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“Attending the class was a very unique experience of being in the real trading world. It cleared doubts and broke earlier mental thoughts about trading. Through this course, I got on the path to become a successful trader.”

“Course is good mix of theory, practical and live session. This boosted confidence in the strategy.”

“Program is superb; authentic, rational and logical. Everything is based on a rule which supports the logic too.”

“OTA is not only Online Trading Academy, but it is the Only Trading Academy to learn trading.”

“It was one of the greatest opportunities to come across the OTA and to learn the core strategy. The strategy is really transparent, truthful and valid with all grounded reasons, as compared to conventional technical analysis. There is logical and factual understanding behind each and every aspect covered. This is the real trading approach which makes anybody a professional trader. This is the real trading world!”

“My understanding has improved very much. The concept and logic are amazing and very practical, especially the trade psychology and risk management are very useful.”

“The learning experience has been great. It has infused confidence in us and helped in gaining knowledge on trading. The training techniques made it simple and easy to understand. The recordings were clear and audible.”

“Online Trading Academy is one of best in its class when it comes to trading. Anyone can learn to trade as there lies a business mind in every one of us provided you're in good hands to learn. Online Trading Academy has made millions of professionals globally who trade in every market, i.e. stocks, futures, options, Forex, etc. by applying methodology and discipline in their daily trading. I would personally recommend to everyone who has risk-taking capacity and an urge to grow in life. Without risk, nothing can be achieved. What better than OTA on your side to guide while you trade on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. I wish OTA good luck for future endeavors.”

“Excellent program & way Swapnil sir represented everything, and predicting demand & supply in simple manner before deciding any stock to buy or sell.”

“The core strategy program is based on Demand Supply methodology. Before the joining of the class, I don't know about the methodology. I have attained the class and now I understand that the methodology is very simple if we will follow the basic rule of the methodology. This methodology can be learned by any class of people easily. It does not required any professional qualification. We have simply to follow the rule and apply for profitable trading.”

“I was Certified Trading Professional (CTP) student, but after upgrading it to the "Core Strategy" class, I definitely feel more confident in trading. The course is really designed not only to understand the nitty-gritties of the trading but also making us a disciplined & Professional Trader. Overall, the experience was "Very Excellent" and way beyond my expectations. Apart from OTA's Core Strategy Program, one of the most important credit goes to the trainer who made learning easy and fun. Kartik Manek undoubtedly gave his heart and soul to make this 7-days journey a wonderful experience with a complete package of right training, information, trading process, and psychology of the trader. Not to mention, this was one of the most useful learning till the date of my life. Thanks OTA and Kartik for this experience.”


“Great experience - got very confident now. Very profound tech. I am sure I will do good now.”

“I have learned a lot from this class and especially thanks to all staff members for their great support and arrangement. I thank Kartik Sir for teaching us excellent techniques to identify zones and how to work on it for core strategy class.”

“Good supportive guys, Hemant , Sagar, also whole team of OTA Ahmedabad. Instructor is also very kind and intelligent.”

“I highly recommend this class for any person who wants to trade and make some serious money from stock market.”

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