Atlanta, GA Staff

Our Online Trading Academy Atlanta staff is ready to assist you in advancing your trading education!

Dulani Atkinson Education Counselor
Dean Baretela Director of Finance
Derryck Black Education Counselor & Presenter
Jay Boze Admissions Counselor
Royce Bradley Student Support Manager
Steve Champa Senior Education Counselor
Jamie Ciccarelli Student Support Specialist
AJ Ehican Student Event Coordinator
Taylor Frame Instructor
Edmond Gutknecht Instructor
Steven King Education Counselor
Ezgi Kocak Education Counselor
Sumit Kukreja Education Counselor
Josh Kurtzberg Admissions Counselor
Adam Matisko Education Director
Tom Matisko Education Counselor
Mickey Moores Instructor
Chris Shalls Education Counselor
Ros Shim Student Support Specialist
Mimi Smith Admissions Counselor
Quentin Staples Student Support Specialist & Instructor
JT Turner Student Support Specialist
Ashton Wiles Operations Manager
Greg Williams Education Counselor

Not Pictured:

K D Bentley, Student Support
Steven Boubert, Student Support
Joshua Brown, Student Support
German Casas, Student Support
Aymen Darwish, Education Counselor
Brittany Ducharme, Student Support
Katon Emerson, Student Support
Lauren Green, Center Administrator
Derrica Handspike, Student Support
Rachel Haviland, Center Administrator
Lea Karaman, Accounting Coordinator
Timothy Molden, Student Support Specialist
Jarrad Oliver, Student Support
Keith Porter, Student Support Specialist
Jeralyn Valdes, Student Support Specialist

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