, my Coach, the Director (Adam), the Senior Coach (Steve), and the Mastermind Instructor (Mickey) here at the Academy are very kind, patient, understanding, and supportive. They literally hold my hands and show me all the things that I do not know about the financial market. Unlike other educational environments where you are on your own from start to the end, you will get all the support that you need in this wonderful and supportive environment. Of course, to achieve what you set out to achieve is totally up to you. Only you can decide who you do want to become in the long run. To be successful, you have to put your own ego and all the doubts aside and come in with open mind and humble, then you will be able to learn and excel. I was not great in the class all the times compared to others, but when it counted, I was able to learn and things started to click. As the result, I came in second in the live trading contest! This unique educational environment is second to none in everything that the Academy does! I thank God for everything the Academy has done to support me this far!”

“For me, the best aspect of Online Trading Academy begins with the Core Strategies class and the continued support a student receives through OTA. When you need extra help on something, there are multiple ways it is offered to you through refresher workshops, retaking the class, or mentoring from coaches. I believe the school is constantly seeking ways to help their students have true success stories.”

“My name is Jeralyn Valdes, and I truly believe this class is necessary for any adult living in America. So many untold truths are explained to you here, but only to get you to understand why you should want to know how to make better investments, or financial decisions, which is something I have always wanted to get into. This program is a game changer, you will be a completely different person walking out of the class room on your last class date from the day you first walked into a workshop. The amount of knowlage you will have accumulated about finances, risk managing, and investing, after taking this program will stay with you for a lifetime but also change you for the rest of your lifetime. ”

“We truly loved the experience of being onsite with the instructors and student support. They made us feel like family and made sure we were prepared to continue our education further. I am excited of the new friendships we've established and looking forward to come back to learn more.”

“I must admit, I wasn't expecting this class to reveal all the information it provided to me as a new, struggling trader, because I've become so accustom to "everyone" lying about their programs and what it had to offer. I would start off excited and ready, then end up lost with none of my real questions being answered. Honestly, I had practically given up trying to find a school (online or otherwise). But, I was TOTALLY SHOCKED! Taylor was awesome and the materials were so elementary, I felt stupid (good stupid). Now, I have my interest is back and I'm ready to do what I knew I could do if I found the right education. Thank You OTA! Katherine ”

“Outstanding courses. Truly learning how to trade. One of my favorite things about OTA is that they do not BS you in telling you that you will be an overnight success. They continually stress practicing and SIM trading to start until you begin to master the skill of trading. I'm glad the reinforce that and don't just sell you on unrealistic outcomes. They also provide an ton of extra material and practices, as well as class retakes, so that it's not just taking a class and hoping you remember it later. Have only been a student a short time but I'm glad that I am and look forward to continuing my education with them. - Adam”

“I love everything OTA. Every single person who works here is awesome from the people at the front desk to student support to instructors to coaches. Everyone is willing to answer a question and lend a helping hand.”

“A clean, exciting, warm environment. Everyone seems to embrace the family setting provided by the academy. The depth and quality of the information is mind blowing. I am completely satisfied and excited about this process or journey of learning. The instructors are well balanced in knowledge, experience and their ability the deliver the material so we can understand. I realize the volume of information may require several sessions to grasp it all. Patience must become a part of or daily life.”

“If you are serious about learning to trade professionally then OTA is a MUST! The Core Strategy will give you the foundation and confidence to become a strong trader.”

“I am very grateful and thankful for this amazing experience that has helped me in many different aspects of my life. From a personal and business standpoint, I have never experienced a learning academy that was as helpful, organized, and professional as Online Trading Academy.”

“Online Trading Academy is by far the BEST decision I have ever made in terms of post secondary education. I wish I had known about them sooner because they not only teach you the skills necessary for becoming a consistent trader, they also teach you valuable life lessons in psychology, risk management, and maximizing your skills. ”

“Online Trading Academy provides great in depth knowledge in all investment instruments. Classroom and online training with free repeats if needed. You will not find a better training source.”

“My name is Bill Padgett. I'm a new student at On Line Trading Academy. So far I've thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this program. There is so much information and aspects to the trading industry to learn which is absolutely necessary to be successful in this industry. The wealth of knowledge possessed by the teachers, traders, and coaches here at OTA is, I believe, unmatched anywhere industry wide. Their willingness to impart information, teach the business, and their availability to the students is invaluable to the success of the students and is certainly unique to OTA and it's obvious success in turning out excellent students and traders. ”

“I highly recommend this school to anyone who is serious about learning the critical details required for successful trading. A lot of information to learn, but the instructor and the rest of the staff treat you like friends and family who really care about your success. ”

“Thank you so much, Taylor, for putting up with our incessant questions. We came in here with inquisitive minds and left with a life changing experience. This experience has brought us even closer together as a couple. It was physically and mentally exhausting but totally worth it all! We're looking forward to the future with great expectation and anticipation. The family atmosphere has us eager to return to utilize all of the tremendous resources that OTA makes available. We've met a lot of people (students and staff) who we're looking forward to seeing again. Thank you so much!”

“If you have a desire to take control of your future, by learning to manage your own financial assets instead of paying an adviser to do it, then Online Trading Academy is for you. OTA has the best instructors available, a proven system of instruction and an environment that encourages you to spend time there, absorb the wealth of knowledge available, and become the masters of your own financial destiny. The Atlanta Center is the best in the OTA network. Parking is right out front, the center is very organized and clean, with plentiful bathrooms, and this center serves lunch EVERY day, so we don't have to go out and waste time. We spend that time visiting with other students, talking about trading. It is the best environment that I could envision to learn this important skill.”

“Good job. It would be hard to execute to standards above that which are already in place. I love the atmosphere and the culture of the Atlanta OTA. Looking forward to a long term relationship with the people and the academy. Thank you for the opportunity.”

“Each and every new thing that I am learning is awesome. I like the reassurance that I am receiving throughout the process. Until I figured out that I needed to actually engage, I did not know what I was missing. Nothing about trading is "normal" and I had to realize that OTA is not a "normal" place either. I am glad that I chose to take on the challenge and that OTA is empowering me with the knowledge I need to be successful.”

“Everyone I've met so far is very pleasant approachable and highly motivated. I like the fact that they place the love of God at the center of their existence, not the love of money. You feel safe, as if you're with family that safeguards your continued successful existence. This, to me, is very exciting and motivating. The environment is clean and welcoming. Well positioned close to hotels and restaurants, with parking a short distance from the building entrance.”

“Online Trading Academy has given me the confidence to move forward in my financial future. The courses are very informative, the instructors are very knowledgeable and the support team is always there for one-on-one help. The greatest bonus is students of the Academy can retake courses as often as they like; experiencing and perfecting learning opportunities in many asset classes. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It's the kind of atmosphere that you want to be a part of. All personnel from front office, support team members, to management are willing to help in any way. I am so very thankful for this opportunity to become a successful Trader in such an encouraging professional environment.”

“I have enjoyed the entire environment at OTA.... Everyone is knowledgeable, and yet still humble. They are all happy to impart as much knowledge as you can absorb. Also, the class environment is very friendly. ”

“Online Trading Academy is quality education that revels any university out there (this is the third university I have been to - not trading). Everyone is very professional and the instructors are top notch. Every time we take a class, everyone is there to help as needed.”

“I am thrilled and excited to be taking this journey with the wonderful men and women at Online Trading Academy. The staff is thorough and professional, I have been greeted every morning with a smile and hello. Every instructor thus far has been knowledgeable and genuinely helpful. Everyone seems to really enjoy their jobs which is rare and refreshing. Thank you.”

“The experience at OTA is great. Personnel are friendly and helpful, the facility is clean and inviting and the instructors are experts in their field.”

“I now know how to be more patient when making decisions, versus being aggressive. Parking, cleanliness, friendliness of personnel....... You all are out doing yourselves. Continue to strive for the best and be the best.”

“The Professional Futures Trader class was one of the best classes I have had in learning to trade the financial markets. The instructor, Michelle Volmering, was highly effective at teaching the concepts in a way we could all understand. She always made sure that we had a full grasp of "Core Strategy" before proceeding with new concepts and encouraged us to reinforce our learning process with simulated trading. She willingly shared her experiences (good and bad), which will help us to approach our trading experience in a realistic way and hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls along the way. Online Trading Academy - Atlanta is truly a wonderful, enlightening, learning environment. They are staffed with knowledgeable, willing and supportive instructors and student coaches. They consistently provide you with the tools to become a successful Trader in any or all of the Financial Trading products; however, it doesn't stop there. You are also taught Trading Psychology which helps you to realistically manage the risks involved in Trading, along with your expectations. You have access to online classes to reinforce what was taught in the on-location class, and various other meet-ups or focused sessions that you may participate in. You feel as if you belong to a great, big, loving and successful family. OTA is the place to be if you're serious about your Trading experience. It is an experience that will last a lifetime, literally.”

“OTA is a true "academy" with a working mission to help and assist its students achieve their trading goals. The Student Support Staff is outstanding, and available ”

“Since being a part of Online Trading Academy, I have learned a lot about the different markets that are available for novices, like myself to trade. The characteristic that I love most about this educational facility is that, once you become a student, you are always a student. You are able to take the classes as many times as you like in the near or far future. You are always able to brush up on your skills and you always have access to individuals who are veterans in trading. Having this access is absolutely wonderful. You are able to ask questions and learn from the "pros" and as you become more familiar and grow out of the novice stage, you always have someone to speak with about the markets. I am so glad that I happened upon the ad for OTA while surfing the web.”

“This was the best route for me to take in learning how to trade. It actively put me in the mix of live trading. The student support and teachers are wonderful in answering any questions you may have in regards to helping you understanding a trade.”

“I entered the front doors with all guards up. I moved forward with extreme caution at each step. It wasn't until I realized why I came in the first place... to truly learn how to trade that I made the leap of faith and was assigned a great Coach. Sumit Kukreja was a great match for me. Things only got better once I went through a Taylor Frame class. The guy opened Pandora's Box and the lights began to come on. This was EXACTLY what I was hoping to catch a glimpse of during the introduction. I have since learned that you begin to learn the steps once you commit and open your heart and eyes. The whole process for me was like buying a car. I can only speak for myself, but I go to the dealership to buy the car I have selected in my mind. It becomes their job to make the transaction happen. Once you match the desire to the price... then you get to take a seat in your car. There are lots of options but you chose exactly what was best for you at the time... And you love it! Maybe even more than you thought you would have.”

“I have now taken the first steps toward learning to trade and beginning to self direct my IRA/savings instead of the brokers, who have had my money in their system and have basically been using it for their gains and not specifically for my funds to grow. I will look to take steps to protect these savings against market losses.”

“I truly enjoyed the Pro Trader course. I found the material interesting and the instructor provided insight to trading in real time! Everyone from Adam, the Coaches and to the Student Support are always very helpful and always willing to instruct. I truly appreciate this experience!”

“OTA is a place to pick up your financial education and make it part of your everyday life. It can be overwhelming at first, but with time, patience and dedication it is worth every penny.”

“Trading asset classes is a learned skill much like learning to speak a foreign language. If you are willing to put in the time to become good at this new skill, then OTA is the only place you should go to learn this skill. At OTA the staff will do all they can to help you learn this skill to be successful.”

“OTA teaches the market in such a way that it can be easily understood from all walks of life. The attitude of success is very prevalent and the resources are plentiful. I feel that the instructors truly have a desire to see people succeed and they graciously take their time to make certain that the subject matter is clear.”

“Online Trading Academy is the very best educational format I have ever experienced, with their use of multiple overlapping reviews, using different instructors that provided instructions from varying point of view to explain the same OTA Core Strategies. Then they add their very elaborate off campus support tools, which makes the learning experience both enjoyable and easy to comprehend.”

“I knew nothing when I first came to OTA and I am still very new to this. What I can say is that the staff and student support are beyond reproach. They will take the time to help you and guide you to the information you are looking for. They make you feel very welcome and I always look forward to walking through the doors at OTA.”

“I DID NOT come to this class to learn the basics of FOREX that I could learn in any one of so many on-line tutorials and other resources.... although you can do that here. I DID come here to learn specifically why after taking those courses so many of my trades were not working. I wanted to be able to ask questions freely and get real answers. I came to learn specifically how to change not just the mechanics of my trades, but my bigger picture strategies. I wanted to learn in-person from a successful trader and learn how they think. Now after completing this class, I am convinced that I got what I came to get, that I've been learning in-person from an experienced and successful FOREX trader, and that I have a whole team of people at OTA that I have access to for continued coaching. I can wholeheartedly recommend OTA and the Professional Forex Trader class. Thanks OTA. I am really excited about my ongoing relationship with everyone at the Atlanta OTA Center and about my future in trading Forex and Futures.”

“This was one of the best classes I have had in financial markets. The instructor, Michelle Volmering, was highly effective at teaching the concepts in a way we could all understand. The material being taught was reinforced with simulated trading. Very professional staff and support at Online Trading Academy - Atlanta. I absolutely recommend this school house to anyone who is serious about learning how to trade in the financial markets.”

“The center is very bright and has such a positive energy! It is always clean and fully stocked. I think they go above and beyond to have snacks, drinks, and lunch for the students. They certainly don't have to do that. The staff is always very courteous and friendly like family and they truly want to see a student succeed. I always enjoy my time there!”

“For someone who is truly interested in taking their personal investment to heart, OTA Atlanta is a great place to start that journey. They not only provide the knowledge and training, but also the support a novice needs to overcome the hurdles ahead of you.”

“I was looking for an enlightening final chapter to my life's career when I first listened to a Sunday evening Online Trading Academy presentation on the radio. I would listen to these presentations along with several commercials over six or seven months thinking, can this be as real and as they state! I went online and booked the first presentation for November 2015. I have been an appraiser, a senior corporate accountant, senior corporate tax accountant, director of financial operations and corporate general manager for several international businesses, but it was a pleasant eye opener with such a well prepared and thorough 4 1/2 hour initial presentation of OTA and their educational program. I would attend the 3-day conference and bring my wife to listen to the program; my appreciation for OTA's program and curriculum grew appreciatively. I wanted to move forward and would enlist into the intermediate platinum passport program as I wanted to start the educational process without over-commitment as I was still working 60+ hours as a senior corporate manager. It has initially taken me a little longer than anticipated, but I have completed the pro-series level, forex and the futures asset groups. I have found each instructor superb teachers, extremely knowledgeable in their respective course material as they practice their personal investment as they teach. OTA provides student coaches and support staff all well-versed in the same course material they all have personally completed and successfully employ in their own portfolios and yet are willing to assist anyone requesting assistance with their respective course material with passion and respect. Yet there is so much more built into OTA's curriculum to help each student become confident and comfortable as successful traders.”

“OTA genuinely cares about its students. It strives to make sure you understand and can execute the core strategy. Extra help is available from excellent coaches and traders for the asking.”


“I am ecstatic that I attended this class. Not only is it interesting and intriguing, but it's also challenging. Most of all, if you follow the core strategy, like anything else you will succeed. Very lucrative venture. Just remember, it's a job and you have to put in the work to be successful.”

“The training provided by OTA is completely different from all conventional equities training I've ever seen or read in the past. The technique to find supply and demand zones is consistent and repeatable. Combined with the idea of managing your risk and reward, rather than buying or selling any arbitrary # of shares, is a game changer for me.”

“We enjoyed the program overall. This class is definitely not for the faint at heart. It is very challenging but when you finally GET IT and the light bulb comes on, you get so excited. It's a great experience.”

“Learning the skill of trading is a combination of knowledge, experience and execution. I can't imagine a more safe and successful way to quickly learn about trading than to learn and practice under the guidance of a Master Trainer supported by successful Professional Traders as support. This has to cut years off of any self-directed study program and substantially assures success.”

“The more I am involved with OTA, the more I learn and the more I feel at home. The quality of people at this facility is tremendous and they all have a true desire for my success. I feel confident that if I follow the program laid out in my educational plan, I will be a successful trader. Joining the OTA family has been a great decision in my life. ”

“As I mentioned before, the academy is top notched- I noticed that first. Very clean and stocked kitchen; learning material that is laminated and not just paper for durability- important for continuous usage; very hands on and friendly support that is eager to help. Coming in with questions on what you will get for your money, OTA surpasses the first impressions requirements. Then there are the lessons from the classes where even a novice will know that this is education that will bring a huge reward with time and discipline.”

“The course is taught in a way that a guy like me, that has a tough time understanding hi-tech stuff, could get it and use the information.”

“This was my first retake of the basic introduction to trading since 2012. I initially traded stocks, then futures, and exclusively forex for the past two and a half years. This Pro Trader 1 updated my trading knowledge and will be of benefit to my forex trading.”

“Extremely knowledgeable instructor with the passion for all of the students to succeed. Never been to a school that after you enroll you're a lifetime member. If you ever need help, the very knowledgeable support staff, teachers and director will help and guide you.”

“OTA has "cornered the market" on teaching people to trade the markets. The courses, the instructors and the classrooms are all conducive to the learning process. The entire experience is challenging, gratifying and rewarding. I highly recommend the Online Trading Academy to anyone who wants to learn how to manage their money, invest properly or self-direct their retirement accounts.”

“OTA has given me the confidence to trade. The potential for continuous learning is enormous and resources are plentiful. Learning atmosphere is positive and encouraging and does not stop with the Instructors. You are truly a student for life along with being a part of a very Elite group of Professionals that will guide you throughout your trading and learning processes. ”

“My educational experience with OTA has been an exciting process of discovery! With each class and online learning opportunity I become more proficient, and know that within the year I will be ready to start trading consistently with high probability trades because I will be a continuous learner dedicated to the core strategy! I highly recommend OTA to those that are serious about taking their financial success into their own hands.”

“By day 3, I didn't see how I could possibly succeed. By the end of day, 7 I didn't t see how I could possibly fail if I just followed my learning plan and actually did the hard work that's required to master any complex new skill. The people and the center itself were very welcoming and made us feel comfortable even though we were floundering many times. From the time I arrived at the front desk to the last day of class, I felt that this was a place that was intended to help students succeed. As with skydiving, when you jump, it's much less terrifying when you can do it in tandem with people who know what they're doing.”

“The coaching, administration and student support personnel are all very professional and always friendly and anxious to help. Whether a computer, scheduling or other question the in-house people are very willing. The snacks and coffee were always fresh and available. An A+ crew.”

“At first I was skeptical of OTA based on some Google or Yelp reviews. I was honest with Adam but my husband and I felt that since we had been listening to the Bulls and Bears show weekly for who knows how long and really enjoyed the first presentation that we wanted to actually give the academy a chance. I purchased the Diamond Package and have no regrets. If you want an education with a quality program you have to pay for it! So far OTA has delivered. Looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Everyone is really friendly and truly seem to care about you as a person (family) too.”

“The Atlanta Online Trading Academy location is fantastic. The atmosphere and the attitude of everyone is so positive. We get the instruction and the motivation to succeed.”

“I am super excited to be learning from Online Trading Academy. I have been listening to their radio program on the weekends for a couple of years after I get off of work. I finally decided I was going to learn the program so I could be successful in the markets. I have absolutely zero experience in this field but have attempted to learn from other programs... they turned out to be unethical in my opinion. I am very pleased with this truly professional and highly ethical program that truly teaches one how to be a successful trader in a way that is easy for someone with my lack of experience in the markets to learn.”

“I have always been impressed with the professionalism and commitment of the instructors. My sense is that they have a genuine desire for each student to be successful. The center in Roswell is outstanding. Very well laid out. Classes can be very intense with respect to the knowledge being taught but the classroom structure is very comfortable.”

“Professional Trader Part 1 was a blast! It was filled with information that is paramount for traders. Now, I am excited to dive in deeper with Part 2. I am looking forward to the hands on experience. The Roswell OTA has plenty of parking and the office is very clean. The personnel are friendly and go out of their way to help in any way.”

“Everyone is very friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help. I can't say enough to express the level of professionalism I have seen at OTA Atlanta. I get up every day and look forward to class and interacting with the staff. They all maintain a positive attitude at all times and go out of their way to teach you. It is visibly obvious that every staff member here at OTA Atlanta enjoys their job and being a part of OTA, which makes for a great learning environment.”

“This program is content rich and very challenging. Yet OTA does an amazing job teaching the material. They have great support along the way and are engaged in helping you succeed. They have many, many tools online and on campus to help you be successful. You CAN do it and they WILL help.”

“The OTA truly brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. Things I would have never thought of, they discuss and explain making me feel more prepared to go out and try the markets.”

“I have been trading for 8+ years, it was very helpful to get into understanding better where sellers and buyers are potentially sitting on a chart (supply and demand zones). It was also helpful to better understand how I should size the position I am using to increase my overall odds of making a profit.”

“I came into the program with general knowledge. The supply and demand info totally changed my way of thinking toward trading. The core strategy is essential today if you want to profit in the market.”

“I'm learning, but it is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone. I do appreciate the process of going over and over the material. So far, we've found it sinking in on the third or fourth lap. We also appreciate the center's commitment to our success through abundant avenues of support and a lifetime commitment to our success. THANKS!”

“OTA is an excellent means of learning trading as you are taught a core strategy and each course keeps building on this principle. The Atlanta OTA center is fantastic. It starts with a great location that is easy to get too. Beginning with the coaches, teachers and support team, everyone is friendly and each person is a great source of help.”

“Very professional training program with a vast amount of information presented in a very understandable manner. Instructors are outstanding in their knowledge of the material.”

“Gold Mine!! Content is very, very organized and presented. Very repetitive till the student gets the concept. Overall it's worth every penny you spent.”

“This program from OTA continues to improve my knowledge of the professional trading environment. It has given me more confidence in translating chart movements into background activities by institutional and typical retail traders. Greater understanding of why patterns develop gives the charts meaning and relevance when using them for decision making.”

“Anyone who is interested in increasing their financial knowledge to grow and manage their finances should seriously consider joining the Online Trading Academy family. Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and qualified and Coaches are available to mentor and guide you towards securing a financially healthy future.”

“The staff has created an optimal environment for learning. Providing lunch is a plus that helped us stay onsite and do some review instead of wasting time going out. The break area was always clean and well stocked with snacks. Lunch was customized to each person's needs, despite having so many students. I look forward to many more learning sessions on the OTA Atlanta campus.”

“I am constantly amazed by the content of the courses, the professionalism of the instructors and the support of the staff. How my experience could be any better, I don't know!”

“Everything about OTA is great. The staff, counsellor and instructors are amazing. They truly care about your education and want to see you succeed. They will also keep working with you until you fully understand the information, whether by appointment or by email, they always make themselves available. This is a great place to learn and grow. A lot of free courses and materials out there online don't teach you everything that you need to know. They give you small amounts of information and tools that you can use and that's it!!!! You have no one to help or guide you. When you have a question, it takes them days to months to reply back. Even then you get a single sentence response, which isn't helpful. This is not a good thing because not having the knowledge and support can be a very EXPENSIVE learning curve. OTA really helps you by giving you a full education and all of the answers. A lot of people are turned off because of the price and that's understandable, but knowledge and an education isn't free, I don't care what you're trying to learn. You can try taking an art or wine tasting class and that costs. The length of time it'll take you to fully learn the markets and the psychological aspect of the markets, you could have cut that in half by enrolling. You'll learn while making money and hopefully paying off the courses with your profits. And lastly, they don't give you this false idea that you'll become a millionaire over night. They explain to you the risks and teach you how to manage and become more responsible with trading and your finances.”

“These guys and gals are very professional. They are committed to the students, and make learning fun.”

“I've never traded before, so I was very nervous about what I was getting into. Day one was nerve racking but the staff was very supportive from the time I walked through the door. I am excited about where my future is headed!”

“My experience at OTA has been wonderful. The team of instructors, coaches and support members are there to help students succeed. Taking the course is only the beginning of the journey. The support team is there to help and guide every step on the way. OTA is a community and I am glad to part of it.”

“The Online Trading Academy has awakened the Trading spirit in me. I have, in a very short space of time, become completely engrossed in the ideas and science behind the technique they teach. The instructors that I have had the pleasure to sit in on have been remarkable in their ability to help me see and understand the science behind their technique. I am looking forward to continued growth and success in the near future. Thanks OTA, for a fulfilling experience.”

“Every instructor I have had at the Atlanta facility has been outstanding, but I want to give a special shout out to Student Support Quentin! Quentin held an after-hours tutoring session that was extremely helpful. Quentin gave me some techniques that I will forever use in my trading career.”

“Online Trading Academy is the school that has everything to get you ready for the stock else can even come close.”

“OTA has been wonderful. The knowledge, understanding and desire for me to succeed is unmatched.”

“If you want to learn how to understand the market, this is the place to go. They are very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“We truly feel The Online Trading Academy has been our saving grace. My husband and I BOTH lost our jobs this year, 2 months apart. He had been employed with NCR for 27 years; and out of the blue they escorted him out. They said they just really didn't have a place for him anymore. 27 years of hard work; long nights and pagers on weekends. They moved us 900 miles from our families and we came for them. Corporate America is stone cold. We have to make this work. When we come to the classes, we are made to feel like we matter and everyone cares. Everyone is so welcoming and will just hang and talk with you. We so enjoy coming! We are so grateful for all the support and education we have gotten at OTA.”


“OTA Atlanta is an amazing place for rookie and veteran traders to take their trading to the next level.”

“ Of all the investment programs I have participated and attended, this has been the most superior experience. ”

“I am very happy overall to have had the opportunity to attend this class. The staff and center has been very patient with student issues. I am most grateful for this. I am leaving here today with a plethora of information. I do understand, with the constant repetition of the student material I will obtain the necessary tools to make educated decisions. This has opened the opportunity for me to pass something onto my college bound children and spend more time with them prior to their leaving the nest. I have sent several invites to friends.”

“If you understand that nothing is for free - these people believe in making things happen that can impact people's lives. If you're a follower, you need to go elsewhere; but if you really want to change your life, these are the people to help change your life.”

“OTA has been an eye opener. I have always wanted to trade, and read and tried to learn on my own but I thought it was too complicated and beyond my understanding. The OTA family is giving me the tools to accomplish financial freedom and to make my 5 year plan a reality for a very early retirement. I have been impressed with the OTA family's dedication, willingness with a hands on approach to make sure I realize my full potential. I have a BS and 2 MBAs that did not do anything but put me in debt. I am a believer that OTA is the only learning institution that will get me out of debt and do what my degrees should have - GIVE ME FINANCIAL FREEDOM and independence. Thank you all for this gift.”

“What I enjoy in regards to Online Trading Academy is the connection that I feel to the staff. Their stories are so relatable to what we all have gone through in the past and are currently going through now. We are all struggling in one way or another and are hungry for something different in our lives and they have gone through it surpassing the hardships while laying the foundation for us to follow. The fact that the students that have gone through the program not only have made a substantial change in their life but are so willing to help you do the same speaks wonders. The transparency gives you a feeling of family and togetherness that you don't typically feel in these trying times; and that Compassion is what makes OTA such an amazing experience.”

“OTA is an educational center that provides you the necessary tools to become successful in the financial markets; it is up to us to make it happen. I've been with them 5 years and I don't regret any of my decisions, is not an easy ride but if you hold on to their concepts and follow the rules with discipline this will be the best investment of your life.”

“A great environment to be surrounded by great wisdom where you can learn at your own pace, and everyone is extremely helpful to ensure your success. The only thing holding you back is yourself.”

“I love OTA, I have learned so much since I started taking classes a few months ago. The instructors are very knowledgeable and the support staff is helpful. I love having a coach to guide me and give me direction.”

“I have truly enjoyed and am excited about furthering my education with OTA. The staff is caring and very helpful, as long as you care about advancing your financial education, they will provide the support you need. This is the place for me to invest in myself so that me and my family can benefit from my financial due diligence.”

“Online Trading Academy took my knowledge of the financial markets to another level and reinforced my confidence in becoming a professional trader.”

“I loved this course and I look forward for more to come. I have truly gained a solid foundation for my new career as a trader.”

“The key to realizing your dreams tomorrow can begin today, with time, dedication, and persistence, the doorway to your future begins here.”

“Online Trading Academy provides you with a true perspective of how markets "really work". No matter your learning preference, OTA has a style to fit most educational formats. I appreciate the ability to be able to learn through online forums and further reinforce those lessons with a hands on approach in the labs. ”

“Online Trading Academy is an investment in yourself and your future. It is truly a "you get out what you put in" experience, and I am thankful for the opportunity that OTA has provided me to be able to achieve my financial goals through my own convictions. ”

“The four or five courses I have taken with regard to stock and options have all been very well taught and worth the time and money spent. Challenging but rewarding personally.”

“I've had previous trading experience before coming to Online Trading Academy and I honestly have to say that this is the best trading system I have seen. If you want great knowledge, this is the place to be.”

“OTA does a great service for people who want to take charge of their Financial Health.”

“OTA is the right step in the right direction to proactively managing your financial portfolio. The OTA staff is COMMITTED TO HELPING STUDENTS BUILD THE RIGHT TRADING SKILLS!!!”

“If you want to know the true elements of trading, not the book, but how, when, why, what and how again - then this is the type of course for you. It is pragmatic and actionable.”

“When we learned about Online Trading Academy/Atlanta, we had No idea how one phone call would change our lives! It, by far, has been an unprecedented experience! Everyone we meet is hospitable, kind, caring, individually successful and obviously has a passion for helping others to fulfill personal dreams. OTA is definitely the place to achieve whatever your plan is as long as you don't deviate from the rules. Thank you, OTA, for inviting us to be a part of your exceptional organization.”

“The members of the team at the Atlanta office were genuinely involved with the students and that was the primary reason I pursued the opportunity. The continued support as each session of courses were taken reinforced my initial conclusion that this team was there to help others whom wanted to better their situations in life.”

“I have found Online Trading Academy to be a comprehensive program to map out a new direction in my career. I am truly grateful for the support that I have received from staff. The instructor in this class was highly knowledgeable and professional. I feel confident that the academy will help me meet the goals of my career plan.”

“The courses are unbelievable for anyone who has an interest in trading the Financial Markets. I have to put in my time and dedication, but the Academy offers me the resources I need to be successful. Without the Academy it is difficult to have a starting point in how to trade the Markets, but the support and education here put me on a track which I am excited about.”

“My husband and I have worked very hard for 30 years saving toward retirement. However, over the last 15 years, we have experienced 2 major downturns in the market which have severely affected our overall retirement funds. We were looking for knowledge as to how we could become proactive in protecting our retirement funds and also in utilizing our funds to work harder for us. After attending an orientation and Market Timing Class, we felt that we had found the answer(s) to understanding and securing our finance future. The faculty at OTA is comprised of highly intelligent, passionate, dedicated individuals who are committed to assisting each person achieve their financial goals. Our adviser/coach has worked with us to schedule the classes we need as well as set up meetings with the necessary faculty to answer questions as related to our personal goals. We believe that the faculty has gotten to know us personally and will help us. Will this new journey require hard work, time management, and dedication and lots of study? YES, it will! But.... we are excited about taking control of our financial future.”

“Environment is very positive, friendly and welcoming. I feel part of something with so many people sharing common goals It's like "I found my people!!”

“The learning environment is great and the personnel are very knowledgeable.”

“For me, Online Trading Academy has provided the vehicle for enlightenment with regards to trading, the truth about trading and the markets, and has been the inspiration and catalyst for me to "retool" and reshape my life.”


“I have always been an information junkie that sought out professionals that did what their specialty was better than anyone else. OTA provides that same level of expertise for learning how to trade. Check out the rest and go with the best - OTA.”

“Even being a professional in a completely different field I have been able to muddle along at my pace until I understand the concepts. I appreciate the patience and kindness of the faculty and staff. All questions are answered quickly and effectively.”

“The Academy and the PEOPLE here make it feel like a family environment. Always wanting to help you understand the opportunities and psychology of trading and helping you advance to the next level.”

“I truly appreciate the help and individual instruction that instructor, Mr. Exon, gave, but also anyone from the Online Trading Academy who took time to ensure I was grasping concepts. Even Edwin had me bring in my home computer and fixed the TS Platform for me. OTA took my concerns seriously and addressed all of them. Even my advisor has been patient with me and fore saw the many obstacles or needs that I might have. Thank You, OTA!”

“The classes here at OTA really prepare you to trade online and provide opportunity to get many questions answered from instructors and fellow traders.”

“I am glad that I found OTA. There are a lot of schools out there but none that is in EVERY step of your success. To have a lifelong membership is key, it's like having a lifelong warranty, and what school does that?!!!”

“OTA is a great place to learn how to trade the correct way. The staff is superb and they do a fantastic job of teaching traders to take small losses so that they can maximize gains. They really care about the success of their students which is truly unique in this day and age. They challenge you in the right ways and it was a very rewarding experience.”

“The supportive community at OTA Atlanta is superb. It's what makes this training site exceptional. Lots of experts around, but not many willing to take you under their wing to encourage you to succeed! If you are teachable and you appreciate team learning, this is the place for you!”

“These classes have opened my eyes to all the ways of trading. I wish I had these classes 15 years ago. I would have more money in my trading account because I did not know about stop losses, which is a great tool. Thanks, Online Trading Academy.”

“It came down to the last minute, I nearly cancelled. The week before I had gone to the 3 day class and I was not sure if this was a direction I wanted to go. Being on the rise with my job, and already having several other business ventures, I was convinced I didn't have time (or even really need) to trade. After some emotional wavering I decided to commit and came to the 3 day class and felt this was a place I needed to be. I decided to enroll and it has been truly great so far. The material is robust (trust me, more than you would ever expect), the computer labs are complete, and the learning process is completely involved (they DO NOT leave you hanging). I have just completed the Pro Trader class and now feel I have a great base to build off of when trading. Managing expectations, setting reasonable time frames, and setting reasonable goals are all part of the process and OTA will help you every step of the way. With all the additional online material for continued education, and the wonderful support staff, OTA sets you up for long term success; it is just up to you how far you want to take it.”

“Online Trading Academy is an education that will provide immediate return on investment (tuition).”

“I was lost; I didn't know where my future led. Thanks to Online Trading Academy my future is secure.”

“I feel compelled to share the very positive experience I have had here at Online Trading Academy Atlanta. The instructors and coaches go above and beyond their duties to assist me in achieving the goals I have set for myself. By sharing their knowledge, they have helped open the door to a new way of life for me and my family. Joining Online Trading Academy is the smartest move I have made. Thank you!”

“Love it every time I come here and couldn't find a bad thing to say about anybody or the campus.”

“By mid-week I was making profitable trades in the practice account we used in class. Totally increased my confidence. Also reinforced the need for rules and structure.”

“The Professional Trader class, along with my dedicated Online Trading Academy coach, all the available resources online, and the amazing support from fellow students makes for an exciting, and soon to be rewarding entry into trading.”

“The level and amount of course material in class as well as what can be explored independently is really fantastic. As an individual that has come in with really no prior knowledge or experience with trading, I really do not second guess my decision to invest in this education. Entering the "trading arena" without it, I believe for me, would have been a very big mistake. Thanks, Online Trading Academy!”

“I truly enjoyed the class and feel the staff is willing to go above and beyond to ensure my success. The staff made me very comfortable and everyone is so willing to answer questions and help you understand the material.”

“Online Trading Academy has changed not only my view of the markets, but implemented knowledge, confidence, and a skill set that has provided consistent results. I would recommend Online Trading Academy to anyone that is thinking about the markets.”

“If you want to learn how to trade, I mean really trade...there is no other place. The environment is amazing for learning, and the people match. With lifetime access, you feel an emotional safety net in your learning process. That is very important in a market that can eat you alive. However, here you not only learn how to survive, you learn how to thrive.”

“It is my first trading class, actually it is my first experience of dive down to theory of trading. From day one I experienced great flow of knowledge with care to us as students to actually understand what we're learning. The instructor (Taylor Frame) was always open to bring us to his level and was patient enough for us to catch. I'm glad that I got such experience.”

“When my husband got the invitation to attend orientation in the mail I told him I was not interested. He recommended that we attend and that I should have an open mind. The orientation was great and all the information made sense. We were both a little nervous about becoming students however due to the fact that neither of us had never traded before and knew nothing about it. At the time our finances were very tight as well so we were very intimidated by that and not having ever traded before. At this time I know we made the right decision in becoming students as the information is becoming clear and I am confident that this is the opportunity that we have been looking for to increase our finances and comfortably live the lives that we have been dreaming about. I still have a long way to go however with practice, patience and diligence I know I will get the results in being successful.”

“For the first time, I feel confident enough to know and trade the market.”

“Online Trading Academy is an amazing school filled with positive people. I am honored to be able to work with them.”

“Overall, it was a very good learning experience, enhanced my trading skills. Special thanks to all the staff of Online trading Academy for the unique learning opportunity ”

“Rarely do you get a chance to spend one-on-one time with a professional trader who is not only willing and able to teach his/her edge, but who will also help course correct in real time. While I am still a novice investor, I feel like I am on my way to becoming a professional trader.”

“I am happy that I found Online Trading Academy. I always wanted to learn how to trade stocks, but never could find anyone to teach it to me. Learning about Online Trading Academy services was great for me. Thank you.”

“I am financially conservative and the cost of attending Online Trading Academy was a bit of a surprise. It didn't take long to realize this was quite an educational opportunity. I have been very impressed at the high level of the curriculum, course manuals, in-depth classroom instruction, apprenticeship and private coaching. And that's not all. I can avail myself of continuing education or course review anywhere in the country. I now tell myself, "What a small price to pay for an education that leads to a road of financial and personal freedom!"”

“This experienced has helped me in two major ways. It has shown me what is right to do and why and also how traditional methods are not the way to trade. The weeklong experience has delivered and exceeded all my expectations. I cannot wait to start trading. ”

“Online Trading Academy Atlanta is a First Class organization. From the training materials, instructors, coaches, facility, and the Education Director himself; it is all put together in top-notch fashion for the student to do as well as possible with a new learning experience.”

“I am looking forward to setting up my trading account. I feel tremendously prepared and ready to begin my professional trading career and not be a novice any longer.”

“The staff did an extremely great job under the circumstances of weather and made special accommodations for all the students.”

“The staff is always great; they never hesitate to go above and beyond! Friendly and pleasant! This week when the snow storm shut down the city; Online Trading Academy staff did everything possible to ensure training continued. They set up live online class so that those stranded at home or in hotels did not miss out. Adam, Education Director, provided and set up a computer in the hotel where some of us gathered to watch online. They even recorded the online classes for anyone who may have missed them.”

“Staff is always positive and supportive.”


“I learned that I knew even less than I thought I knew about trading in the open market. It is great that I can continue to take the courses as long as I feel that I need to in order to get the knowledge to make smart trades to increase income and wealth. I know that others have done so by this method and I intend to be another one to succeed!”

“All Online Trading Academy employees are accessible and willing to help with any questions or concerns.”

“I am blown away by the staff at Atlanta location of Online Trading Academy! Knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and caring! A++++”

“OMG, this material is incredible. I've wanted to trade for years, but have been gripped with fear because I had no clue how to do it. This material has increased my knowledge and edge. I look forward to a very profitable future for myself and family.”

“I feel I've made the right choice to participate with Online Trading Academy. I'm excited because there is no "hype." The focus is on following rules that will make us successful.”

“This is one of the best all round organizations I have ever seen. The people are top notch, friendly professionals who want to give you the knowledge and tools to succeed. All you have to provide is the motivation and action!!”

“Love the staff. They are all helpful.”

“Online Trading Academy instructors and assistants operate in a professional manner. They are knowledgeable and helpful to students. I like the resources made available to students and our coaches are easy to reach. The assistants are helpful and courteous as well. I would recommend Online Trading Academy to gain knowledge in trading like a pro and making additional funds for retirement and preserving your wealth.”

“Very knowledgeable staff - truly enjoyed the 7 day Professional Trader (1 & 2). Would definitely recommend to anyone that has an interest in trading. Only wish that I had taken such a course when on-line trading first became available. P. Dover”

“I was always fascinated by the market, but I had no idea how to really learn about or understand it. Online Trading Academy is clearing the fog and the experience is exciting! What I liked best: The promise of continued support. Patience of instructors and assistants. Positive support.”

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